Tonight’s TO DO list:

Review Episode 301 Prod Cut

Review Episode 302 Prod Cut

Watch Episode 303 Prod Cut

Rewrite scene for Episode 306

Watch auditions and make casting selections for Episode 307

Generate new scene ideas for the Episode 307 script

Think about next scene for the Episode 309 script

Do a pass on the Episode 311 script

Think about Android thru-line for the Episode 312 script


Sample Akemi’s latest bath of bourbon cookies

Blog entry

January 25, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 39 Of 91!

Ferrous Corp shipyard concept design by artist Henry Fong.  Click on the pic for the full size glorious details.

January 25, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 39 Of 91! January 25, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 39 Of 91!

The Ishida Research Station and Raza scaling c/o Craig Van Den Biggelaar

January 25, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 39 Of 91!

Suji, the bionic pug!

Okay.  1 down, 11 to go!

15 thoughts on “January 25, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 39 of 91!

  1. Oh no! What happened?? Suji seemed to be doing so great without the need for back wheels. Is that an older pic? or are we sadly witnessing a regression? And how are Bubba n Lulu doing?

    Stayed awake long enough to watch the third movie in The Divergent series last night . “Allegiant”. For those who enjoy the visuals in futuristic sci fi movies – you might genuinely enjoy this one.

    The series is one of those big budget, all star casts. The third movie was tolerable and even enjoyable for its beautiful VFX. But the way Jeff Daniels character was portrayed left me completely baffled. He was so even keeled/ unemotional you might question whether he was attempting to appear “Android” like. I truly love Jeff Daniels but not in this easily forgettable, no impact, role.

  2. Gosh, Joe. That’s a list and a half to get through – n do it tonight? How? Are you super human?
    Think I’d sample Akemi’s bourbon cookies next, if it were down to me.

    Henry Fong’s work continues to knock me out, it’s consistently, mouth-wateringly, stunning!

  3. Hi Joe
    So, you’re starting at the bottom… hmmm… next is Bourbon cookies,,,, guess the top of the list is in trouble. 🙂


  4. Everyone posted such great questions for Noreen, I’ll be happy to sit back and read her answers. She does great work!

    Is that a bomber jacket Suji’s wearing with the tutu? Thanks for the 🙂 .

  5. The Ferrous Corp Destroyer Factory! I want one for next Christmas! Incredible detail. Especially intrigued by the “one man construction pod with robotic arms”. Does that mean a single person fits in there or a single person controls, sort of like the drones in The Abyss? I’m thinking Big Geek, Little Geek. The Raza better disable that comm array pretty darn quick or they’ll be in a world of trouble. Henry Fong has outdone himself. Brilliant! The Ishida Research Facility looks rather imposing!

    I hope you started and ended with the bourbon cakes.

    Hopefully tomorrow won’t be as busy…fingers crossed!

    Please tell us that someone has finally matched the title to correct person contest for Ep 301. I’ll keep guessing until you tell us to stop…

  6. BTW:@Drea, I read someplace that the last movie Allegiant in the Divergent series was suppose to be a 2 parter but because of poor box office turnout, they decided to ax the 2nd part movie and will be doing a release to TV movie.

  7. “Sample Akemi’s latest bath of bourbon cookies”

    I hope you saved this one for last in case they are real potent. You need to be able to finish your list of things to do first.

    Does Suji like going to the dog park? Does she keep close to mom and dad or run wild with the other dogs? Do the other dogs like what she is wearing?

  8. @MaggieL80 I wouldn’t doubt it. While the story itself is worthwhile and the the Visual aspects of the third installment were definitely fun to watch, throughout the series (and especially in Allegiant) the dialogue and portrayal of each character were painfully flat and boring. There was waaaay too much wasted potential in all three.

    In almost every movie or tv show I’ve ever watched, even the worst ones hold at least one or two lines of dialogue or an actors performance/delivery of a scene that is in someway impactful/memorable. Unfortunately, in the case of The Divergent series – Nothing. Not even a nanoscopic dust particle of fools gold could be found to take home as a souvenir from my half day holiday escape.

    Just the same, beyond the vast sea of blandness, the series was worth watching for some of the basic concepts, visuals/VFX and some of the stunts and I think Joe might find some usable outine ideas in it for season 4 of DM.

  9. Suji! I think she’s saying “get your hands off of her, you b****!” just before she wails on the alien monster. Bathing in bourbon cookies, ah! Sounds a little like the chocolate spa treatments at the Hotel Hershey.

    Good luck with taxes, I still need to do my own. From last year. Gulp. They actually owe me but that still doesn’t motivate me to file.

    For any animators out there, NASA has an animation fellowship with your name on it.

  10. The shipyard design is pretty awesome!

    Did you get the remaining 11 items done on your ‘to do’ list, Joe?🤔

    As there are still hundreds of permutations to choose from, I’m guessing that no one as yet, has given the correct answers to the 3 sentences?

  11. @Peggy (from yesterday) – bummer! But I would rather it be stalled than done wrong. I heard horrible things about the Independence Day reboot – couldn’t make myself go see it. If those writers were writing Stargate; well, I’m glad it stalled. Can’t ruin another classic. LOL

    I’m assuming this episode of Supergirl was written a long time ago; Joe can answer this better, but if it aired this week, then it was filmed a few months ago, written a few months before that. If reboot stalled in November, then that wasn’t all that long ago. So could be a connection!

  12. That is a extremely busy day.

    @Drea Yes, Ascendent is the 4th movie in the series (the 2nd part of the part Allegient) and it is going to TV. I’m thinking the books like this are becoming less popular (Maze Runner series, The Fifth Wave series to name two.

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