Evidently, matching dog pics to unseen episodes is a lot harder than it looks.  The majority of those who tried their luck at this latest contest averaged between 2-3 correct answers…out of 13!  Some managed a very impressive 6, even 7 correct matches.  But our winner smoked them all with an astounding 10 correct matches!

Congratulations to Chad B.!  While others may have doubted you, I never lost faith in your guessing abilities!

A little screen grab from Dark Matter’s upcoming third season…

May 29, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Teasers And Bts Pics!

What’s going on here?  Theories?  Wild guesses?

May 29, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Teasers And Bts Pics!

Yep, it’s a grueling schedule and our casts works very hard.  Pictured above, Anthony Lemke after a particularly exhausting day on set.  And this was just our first episode of the season!

May 29, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Teasers And Bts Pics!

Zoie Palmer and Jodelle Ferland run through a scene with director Bruce McDonald at the helm.  Wait.  Is that an Adventure Time t-shirt?

May 29, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Teasers And Bts Pics!

Roger Cross and Co-Executive Producer Norman Denver argue over the last donut on the craft table.

May 29, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Teasers And Bts Pics!

Toronto has a lot of great things going for it, but Japanese food aint one of them.  I know, I know.  People in Toronto can offer plenty of suggestions for good sushi and Japanese food in their city and their recommendations are fine – by Toronto standards – but for anyone who has eaten good Japanese food, it’s mighty slim pickings…with the exception of Yasu.  Vancouver, on the other hand, is another story.  Akemi and I hit Maumi Sushi on our first week back, then Raisu on 4th and Kinome on West Broadway.  Check out the giant bowl of tonkatsu curry udon from Raisu.  Every time I eat at one of these places, it makes me home-away-from-homesick for Japan.  The plan is to head back in September (with a potential stopover in Hong Kong), but only if we can find someone to take care of our two little ladies while we’re away.  They’re older girls and need a lot more TLC and, above all, patience.

May 29, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Teasers And Bts Pics!

To those asking – the condo searching is progressing slowly.  How difficult is it too find a place that: 1. Is open and gets a lot of natural light, 2. Is pet-friendly, 3. Has a patio (not a balcony), 4. Is air-conditioned, 5. Is well-located?  Apparently, very difficult.  In the meantime, I am slowly packing away books, toys, and other sundries so that the house can look its best when we show it in July.  I’m not really a motivated seller, more of a disinterested one, driven more by curiosity than anything.  Who knows?  Maybe someone will make us an offer we can’t refuse.

But that’s a problem for another month.  Coming up in June, Dark Matter gets my full attention as the writers’ room convenes for the show’s fourth season.  I’m not saying we’ll definitely get a fourth year but our ratings have been solid in North America and internationally (more on that in the coming days) and season 3 promises some really great episodes (more on this in the coming days).  Whereas season 1 was about the search for answers and was bookended by the revelation that our crew are criminals and their eventual arrest, season 2 hinted at darker conspiracies and a concerted drive for redemption – that literally ended up blowing up in our anti-villains’ faces.  In season 3, we’ll be kicking off the corporate war, our crew’s past comes back to haunt particularly in the form of a former friend turned nemesis, and ends in grand fashion – with the closing of one chapter and the start of another. Each season is bigger than the one that preceded it and, after watching season 3, I’m sure you’ll agree: we’ll have our work cut out for us topping this one.

But I have a few ideas…

22 thoughts on “May 29, 2017: Dark Matter season 3 teasers and BTS pics!

    1. “Way to pick ’em, Chad B! I wouldn’t be surprised if I got every one wrong.”

      No. You got one right.

  1. Congrats Chad! Enjoy!

    Now Joe, you know we all will want report cards, but are going to be too polite to ask. Oh. Wait a minute. Nevermind.

    Oh man, now I have to go downtown and find some kastudon. Except it is a holiday, and the buses don’t run conveniently.

  2. I matched one of Chad B’s answers. (probably one of his wrong ones!) Congratulations to Chad B!! You are amazing because that is the most maddening contest ever! It makes absolutely no sense.

    I had a great strategy. I actually drew each dog picture, and wrote out each title. Cut them all apart then matched them up like a puzzle. I’m telling you my secret system because it DID NOT WORK! 🙁

    Well, I have a new plan for winning next year. It’s a good one. But I ain’t gonna tell you!

