I’d like to start off today’s entry with a thank you to Dark Matter Production Designer Ian Brock for an informative and entertaining Q&A.  If you haven’t read it, check out yesterday’s blog instalment.

April 11, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 88 Of 93!

And now, I’d like to open the floor to yet another Q&A, this one with Dark Matter Costume Designer Noreen Landry.  Noreen and her team can be credited with all of the fabulous outfits you’ve seen on the show to date – and plenty more you WILL see in season 3 (including a Ryo Ishida outfit that I’m going to steal from wardrobe once the series wraps).  So, if you have questions for Noreen, post them in the comments section!

April 11, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 88 Of 93!

Inside the Ferrous Corp shipyard facility.  This baby got LIT UP today!

April 11, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 88 Of 93!

Oh damn.  Anyone recognize this Dark Matter celeb sporting a new look on set?

April 11, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 88 Of 93!

The camera team gears up for the derbiest sparkerific sequence since Episode 307. And we all know how that one ended, am I right?!

April 11, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 88 Of 93!

Director of Photography Craig Wright – the new SIX!  Photo by Roger Cross.

A great day on set, but the highlight was certainly the visit we received from my favorite execs – Steve Patscheck, Mehrad Noori, and Angel Gomez – from Syfy International, NBC Universal.  Smart, positive, genuinely nice guys who also happen to be huge fans of the show.  They have a fantastic Dark Matter fan-focused project in the works that you’re all going to love.  But more on that in the coming weeks…

Concluding today’s entry with a little playback magic courtesy of 1st Assistant Art Director Sumeet Vats and 2nd Assistant Art Director Victor Mare.

18 thoughts on “April 11, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 88 of 93!

  1. Boxey!! Or is it Boxie?
    The sets look fabulous– getting very excited for the premier… Dark Matter rocks

    How’s everyone at the home front ?

    It was 86’F today and the pollen and grass cutting season has arrived. Lots of sneezing happening here, watery eyes, etc. Not comfy.

  2. For Noreen … when sourcing so much fabric, do you have to travel to get it, or is it feasible to order online? Do you ever just find fabric so fantastic, you pick it up just in case?

    Little rambly comment … Dedicated fabric hoarder here, I even inherited bolts of raw silk my dad had brought to Mom in the 50s and 60s. I am terrified to cut it.

  3. Hello Noreen

    I would like to know from where you glean your fashion ideas. Do you have a committee that gets together to hash these things out? I’m also thinking that you might have to have some idea of locations, etc., from Joe. How far ahead do you need to have this location/activity list. I’m always blown away by the talent behind the scenes, putting the show together. By the time all of you finish your work, there is a ship in space, there are populated planets with different cultures, fashions and architecture and the audience is a “fly on the wall”. You should all be proud!

  4. Hi Noreen! Love your work on the show.

    What are your favorite materials to work with in creating costumes for Dark Matter and why?

    Is there a particular character or characters you especially like designing outfits for? I’ve always felt like Delaney Truffault’s outfits were especially fitting for both Torri and the character, and I love everything she’s worn.

    If you’re in the mood to rat somebody out, who’s the hardest to design/fit for? And who whines the most during fittings? I’m thinking Lemke for the whiner.

    I love Five’s style, it fits her character perfectly. How did you decide to use an eclectic, yet not uncommon to see on today’s streets, wardrobe for her?

    Do the actors give any input into their costumes and if so are they ever used?

    In that same vein, did anybody request anything in particular or ask to wear something perhaps personal to them?

    What decision goes into selecting footwear? Do you take existing shoes/boots and modify them or is everything made from scratch?

    With all the apparent dessert outings, do you find yourself having to let out a little extra room in some people’s costumes after everyone’s had a day of sweet treats?

    Are you a member of the Dark Matter Whisky Club and do you have a favorite whisky/adult beverage?

    If I come to Toronto, can I try on one of those cool long coats?

    Not a question, but I want to say it: Noreen, you do incredible work. Dark Matter wouldn’t be the wonderful show it is without your creative contributions. Thank you from all us fans.

