Daddy’s home!!!!

(Sorry.   Akemi took it portrait for instal-story.  Whatever that is.)

Exchanged emails with my prospective real estate agent in Vancouver.  Apparently, following a brief downturn, the market is picking back up.  Once again, we’re in for another round of “Should I or Shouldn’t I?”.  If we get that fourth season pick-up, it would make a whole lot of sense to just sell the house in Van, move to Toronto through, hopefully, the end of season 5, and then consider our options then.  The prospect of buying a condo in Japan becomes increasingly possible.  To be honest, the only thing holding me back are the dogs (having to take that cross-Pacific 10 hour journey).  That and the fact that my writing/producing opportunities may be somewhat…scanter there.  UNLESS I switch over to writing novels.  Maybe a tea cozy mystery series about a retired school teacher and her pet pug?  It practically writes itself!

April 16, 2017: Sunday Musings!

Happy Easter Sunday!

21 thoughts on “April 16, 2017: Sunday musings!

  1. LOL @ Suji! Well, at least Lulu stopped.

    Both you and Lulu look equally impressed with the bunny ears. 🙂

    It would be weird not having you in Canada. I’m not sure we could deal with the weird time zone differences in your blog postings!

  2. Happy Easter, Joe. Sure would be a shame to lose you from between Canadian shores but best of luck wherever the winds take you. Besides, there IS going to be two more seasons before that.

  3. @UNLESS I switch over to writing novels.

    Light novels? That would be amazing if you got an anime out of it. Some authors make a lot of $$$ if they’re fortunate enough to get an adaption of their work.

  4. Well we know who feeds her. Happy Easter! Well it would be harder to visit the Hot spots but there are so many you have mentioned that I am not sure I could visit them all. I need, like my friend whe saw my picture os Facebook, to make at least one more Japanese whiskey run. Getting excited for the next season. Have the Sci-Fi channel all scoped out.

  5. What a lovely welcome home!
    One of my cats, Callisto, waits for me in the front garden for my return home – although sometimes she lies across the drive just when I’m reversing in!

    You’ve got some big decisions to make over the coming weeks. Good luck with that. Sometimes, though, things have a habit of falling into place …

  6. I don’t think the teacher should be retired. Her pug could help with her kids. Help grade papers and let her know when a child needs special attention. The pug talks, right?

  7. I felt so bad for you. Did the kids even throw you a glance before they went flying by? 🙂 And the bunny ears are adorable, and your expression is priceless.

    What a tough decision to make. I think your heart and probably Akemi’s is in Japan. But I thought you had other projects you were trying to produce. I hope you get Dark Matter through the fifth season. And I would miss not having you producing another show. I love your writing and the professional and family atmosphere that your shows have in production. There are so few good shows out there.

    Wherever you decide, I hope you’ll still keep writing your blog. Although I don’t comment much anymore, I do love to read it. And I can’t wait to see Dark Matter. It’s not coming sooner enough!

    Happy Easter to Everyone!

  8. LOL, that me with the dogs… they run to my daughter.

    Sigh, I fear change… and I get attached to “stuff”. Moving to Japan should simply be put off til you retire. I am pretty sure you have sworn some oath not to leave Canada for at least another 15 years! Seriously, though, can’t imagine you not doing television work.

  9. G’day

    Loving those ears!!
    Happy Easter to those who celebrate, don’t eat too much chocolate!

  10. Looks like Suji is a Mamas girl. Don’t take it too hard, Joe ;D

    Anyway, I think it would be really sad to lose you as a Sci-Fi show writer/ writer in general. Not sure if “lose” is the right word, but if you’d move to Japan I mean. On the other hand the show business looks like it takes quite a toll on you & Akemi, so I think I understand if you wanted a little change in you life. Even if it’s not forever. Whatever you decide I hope it makes you both very happy.
    To moving the dogs via a 10hr flight: You wrote several times how hard it is to travel with dogs. Maybe you could split the trips into two or more flights? It would prologne the ordeal, but maybe it would also be less bad?!
    … Writing this I just noticed how silly the idea is, because of the distance AND ocean between the continents… ups.

    But big changes are good! I just got my first job and it’s all the way across the country. I CAN’T wait to go, but I also had to say goodbye to my brother today and soon to all of my friends here, which is a bummer. Still, the job is great, the city is great and I can finally make money and have my own life. I’ve been in university far too long and I’m so excited!
    Whatever you decide, please keep us updated 🙂
    All the best to the both of you!

  11. I usually crave security. However, I’ve had two friends drop dead without any previous signs of illness. What’s the Latin phrase for seize the day? The iPad keeps spell checking it to carpet day. 😉 Anyway, you only have one life. Do what makes you happy (without hurting others, of course). We’re fans of whatever medium you decide on or wherever you hang your bunny ears. It would be expensive but have you considered chartering a private plane?

  12. birdyincanada: Good luck on your new job!

    Drea: Your mind seems to work at light speed! 🙂

    I hope everyone had a great Easter!

  13. D’awwww. Suji sure can scamper!

    I loved living in Japan, but living there would kill me now, the air pollution, damp, and mildew/mold would wreak havoc on my lungs. Again. I am still paying for my decade there. Totally worth it.

  14. Suji is a momma’s girl. Sorry Joe, Akemi has spun her magical web of love and ensnared your pups!

    Love the bunny ears! A little father/daughter bonding!

    I personally am hoping that DM goes beyond 5 seasons so this will prolong your time in Toronto. I’m also hopeful for that military SciFi project you pitched earlier. Is Toronto the hub of production for SyFy shows? It would make sense to move if you are going to be there for awhile longer, which I hope you will be. There are so many stories yet to be told! And you can still have a condo in Japan, spend your summer vacations there!

    Hope you had a nice relaxing weekend, time shared with friends, happy goodbyes and a chance to recharge for this week’s assured flurry of activity. The end is in sight….

  15. Is the Tokyo real estate market comparable to Vancouver? I hope it all works out well for you, Akemi and the dogs. You would almost be on Aussie time.

    On International flights, do the dogs fly cargo? That is long, although not as long as to Australia (14).
    all the best.

    Cheers, Chev

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