Well, that’s it.  We’ve done our part.  We made the show.  We got the word out. Now, it’s in your hands.  Tune in tomorrow (and in the coming days and weeks) for our double episode premiere.  Tell your friends and family.  Tell your acquaintances. Tell complete strangers!  Let’s make this coming season of Dark Matter the biggest yet.

Thank you to our awesome cast and crew, and everyone involved in this well-oiled machine, from directors to post-production personnel.

Thank you to Prodigy Pictures President Jay Firestone for always striving to make the best show possible.

Thank you to Chris Regina and the gang at Syfy for the support and the two amazing trailers.

Thank you to Steve Patschek, Bipasha Ghosh, Kristin Mente and the rest of the gang at Syfy International for their support – and the brand new after show, After Dark, which will air following our double episode premiere in international markets and be available on the Syfy.com and Space.ca websites.

Thank you to individuals like ThreeIfBySpace’s Tom Gardiner and Katie Kelsey, TheTVJunkies’ Kelly Townsend, SpoilerTV’s Aimee Hicks, SciFiTalk’s Tony Tellado, SciFiAndTVTalk’s Steve Eramo, OhSoGray’s Courtney Vaudreuil, Hollywood Soapbox’s John Soltes, SciFiWire’s Kathie Huddleston, The Verge’s Andrew Liptak, Space.com’s Sarah Lewin, TVShowPatrol’s Curt Wagner, FilmSchoolRejects’ Allison Bigelow, Eclipse Magazine’s Sheldon Wiebe, The NerdRecite’s Christopher Hart, HappyEverAfter’s Veronica Scott, TVEquals’ Rueben, MonstersAndCritics’ April Neale, TheWorkPrint’s Jen Stayrook, Mike’sFilmTalk’s Michael Knox-Smith, DenOfGeek’s Michael Ahr, PureFandom’s Cort Robinson, TVFanatic’s Kathleen Wiedel, GeekedOutNation’s Jideobi Odunze, SciFiMoviePage’s Craig Suide, SciFiPulse’s Ian Cullen, WormholeRiders’ Patricia Bertrand, MyMBuzz’s Jessica Anson, KneelBeforeBlog’s Aaron Willingham, WordOfTheNerd’s Siobhan Dempsey, TheDigitalFix’s Baz Greenland, TheYoungFolks’ Leaf Miranda, BlackGirlNerds’ C.R. Sparrow, TheNerdElement’s Natty Willy, GeeksWorldWide’s Agasicles Stamas, AfterBuzz’s Yael Tygiel and Tauri Jay Miller and Andrew Mena,  TVGeekTalk’s Mary Powers, and CraveOnline, TVGoodness, Mikhail’sFilmAndTVBlog, SciFiVision, TVWatchTower’s Tiffany Vogt, The7thMatrix, Henry Otero, TVGeekTalk’s Mary Powers, Josh and Anna from GeekOnReview, CurtTalk’sTV’s Curt Bennett, TVEh?’s Greg David, Nerdophile’s Vanessa Frith, TVSeriesHub, TVInsider, TVOvertime, TalkNerdWithUs, BladeOfTheSamurai’s Sashurai, GeekSoulBrother and TheFiveNerdyVenoms…and everyone else who has taken the time to support our little show!

June 8, 2017: Thank You’s And Teasers! June 8, 2017: Thank You’s And Teasers!

Who say’s Alex Mallari Jr’s character never smiles.  Just look at him, barely able to hide his delight.  What’s got him so happy?

June 8, 2017: Thank You’s And Teasers!

Look deep into The Android’s eye.  What do you see?  The answer may surprise you.

Dark Matter’s Anthony Lemke talks the season 3 premiere and the new Big Bad

If someone has never seen Dark Matter, why should they catch up now and then watch this season?

I think because it’s fun viewing. It’s a good hour of television. Good storytelling that also examines some deeper questions about the human condition like the notion of what is it to have a soul? What is it to be human? The notion of identity. And in my mind that’s sort of the best sci-fi. It combines those questions about humanity with a fun romp through a world we can only imagine, because we’re not there yet. And that’s why you watch this show.

June 8, 2017: Thank You’s And Teasers!

TWO and THREE reveal Dark Matter’s darkest secrets (Sort of)


17 thoughts on “June 8, 2017: Thank You’s and Teasers!

  1. Thank you and to all those involved. Looking forward to the new season. Love your blog and the book reviews.

  2. … And thank you Joe, for this blog (and the time you take writing it) which keeps us so intrigued in Dark Matter, it’s storyline and characters, in front of and behind the camera, when its not on air.

  3. Okay, who out there wants to start a sci-fi blog with me, so we can get advance viewings of the episodes?

    Is it tomorrow yet?????

  4. I picked up two other clients tomorrow night, so I won’t be home until 10 p.m. (hopefully) central time. I’ll be gone at 6:30 p.m. So I’m going to miss being able to tweet with you all about it. I’m sad, but I know you guys understand the need to make a living. 🙂

    It’s been a tough week. Patrick had off the whole week from school. He never lets me rest. Now when DAD takes care of him, Jeff finds time to sit at his computer and watch many episodes of lots of stuff on Netflix. Just not fair. LOL.