  5. It’s Boxey! Absolutely love the inside of the Ferrous Corp shipyard facility! Your production and design crew continue to amaze.

    On a side note and comment towards editing: just finished watching X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Rogue Edition. What a totally different movie from the theatrical release. Whereas I’m a total
    Geek for behind the scenes and special “cuts”
    I’m glad they went with the theatrical version. Too many minute changes actually changed the tone and pace of several key scenes. It makes you appreciate the work that goes into editing what you see on screen. I’m sure there are scenes that you want to keep but sometimes you have to let them go for the overall vision. Another movie comes to mind. Tropic Thunder. Love the humor but the uncut version has several scenes that go from funny to not funny because the gag ran too long. Suffice it to say, giving a big thanks to your editors, for knowing what to keep and what to cut.

    Questions for Noreen:
    Did you design clothes for your Barbies & other dolls?
    Where you a trend setter in school?
    What fueled your passion for costumes?
    Your biggest influences? Favorite costume design from any movie or show?
    Are you the belle of the ball at Halloween?

    In advance, thank you for taking time to answer our questions.

  6. Hi Noreen
    Did you have any specific training to do costume design or was it something you were always good at 😁
    Thanks to you & your team for some fab cossies

  7. Do I remember correctly that there was supposed to be a fan project last season? What was it, because I don’t remember anything. Probably also came from the last Syfy International visit.

    Cheers, Chev

  8. I must confess, despite how callously he broke my heart,
    Boxy sure is looking mighty foxy in his supporting roles these days.

    Ever just the same, be forewarned Ladies.
    Do not be fooled by the charm of his rugged good looks.
    Once a womanizer – always a womanizer!
    If you tear off your clothes
    in the heat of the moment
    and throw them at him
    he will gladly accept your free wheeling gifts.
    But as soon as he has had his fill,
    he will not hesitate to immediately reject such offerings
    and proceed to completely ignore you,
    without showing even so much as an ounce of remorse!

    Don’t get me wrong here.
    Boxy is a great guy for the most part and
    I do genuinely understand there are two sides to every story
    and that much of his poor behavior
    is a by-product, not in his control, from the rough childhood he endured
    along the long road to becoming the glamorous tv star he is today.

    His mother was little more than a lowly grunt worker
    on a produce plantation,
    carrying heavy loads of dirty
    and sometimes bug infested
    crops to the processing facilities day and night
    until it finally wore her down.
    His father was a lush who lazily sat around the house for years.
    Sometimes he had as many as 12 beers in him all at once,
    as he sat in front of the tv getting lost in entertaining tv commercials
    for Jack-In-The-Box restaurants
    and local Five & Ten Bargain Bin stores.
    He often daydreamed about being featured as the next BIG thing
    in those fancy Tupperware commercials
    but was much too shy to ever attend an audition.
    In later years, he worked briefly in the coal mines
    barely earning enough to keep food on the table for Boxy & himself.
    Unfortunately, when his insides quickly became so blackened
    in the mines he could no longer do his job properly,
    without having to frequently take breaks to get flushed out
    with water, instead of showing mercy, his boss decided to transfer him
    to a local landfill and hired someone new to work the mine.
    Oh well, … so much for the power & safety of labor unions, eh?!
    He was absolutely crushed by the degrading betrayal
    and remained there for the rest of his days,
    never to be seen or heard from by anyone ever again.

    Boxy spent the remainder of his already sad childhood
    in a small cramped windowless storage closet at a state orphanage,
    hidden away and ignored for the most part,
    rarely seeing daylight.
    The head master was an ugly, cold hearted, old man,
    resentful of boxy’s good looks and natural, warm, inviting, charm
    and was determined to sully his young charge’s appeal
    via encouraging the other orphans
    to throw their smelly, tattered, old sneakers at him as often as possible.
    One day, while Boxy was working at a yard sale, to earn some quick cash,
    a stage hand, who worked for a local theater production company,
    noticed him pathetically siting there in a deshoveled state
    with sneakers haphazardly strewn all about him
    here, there and everywhere.
    Poor thing.
    There was even an old worn out pair hanging by their laces from his lip!
    He’d become so accustomed to it over the last couple years,
    I don’t think he was even aware of its awkward presence, at this point.

