Over the past two seasons, you, the fans, have helped shape the show.  You’ve weighed in on everything from concept designs to episode titles and, today, your opinion counts more than ever as we seek to name the Dark Matter season 3 finale.

As in previous polls, I’m offering up a choice of three potential titles – all of them pieces of dialogue from the episode in question.  You may not know exactly what these words refer to given the lack of context, but each and every line offers up a hint of what’s to come.  In the ensuing weeks, I’ll go back and review the dialogue clues for every season 3 episode and maybe offer up a few more tantalizing tidbits of what awaits in the coming months.

But, first things first.  Choose your favorite season 3 finale title from amongst the following…

Polls close in 24 hours, so get voting!

April 26, 2017: Name The Dark Matter Season Finale!

Supplied a few notes on Ben Pinkerton’s music for Episode 302 in advance of Friday’s mix.  Kudos to Ben who continues to do such an amazing job scoring the show.  Now, all he has to do is release that soundtrack.  Am I right?

Also, this morning, I had a conference call with the Syfy International team. Representatives from various territories kindly took the time to hear my pitch for the show’s third season, everything from our two comedic episodes to our new Big Bad to the Dark Matter aftershow, After Dark, which will offer post-episode discussions every week with cast members and the occasional showrunner.    Get the inside scoop on every episode exclusively on After Dark!

April 26, 2017: Name The Dark Matter Season Finale!

Okay.  Enough fun time with the dogs.  Got to start thinking about season 4!

21 thoughts on “April 26, 2017: Name the Dark Matter season finale!

  1. Voted! No matter what the outcome of this vote, I’ll be on the losing side for this season. Bring on season 4 so I can try again! LOL

  2. ‘… do a slow build to “They never found his body” Ooooow.
    (You’re such a teaser!)

    Do like the After Dark graphics. Would be a great screensaver too.
    And definitely YES PLEASE to Ben Pinkerton releasing his soundtracks.

  3. So, some woman thought she’d hang 20 stories up on a construction crane over downtown Toronto this morning. Was that anywhere near you?

  4. I’m wondering if the Toronto lady was being chased by a killer and it was her only means of escape. Or maybe, she was a super hero and ran out of her super hero power. That would be embarrassing. What do you think?

  5. Voted.

    Hi @Joe,

    Now that you’ve done an AU episode
    and hopefully a tme travel ep in season 3?
    How ’bout A Nesting Box ep in season 4?.
    Gosh !I love those!
    Especially the ones they did in the ST TNG & Voyager series.

    A man walks up to a kid somewhere and sees him playing a VR game.
    Asks to try it.
    Next thing he knows he’s physically trapped in a bizarre horrifying reality.
    Then he wakes up in his own bed. Oh good, he says,
    tt was just a bad dream.
    But then – he finds out he’s still trapped in the bizarre reality.
    He shoots his laser at a wall to reveal the man behind the curtain.
    Ah Ha! Got ya this time, he says.
    He goes about the rest of his day,
    only to realize HE’S STILL TRAPPED!

    By the time he breaks through the last box back to his own reality
    he has a really hard time trusting ‘anything’ is real.
    Finally he or she is convinced,
    Albeit, just as the episode is closing …..
    there’s some small hint or remnant of the fake reality to leave the audience laughing & wondering.

  6. or maybe ….. a maze episode? The whole crew could get trapped in a bizarre, seemingly endless, labyrinth.

  7. June is coming up quick…I can’t wait. And After Dark looks like fun. Any live sessions? Say like answering Tweets on the show? Might bring SyFy into the whole live podcast trend…

  8. Oh man!!! I couldn’t win if I had to! Looks like it will be a 3-10 losing 3rd season for me. 🙁

  9. Hey Joe, Will Noreen’s Q&A be a two-parter because I asked questions & they weren’t answered?

    Cheers, Chev

    PS Happy with any of those titles but campaigning for fun.

  10. “Okay. Enough fun time with the dogs. Got to start thinking about season 4!” Yeah! Get to work!

    After Dark is going to be awesome. I cannot wait!

  11. Hello, thanks to Ponytail and glowyzoey and Drea for my bd wishes.
    Joe, I was just watching Suji videos and they really cheered my day, thanks Akemi for sharing them.

  12. Voted ✔️

    Your ‘few notes’ to Ben for music cues – huge teasers, so cool 😎

    Definitely agree with @Thogar about a screen saver

    Hopefully, Syfy will announce other global (or should that be Galactic, as someone tweeted me lol) air dates very soon!

    Won’t be too long either, before we get to see the official Season 3 cast photos.

  13. I went with “Our one and only Shot”. I won’t get upset if I lose because they are all so good!

    Wonderful picture of you and the girls.

    Fingers crossed for Season 3!

  14. @Patricia Bertrand

    She was probably crazy. She was arrested and released on bail, with a ban from construction sites against her name.

    Her name was reported as Marisa Lazo if you feel like reading the follow up reports about her.

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