We have a new episode title!

The people have spoken.  And the winner is…

February 22, 2017: A New Dark Matter Episode Title!

“Episode 30: All The Time In The World”

Thanks to everyone who voted.  You’ll get another say in another episode-naming poll next week!
February 22, 2017: A New Dark Matter Episode Title!

Today marked Bubba’s first day since starting the Palladia treatment and we’re not sure if it’s drug, the cancer, or some other influence but he seemed off today. Slower to eat, reluctant to walk, and, perhaps most alarmingly, no longer interested in his treats.  We’re going to monitor him these next couple of days and, if these presumed side effects persist, we’re going to discontinue the Palladia.  In the end, we’d rather back 2-3 good months with him than 3-5 medium to bad ones.

19 thoughts on “February 22, 2017: A new Dark Matter episode title!

  1. Sweet little Bubba. We’re all behind whatever you and Akemi decide. {{{Higs}}}. 💔

  2. We hung on to one of our cats far longer that we should have because, well, we couldn’t make the hard decision. In retrospect, it was not to his best interests. The next one that we had to make a hard decision about we decided to put him to sleep while he was still ‘OK’. How much time would we have gotten if we had pursued treatment for his maybe-nasal infection but probably cancer? Probably not much, and he would have been in pain.

  3. Soft Soothing hugs for @Tam and our sweet Bubba today.

    @Tam Hope everything went okay today and you are resting comfortably now with a cocktail or two.

  4. I’m voting the Palladia. If he was fine yesterday (only his old man’s cough) and the only thing different was the medication, it was likely the medication.

    I know its been said but we are all here for you and Akemi. We all know that whatever you both decide will be the right decision. Scratch, scratch, hugs, hugs to Bubba.

    How’s Lulu doing?

  5. Oh Bubba… :'( He’s not ours, but sometimes it feels like he is. We know you guys are the absolute best. Don’t let him suffer. Take care of him, and please take care of Akemi. Bubba is her first child…


  6. hugs and more hugs for Bubba and all the Mallozzi family.. positive thoughts…

  7. G’day

    Hugs to Bubba and the rest of the clan. You know what is best for your boy.

    I am 1-3 so far. I really liked “Be Right Back”, oh well, them’s the breaks.

  8. If only off his food, cyproheptadine increases appetite. They use it with chemo treatment all the time for cats and dogs. If more than that, I’m very sorry. Why does everything have to be so hard?

  9. I completely understand where you’re coming from Joe. If Bubba only has a limited amount of time left, it’s better he spent that time happy rather than miserable from the meds.

    That being said, if Bubba only has 2-3 months. Maybe he’ll live a little beyond that. We all can hope anyway.

    But I do hope his treatment works for him. Hopefully what you’re describing is just a side effect of being treated for something so serious.

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