Today, while all the action was happening back at the palace, I was juggling writes and rewrites on four different scripts.  Between that, the edits, approvals, and prep, I’m feeling a little…anxious.  And somewhat exhausted.  In fact, the other day, I went to bed at 8 p.m. and slept for 11 hours straight.  But the finish line is within reach.  And by finish line, I’m not talking about the last day of post, or the final day of production.  I’m talking about the day I deliver my final script of the season – and I mean MY final script of the season, not THE final script of the season.  I’ll still have to do the rewrites and meetings and cuts, but having that last original off my plate will be a huge relief.

January 19, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 35 Of 91!

Key card for the Ishida research station designed by Roxanne Borris.  Use this card to access the facility…IF you can find it!

The mid-season hiatus fast approaches and when it arrives, that final script will be far behind me.  I’ll have one glorious week to check out Netflix and catch up on the top horror movies of 2016 I missed (Train To Busan put me in the mood).  I’ve heard good things about The Witch, The Invitation, and The Wailing.  Anyone else have some good recommendations?

So, it looks like we’ve intercepted a missile shipment.  But who sent them and where was their intended destination?  Find out when Episode 306 airs.  In the meantime, consider these missile designs c/o the Dark Matter art department’s Victor Mare:

January 19, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 35 Of 91!

January 19, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 35 Of 91! January 19, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 35 Of 91!

January 19, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 35 Of 91! January 19, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 35 Of 91!

18 thoughts on “January 19, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 35 of 91!

  1. Wow, I’ve never even heard of any of those three movies. I need to get out more. Or at least, some.

    Anyway, from yesterday @Tam Dixon: No other news on my credit card hacking, and I expect I won’t based on previous experience, other than I’m getting a new card.

    @Drea: Zoie is settling in very well! She’s getting much more comfortable in the house is exploring around some more. I’ve started doing some basic click training which she seems to be taking to quite well.

  2. I’ve never heard of any of those movies either @gforce.

    Missiles are very cool looking!

    I’ve been into British movies lately. Every time The Lady in the Van is on I have to stop and watch it. Trying to think of the names of others…if I do I’ll report back. There was one recently, I recorded on a whim that ended up being really good.

  3. Not sure what Netflix shows I can recommend to you. Your standards are higher than mine. Have you watched any of “Longmire”? Love that series! I liked “The Fall” too. I’ve heard “Unfortunate Events” is good but haven’t seen it yet. What about Amazon? I watched “Fortitude” on Prime a few months ago and loved it! I’ve heard they are going for a second season. It reminded me of “The Thing”.

    Gforce: Well, hopefully they will get it cleared up and you won’t hear anymore about it. Best case! Glad Zoe is settling in. What is click training?

  4. You’ve already seen Stranger Things, I presume? I’m not much on horror, but some scarier stuff I saw was Luke Cage and Happy Valley, scary if you get wrecked over the constantly looming threat of bloody violence. Horror series must be so much easier to watch on Netflix, to get it all over with.

    Oh, oh, oh, Black Mirror! There are three seasons of it on Netflix and it’s like The Twilight Zone except with more near-future tech and slightly more realistic ethnic diversity and some of the episodes are pretty scary. I just watched 4 episodes from season 3 and loved them.

    Hmm, these were all series, you said movies? No idea. Isn’t there a Ringu sequel? I can’t even google it to confirm–too scared, but I thought I heard something.

    So, after I find an Ishida Research Station keycard, how do I carry it? Is it sturdy enough for my keychain? Does it have a light so I can find the Ishida retinal scanners even in the dark?

    This app I’m working on has a black background and all white icons. It reminds me so much of Roxanne Borris’s style. I guess you gotta’ get a bit Borris to get all white images to be distinguishable at a glance.

  5. I saw the first episode of A Series of Unfortunate Events and enjoyed it. I think you would like it. Stranger Things was excellent. As for horror movie recommendations – I got nothin’.

  6. @maggiemayday if Highlander folks can hide their swords, how hard is a key card? Come on!! My bet is they are either implanted under the or to the skin or made to adhere to the owner until thumbprint release maybe?

    The missles look like futuristic pens, and I’m with Thogar, but I would buy one. However… letting one near my ship? NO, RUN AWAY!! 🙂

  7. The keycard is wicked!
    @Debra I know it’s not something new but I had similar thoughts with maybe a subdermal chip connected to DNA with encrypted information uploaded onto it by ‘Bluetooth’ methods. If you didn’t have necessary passcode, etc on your ‘sdc’, this means no entry (and maybe used for many other applications too)? lol

    @MrsTigercat Yep, sonic screwdriver-ish!

  8. Don’t be anxious, Joe, you’re doing just fine 😊

    I’ve heard of ‘The Witch’ but that’s it. If you wanna try something gentle and quaint ‘Midsomer Murders’ is just right. It’s the sort of thing you sit and watch on a Sunday afternoon, eating hot, buttery crumpets and a good, strong mug of tea! I’ve been watching it for years. Recently discovered my friend in Aus has been hooked on it for donkeys too! So it can’t be that bad….

  9. I saw “Hacksaw Ridge”. It was one story with its gore, but the end is redeeming. Going to bed at 8pm and sleeping straight for 11 hours sounds like me with my treamatic brain injury. You haven’t had that have you?

  10. Ishida key card..nice! Is it just me or does the black and white symbol on the card look like a man who has fallen on his head and is upside down?

    I agree the missile does look like a sonic screwdriver, wishful thinking, I know. It also reminded me of the assassination dart from Dune.

    I haven’t watched a lot of horror lately. I agree Ash vs Evil Dead is rip roaring fun. The latest season of American Horror Story has me watching the show during the day … freaked me out at night. Might I suggest that you catch up on The Walking Dead or rewatch John Carpenter’s The Thing and Assault on Precinct 13.

  11. Current TV obsession is Taboo, made the mistake of finding all these fan theories that have made me more obsessed with the show.

    And the other is new Endeavour and old Marple, can’t get enough of murder mysteries set in gorgeous English manors.

  12. Cool key card. I was thinking the same thing as @Maggie L80.

    @Dupdiang Hacksaw Ridge was a phenomenal story. We saw it in an IMax theater and had to sit close to the front. I had to close my eyes often with the violence but I understand Mel Gibson was trying to make you feel like what war really is. Very much in your face about it. I loved that Desmond wanted to serve his country but his religious beliefs also compelled him to obey the “Thou shalt not kill” commandment. How many people would go into battle without a gun? I watched an interview with Mel Gibson who told more stories about Desmond that he couldn’t get into the movie. Some day I’d like to read the book about his life. I hope it wins something at the Oscars, but Hollywood isn’t happy with Mel Gibson and he might not win because of it.

    @Gforce I didn’t know you could use clicker training with dogs. I tried very hard to do clicker training but I’m not coordinated enough. We went with “yes” training for Boomer instead.

    As far as Netflix, I HIGHLY recommend Travelers. Next I want to watch OA. I’m still working on Longmire. LDP is great in it (well everyone is, but I have a deep affection for LDP for something that happened in Dallas when he invited people to come see a movie and Jeff and I did). It would be cool to see him pop in to Dark Matter.

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