29 thoughts on “February 13, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 53 of 91!

  1. Mmm- I’m liking Option 3 ….opaque or translucent – although maybe it can do both depending on status.

  2. Very nice pod designs…

    Option 1 could look quite creepy – with the breathing effect. Its very different and quite brave. If not done correctly, it could look a bit ‘Blake’s 7’….

    PS Hope you’re enjoying your break 😊

  3. Hmmm… option one of the pods looks too much like a plug-in version of… something else that is NSFW.

  4. I picked “Welcome to the Revolution”. It seems, I don’t know, timely.

    I like option 2 on the pods!

    The snow FINALLY seems to be started to taper off here in NB. There is so much down though, it’s probably going to take me at LEAST a day to clear it from the driveway. Oh, and it’s supposed to snow more on Thursday, although apparently not too much. WInd is still howling out there though.

  5. Welcome to the Revolution!

    Gforce: Stay warm and I hope you have Netflix/Amazon to keep you occupied.

    I helped Dr Jo get to her radiologist . I’m exhausted, so I know she’s wiped out. I left her on the couch with an ice pack, poor dear. Only one more treatment this week.

    Any news on Bubba?

    Did you see Narelle on Twitter? She’s been showing such beautiful pictures of the boys. They are/were such sweeties. Makes me cry for her.

  6. I picked the title “Welcome to the Revolution” .
    I like the pod option N3. Those white and orange colors like that totally reminds me of Cerberus in Mass Effect, that’s the reason why I like this one better.

  7. Boy I’m going to lose that title big time.

    @Tam Dixon – You are an awesome friend.

  8. I love all three choices! Voted. Looks like I’m in the minority again.

    I agree with TheOtherOne, option 1 is kinda creepy. Thinking “pod” people as in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Option 2 reminds me of a chrysalis. Option 3, an escape pod. Guess it all depends on what you’re going for.

    Hope Bubba is feeling better! All 3 pups need some TLC! So do you and Akemi!

  9. Voted – yep, revolution!

    @gforce keep warm and be careful clearing your driveway (hugs)

    I’m favouring pod Option 2.

    Throwing this out there……
    As WordPress never gave Joe stats for who posted the most comments for 2016, I was wondering if anyone was willing to help collate that info by selecting a month and counting them up?
    It’s also a way of catching up with blog posts, and responses you may have missed!
    I’ve started January and will continue with February…..any helpers…..post what month you’ve chosen and start counting 👍

  10. I think “This Galaxy’s Most Notorious” is the best one, just because “Welcome” has been used before in other previous titles.

    Each pod design is pretty good, but I like option 1 the most.

  11. Wishing my beautiful blog family
    and all their extra special human
    and non human beloveds
    Sweetest Hugs, Always So Much Love
    ~A Very Happy Valentines Day!~

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  12. Those pods are eerie, and “pod” was not the first thing I thought of when I saw them. At all.

    So you say you want a revolution?

    Sending out love for everyone who needs a little today. That’s almost everyone I should think. Group hug!

  13. Me again… are we voting on the pods also? Then I prefer option 2 – translucent with opaque edging. The structured architectural look is appealing. Option 1 is creepy, especially with the breathing effect. Option 3 resembles my Logitech mouse. Yes, I am mouse-dependent (hangs head in shame…)
    All options are very creative! Good job Karl.

  14. I like all the pods but 3 is so stylish; way too stylish and sleek for the Raza crew, so if the crew has their hands on one then it must have been through nefarious means.

    Can I just say again that Cas Anvar is the boss on The Expanse, just when I didn’t think I could love his character more the goes and does something brave, cool, sly, shady or heartwarming that makes me love Alex more.

    I will not be winning this round of title naming, but choices were tough, liked them all. Merry Valentinis to all and hugs to the pugs.

  15. Thanks Ponytail! Just doing what anyone would do though.
    Speaking of “doing”, how are your parents?

    Gforce: Did you get out and about today?

    Drea: Happy V-day to you too! I don’t usually celebrate it but I do enjoy the 1/2 price candy the following day. 🙂

    Great designs from Mr. Crosby!

  16. I like Option 3 best… the off white and orange ones. I think two is overly complex – it wouldn’t make sense. Three is beautiful in its simplicity.

  17. I’m whizzing through the blog comments counting – there is a pattern emerging… lol

    I’ll continue collating the figures, hopefully have something together by the weekend.
    I’ll email the results to you, Joe and its up to you if you wish to post them 😊

  18. @TamDixon I am so glad Dr. Jo has you as a friend.

    I like “Welcome to the Revolution” but am too late to vote. I also like Option 1 for the pods.

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