March 31, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 81 Of 91!

Guys, guys!  Not so fast!  We’re not heading back to Vancouver for another month and a half.  I’ve still got another two and a half weeks of production, one script rewrite, four cuts, and innumerable mixes to complete before I can start packing.

March 31, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 81 Of 91!

The action was fast and furious on main unit over at the Ishida Palace where the red wine and blood were flowing.  Dontcha just love family reunions?

March 31, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 81 Of 91!

Security cam footage from Rigel-9 captures two of this galaxy’s most wanted.

March 31, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 81 Of 91!

The subterranean meeting lair – a work in progress.

March 31, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 81 Of 91!

The Ferrous Corp shipyard – designed by Henry Fong.  Moving on to the VFX stage.

Between my various Dark Matter-related duties, I’ve managed to read 40 books so far this year.  The best book I’ve read to date – and, in fact, the best book I’ve read since my 2014 discovery of The Glass Castle – is Hannah Tinti’s The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley that, at it’s heart, explores the relationship between a girl and her deeply-flawed father.  5 stars!

March 31, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 81 Of 91!

Can’t recommend it enough.  Brilliant.

12 thoughts on “March 31, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 81 of 91!

  1. I’m absolutely loving the fantastic sets this season!

    Joe, considering we are getting so close to end of production, will email you Sunday night (probably late evening) so we can decide on a date to start the voting polls and calls for volunteers for the blog book project.
    Will upload and email you the forms for the Maximus & Jelly rescue fund once we are underway and you are comfortably settled in back home.

    And for those of you who missed this weeks science highlights under yesterdays post:

  2. Getting the pups ready for their traveling weight?

    So glad to see Two & Three alive and kicking this far into the season! Who pray tell is causing such a ruckus at the Ishida palace?

    How in the world do you have enough time to have read 40 books? Recommendation duly noted. Will add it to my list. Hope you have a “chill” weekend full of tastey treats!

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  4. I wonder what Suji will think of the plane and Vancouver?

    Joe – I saw this TED Talk and thought of you hilarious adventures with Nigerian mail scammers. Enjoy!

    I’ve been learning how to fix plaster and I’ve been updating my resume. I’m looking for a job in social media, just short term as I’ll be travelling to Canada perhaps around July.

    Cheers, Chev

  5. Is that Four doing the slicing and dicing? Family reunion – hasn’t he already ‘taken care’ of his family members? 🤔

    Two and Three caught on security cams, but not just ‘this’ galaxy’s most wanted!

    More great sets, and looking forward to seeing Henry Fong’s completed work on screen.

  6. I appreciate the book recommendation! I put it on my Kindle Wish list.

    Today we are starting a new home project, re-tiling our shower. 1st day is demo day. Wish us luck! Any advice JeffW?

  7. Looks Like one has a restaurant on the mind. It’s all right because I have a place too. (good sign, I can remember. Hope is eternal.)

  8. Can’t believe it’s Day 81 of 91!
    It really has gone fast this time ’round!
    Still loving that Ferrous Corp shipyard design. Mmm.

    Today is my pup Puddle’s first Birthday. We spent yesterday at Westonbirt Arboretum, where dogs run free. Puddle had the time of his life – slept the two hour journey home!
    Today was the presents! New bowl, collar, soft toy and an agility tunnel, which he adores.
    Funnily enough so does my 8 yr old cat Callisto. Had the two of them playing in and around it, together! How great is that?!

  9. @Debra I was thinking the same thing.

    @TheOtherOne Happy Birthday Puddle. I can’t believe it has been a year already.

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