May 9, 2017: Student Bodies

Before there was Dark Matter, before there was Stargate, there was a little show called Student Bodies, my very first live-action production.  We shot the series in an abandoned high school in Montreal.  Our office was an enormous carpeted former classroom where my writing partner, Paul, and I would spend the greater part of our days pacing, writing and, in his case, practicing golf swings.  Halfway through the show’s run, the series creators – Michael Klinghoffer, Judy Spencer, and Alan Silberberg – asked us if we needed anything.  When I jokingly answered: “An air hockey table.”, they wrote one into an episode and it eventually found its way into our office.  In the end, Paul and I ended up writing 24 of the show’s 65 episodes.

May 9, 2017: Student Bodies

I have nothing but great memories about the people I worked with on that show.  I bring this up today because, last night, I was out with some of my former Student Bodies colleagues –

May 9, 2017: Student Bodies

Mik Perlus, Lienne Sawatsky, and Dan Williams who are now all successful writer-producers.  Lienne and Dan worked with me behind the scenes of the show while Mik worked his magic in front of the camera in his role as the dastardly Victor Kane.  How good was Mik as Victor?  Well, one of my favorite stories from back in the day involved him being accosted by a drunken club patron who berated him for being so mean.  It took Mik a few minutes to realize this complete stranger was referring to his onscreen character.

Anyway, Mik tells me they’re in the early planning stages of a 20th anniversary reunion special.  Details here –

If you were a fan of the old show and would like to see this happen, head on over to the Student Bodies 20th Anniversary Facebook page and let them know.

May 9, 2017: Student Bodies

Ah, good times.  Good times!  Pictured above: nerdy Paul, the uber-awesome Jessica Goldapple (Flash), and yours truly.

Tomorrow morning, I’m off to Montreal for two days (returning Thursday night). Keep an eye on the gals for me while I’m away.  Thanks!

11 thoughts on “May 9, 2017: Student Bodies

  1. In that last picture Paul looks a lot like Robin Dunne, who was in a show that celebrates its anniversary this very week. Created by Damian Kindler and a whole bunch of your former Stargate colleagues (Martin Wood, Amanda Tapping, Chris Heyerdahl, etc.), Sanctuary first hit the Web on May 14th, 2007. Like Dark Matter, it took an unconventional route to Syfy and also showed how awesome indie Canadian TV sci-fi is. Keep flying the flag, Joe!

  2. Wow! In that last picture you look so young! Er, I mean youngER! Same with Paul, I hardly recognize him. Couple of crazy kids having a good time at their job, and that’s awesome.

    I’ve always believed that working in a place should be fun, regardless of the work you’re doing. That atmosphere makes all the difference. I’ve never understood people who take work so seriously. You can have fun and STILL get your work done.

  3. Oh my stars! The flashback pic is very sexy, you and Paul were legit 90’s hotties, I’ll see you guys at the club for Zimas and Tequila Sunsets. I will be facebooking the heck out of that vid, I’d love to see a Student Bodies reboot.

  4. Wow, look at that young gorgeous Paul and you ever-so strikingly handsome Joey Mallozzi! You’re just kids! Nerdy Paul? I think NOT! I can see his beautiful eyes from here.

    Say Hi! to your mama for us! Pictures pleeeeeease.

  5. Wow, thanks for the share, some hubba hubba looking people there Joseph!
    ~~The ‘girls’ will be planning your return with balloons and doggy treats, and other stuff…. Safe journey.

  6. Reunion did you say? How about a reunion between the Raza crew? I know, I know you’re talking about a Student Bodies reunion but I tend to get off track and everything goes back to Dark Matter. Sadly I never saw Student Bodies during its original run but it looks like a show I would have enjoyed. Glad you are able to reconnect with old co-workers & friends. Wishing you safe travels and a speedy return. You once again amaze! I honestly don’t know anyone who juggles like you do. Say hello to Akemi and the girls.

  7. @confracto, whoa! Those are some slings and arrows your tossing there, Roxbury? No way, the pic was taken backstage at a Bel Biv Devoe concert.

  8. It looks like you are having a blast. I agree with everyone else’s comments about the picture of you and Paul. 🙂

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