  3. Wait, the time limit is up for the dog pic guesses? Yeesh, I need to be quicker on the uptake. I’ll console myself with the belief that if I had’ve played, I would have aced it. mmmHmm. 🙂

    I can excuse my shoddy participation with the news that I got another Dark Matter convert – our co-op student at work has watched both S1 and S2 in the last two weeks and is really looking forward to S3! Another fan! He was telling us that he was a big SG fan, so I said he had to check out matter and I was sure he would love it. (I mean, who wouldn’t?)

  4. Oh, I totally forgot to go back and post guesses. I’m sure I would’ve been in the 2-3 correct choice anyway. So, you aren’t the only one to forget @gforce!

    Will need to go back and read the winner’s guesses, for sure! Congrats @ChadB!

  5. “No, you got one right.”

    Well, I take solace in knowing my incredibly sub-par performance lifts everyone else up by comparison. (Too much BS?)

  6. We can’t actually say what the right answers are cause Chad only got 10 out of 13, so there’s no use in comparing. But congratulations all the same, dude ^-^

    @Ponytail Hey! I did the same thing! 😀 Honestly, I had more fun doing that than anything…. though it would’ve been nice to get my hands on that script too, of course ;D

  7. I can’t believe I actually won! My strategy was going back and studying the three title choices for each episode. I think that made three or four if them really obvious, another two to three were educated guesses and the rest dumb luck!

  8. Hi Joe. Is the Dark Matter after show going to be on SyFy, or just online? Looked at my program guide and it doesn’t list it after Dark Matter or the show that follows(W. Earp). After that is movies the rest of the night. If it is online only, will it be on SyFy’s site? Thanks.

  9. Well done Chad B! I guess my random number generator let me down again! 🙁

    It wouldn’t be so bad if the episode titles had anything whatsoever to do with the episode itself!

    My favourite meal from a local Japanese takeaway is Chicken Curry Katsu Don. I’m sure it’s nowhere near the quality you expect but as a Japanese cuisine novice I find it quite acceptable.

    As for what Five is doing . . . clearly she’s got a new iPhone and needed to get a pair of Bluetooth headphones because there’s no headphone jack.

  10. I think I missed where the selling the house moved from would you ever to seriously moving toward it (trip out of state, missed a lot I think!). Wow. Huge decision. Hope you find the perfect condo and that you get an offer on the house that eases the pain of letting it go.

  11. Congrats to Chad! Continued good luck wishes on the condo hunting. In less than two weeks we’ll be sitting down to watch the 2-episode season premiere! Tail is a wagging!

  12. Congrats to you Chad B and thanks for the strategy lesson! I will follow your advice next time.

    Comparing my answers to his,I might have gotten 2 correct.

    Good luck finding a house sitter! Is your previous one not available? What about having the night sitter drop the girls off at one of the dog sitting places during the day. Then the sitter could pick them up in the evening? Lulu might like that but I bet Suji would grumble. Is Ivon free?

    I have to find a sitter next year during our cruise. Lucy goes wacko when she sees another cat, so it might be easier to board her. I’d hate to have her caged, since she spent 1 1/2 yrs of her life in one. BUT I don’t want her to bite someone when she sees another cat. It’s a quandary. 🙁

  13. Congratulations & respect to you, Chad B!

    My answers were so far wrong, I think I must have been looking at those pictures with the wrong glasses 😂
    Great competition!

    PS & Puddle has been fired!

  14. Not to diminish the hard work that goes into making DM but I’m really surprised it got a third season and SGU didn’t. I stopped watching DM around ep3 of S2. IMO, SGU had a far better and more interesting story line. It was just getting really interesting when it got cancelled. Sadly many still hope for a conclusion to SGU even 6 years later. DM just didn’t hold my interest.

  15. Hope you get the condo, townhouse or super cool Flashdance warehouse of your dreams close to all the restaurants, shops and theatres.

  16. Congrats to Chad B. That is quite impressive. You topped last year’s record.

    That does sound like a difficult find for a condo for you.

    If I didn’t have Patrick and a solo pet sitting business, I’d offer to take care of them. If you wanted to fly them down here, I will. 🙂 Boomer gets along with everyone (mostly). We just had another client’s new lab puppy stay for 4 days with us and it was fun. I had to separate them for awhile because Boomer needed a break from the play-bite puppy stuff. But they would be back to playing again soon after that. We have a HUGE yard.

    @Gforce Way to go getting a convert.

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