    The hand decided to help lift him from poverty via putting him to work
    in the costume department for the duration of the current
    play he was involved in called “The Nesting Dolls”.
    30 days later,
    In a beautifully terrible twist of fate,
    On the eve of the shows debut
    all the dolls fell victim to an extreme case of food poisoning from the
    the fruit & veggie platters
    the producers had catered in from a local produce plantation
    and had to be rushed to the hospital. 2 of the 5 dolls did not make it.
    In a desperate last minute decision,
    the director decided to replace the dolls
    with boxes and cast Boxy in the lead role.

    Boxy absolutely nailed it! and became A HUGE HIT over night!

    He was so damned good in the role
    he was able to render all the other characters invisible to the audience.
    By the end of each performance they saw only him on that stage!

    He sold out the house and received standing ovations, night after night!
    Steven Spielberg attended his last performance for the play’s run
    and offered him a starring role in his next big movie right there on the spot!

    The rest, as they say, … is history.

    Uh ,.. On second thought ………
    Ya know what?!
    In the retelling of his inspiring story
    of rags to riches,
    I realize now I actually still love him
    and broke off our passionate affair much too hastily.

    While it is true you are an exquisitely
    handsome and talented dictator,
    Get your grubby hands off Mister!!
    That’s “MY BOX” you’re handling!!!

  9. Questions for Noreen:

    Fantastic job on Dark Matter.

    1. What’s the trick to making a costume less costume-y so that it seems like it belongs as part of the character’s daily wardrobe?

    2. What was the inspiration for Two/Portia’s black coat from last season? Do you imagine the scene & how it would flow etc?

    3. When you’re designing for an ensemble cast, do you also consider the way the costumes look together?

    4. What was the reason for the change in colour and material for The Android’s costume between the first 2 seasons?

    5. Is Joe the best dressed boss you’ve ever had?

    6. Sorry I ask lots of questions… just pick the ones you like. It’s Ok. I’m from Australia. Have you ever visited here?

    Bye!! I’m really looking forward to more Ishida costumes – I looooooove them.

    Cheers, Chev (Maryanne)

  10. Hi Noreen! I’m a big fan of your work. Every character has a different look that fits their personality. Amazing! My brain is not functioning well enough to ask questions today, but thankfully, everyone else is asking great ones!

    Have you ever felt like you were walking through water/mud through the day? That’s what it feels like today. I swam a mile but I had to fight myself to do it. I hope this feeling dissipates soon. Otherwise, this day will not be productive.

    Loved the Q & A from yesterday! Ian answered a lot of good questions. Reading through them will be a treat.

    I hope everyone has a great day!

  11. Production day 88 of 93 – 2 days of production awesomeness added for Season 3?

    Fantastic questions for Noreen – the ones I have in mind have already been asked 👍

    Go Boxy! – no more words needed.
    More cool bts photos.

    @KathyC I agree, looking forward to hearing more about the ‘fan-focused project’

  12. Hi, Noreen! Volunteer creator, former wannabe designer, here. Give me a shout if you need a quick crocheted cap or scarf…Joe has my contact info.

  13. I’m terrible at thinking up questions, so I’m just going to say to Noreen that I think she does amazing work. Costume is a greatly unappreciated (generally) aspect of production, but I think it can make or break a show.

  14. For the lovely Noreen Landry, I’d like to know:

    Where do you get your ideas for the costumes?

    Do you always notice and look at what people are wearing?

    How old were you when you learned to sew?

    Do you make or use a pattern?

    What is your favorite color to work with? (I’m guessing black)

    Those that work for you, what qualifications do you look for?

    Would you rather design for a male or female character?

    Thank you Noreen Landry. Your work on Dark Matter is beautiful and classy!

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