    Patrick was just super crabby yesterday and nothing was helping him including ibuprofen. I was sitting in the drive-through at the bank and texted Jeff that I thought maybe he was pre-seizure. We were going to go get a hamburger for him and sit inside the fast-food place, but he was getting so crabby I wasn’t going to go through that. So I ordered him his food. I went to the one way far out on the other side of our town which is about a 20-25 minute drive, and we waited about 10 minutes while they made it (which at least we knew it was fresh, right), and then 20-25 minutes back. It was a patty melt and I was cutting it up. I put dabs of ketchup on each piece and put it in front of Patrick to eat in the dining room while I walked back into the kitchen. I was washing dishes. He was stomping his feet rhythmically and I noticed he hadn’t eaten much of his burger (this burger he LOVES). I looked at him and I wasn’t 100% sure he was having a seizure, but about a minute later it was a certainty. These are a bit different than his usual ones, but they still require rectal Valium. He slept maybe 2 hours and I fully expected him to be feeling better and it seemed that way at first, but then the crabby intensified. When this happened in May he had a second seizure the next day and THEN he was better. Nothing was helping this kid. He finally went to sleep around 11 p.m. and he slept until about 9 a.m. this morning and he woke up feeling much better.

    All I could think was that I was so glad he waited until we got home (like 5 minutes after we got home) and I didn’t have to pull over and get the Diastat into him in a car. It takes two of us when that happens. The ambulance/fire department would have taken too long to get there to help. So if there was a silver lining, it was that. He’s only like 10 inches taller than I am.

    I decided to take him out because he seemed okay to be in public. I went to get yet 3 more sample paints (we are about to paint our kitchen, front bathroom and Patrick’s room) because we are having fits about a color for the kitchen for a variety of reasons. We even had a free 1-hour color consultation and that really didn’t help too much for our kitchen dilemma. Patrick had a full-blown meltdown in the store with about 10-12 people just staring at him. I said, “I’m so sorry; he has severe autism and had a seizure last night and isn’t feeling well.” The store clerk hurried up and we took our product and left. Ibuprofen and some caffeine helped him but I decided not to attempt to take him out anymore today even though he asked.

    Looking forward to seeing the double episode either tomorrow night when I get home or maybe Saturday morning after I get back from my morning run. I know Jeff loves the show now too so he’ll likely want to watch it with me. Too bad our satellite box can’t be hooked up yet to where we put the new TV. Jeff got a nice bonus and got himself a 4K TV. I can’t even imagine what Dark Matter will look like on THAT BEAST!!!!

  5. Minus 20H until H-hour. Excited. Still in the middle of watching season 2. More watching until done with the season. Then back to Lee Childs and the exploits of Jack Reacher, but have Rober O’Neill’s book “the Operator” all ready to go.

  6. I simply can’t wait for tomorrow night when the world begins to see how damned good season 3 has turned out. Congratulations on continuing to steadily raise the bar and then exceed it every time. You’ve said that you have a bit of anticipation, but 24 hours from now I think you’ll be celebrating and many of those worries will have melted away.

    I know reassuring words about Dark Matter from a guy who only managed to correctly match one dog picture to an episode title may ring hollow, but I’ve got a bit more to go on with the above prediction. Pop the cork on some damned fine whisky and celebrate, Mr. Mallozzi. You’ve earned it in spades.

  7. @PBmom. Warmest Hugs. Hang in there. xo

    @KathyC. I’m pretty sure Hilda would likely have considered co hosting if her life wasn’t such non stop insanity. As would I, but I’ve got the same problems of a non stop schedule. Oh well, perhaps in another life, eh? Guess we’ll just have to hang on for a few more hours till the SYFY airings.
    How’s grad party planning coming along? Having any better luck than you had with last years planning?

  8. Oh please let me know where I can go to find this clip. Not able to view through this link : (

    I’ve told my friends to watch the show and not to call me during the 2 hour premiere or during the After Dark segment.

    WooHoo! Here we go…less than 24 hrs!

  9. I’m ready! Dark Matter should be the highlight of my overworked week. Worried about staying awake but I will do it! I may fall asleep as soon as the second episode is over. Joe, I have started watching a lot of shows suddenly and loved them. Then surprisingly I find out it has been on for a few years. So I bet you will pick up even more viewers this year. Let’s go!!

    @PBMom – Sorry Patrick is having a rough spell. Hope he gets through this period quickly. You are an amazing mom!

  10. Best wishes for a good rating. Did you thank the programming nimrod for squaring you up against game 4 of King James vs. Golden State? Maybe they’ll jump over to AMC & throw the back eight of The Walking Dead premiere in February up against the Super Bowl…well thank God you don’t have wrasslin’ for a lead in at least 🙂

  11. To anyone planning to watch DM on Space channel, tune in at 8pm. Space channel DM commercial has the incorrect time of 9pm, if you watch it at 9, you’ll miss the first episode.

  12. I looked at the SyFy schedule for tonight but didn’t see “After Dark” followimg “Dark Matter” to be expected from Sci Fi network, for their end user. No later playback latter. Good thing I still did have an accident preventing my viewing.

  13. @PBMom: I’m sorry to hear that Patrick and your family are having such a rough time. Sending my best thoughts!

    My big thanks as well to all of those involved in the production of Dark Matter. As viewers, our only role is to sit and consume, and I wonder if many people really consider the massive amount of work it takes on the part of everyone involved to get something like this to the screen. Great work!

  14. It’s going to be a three episode night for us. We are watching the S2 finale to review.

    PBmom: {{{Hugs}}} to you guys! Poor Patrick! I know Texas is very conservative but wouldn’t it be great if they would try that marijuana derivative on him? The results they’ve received for lowering seizures is very enticing. Anyway, I hope y’all have fun watching that new 4K TV! Oh and what colors are you painting?

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