Fandom has spoken!  Here are the results of our Name Dark Matter Episode 301 poll.

Over 600 votes were cast and the winner is…

January 18, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 34 Of 91!

“Being Better Is So Much Harder”

Now the next thing I’m going to need you to do is identify which character said each of the aforementioned lines.  First one to guess all three correctly gets…something!

So, the Canadian Screen Awards nominees were announced yesterday and, for the second year in a row, Dark Matter failed to receive a nomination in the VFX category.  Here’s why I found this totally baffling (make sure to watch in HD):

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January 18, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 34 Of 91!

She’s dressed as Rerun from What’s Happening!

January 18, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 34 Of 91!

Contemplating life.  And the toy.

January 18, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 34 Of 91!

Playtime is exhausting.

40 thoughts on “January 18, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 34 of 91!

  1. My guesses
    “Welcome Back” – Three maybe? Said extremely sarcastically in my head
    “The Costs Are Always Personal” – Six
    “Being Better is So Much Harder” – Four.

  2. I’m going to say:

    “Welcome Back”: Android
    “Being Better is So Much Harder”: TWO
    “The Costs are Always Personal”: FOUR


  3. Hi Joe
    I would say:
    Welcome Back – Android
    The costs are always personal – Two
    Being better is so much harder – Three

    How’d I do????


  4. “Welcome Back” – gotta be the Android.

    “The Costs are Always Personal” – Two

    “Being Better is So Much Harder” – Three

  5. @Gforce (from yesterday) maybe the rum cakes are the prize for today’s contest. 😀

    My choice didn’t win; I chose “The Costs are Always Personal.” I thought it was fitting, as we are pretty sure we lost a cast member or two at the end of Season 2; so I can see a conversation between…maybe Two and Five, about losing their friends. That line fits in with that conversation.


  6. Hard to believe there were no nominations for my favorite show… Interesting contest…. at least with episode 301, we have a basis…. I’m guessing this will become much more difficult as we go along. Anyhow, my best guess:

    “Being better is SO much harder!” — 3
    “The costs are ALWAYS personal!” — 6
    “Welcome back!” — Android

    …as far as Sujiko Co. awaiting the IPO!

  7. Woohoo! I picked the winner!

    Hmmm… let’s see how I go with picking who says the lines

    Being Better Is So Much Harder – Three
    The Costs Are Always Personal – Truffault
    Welcome Back – Android

    The VFX video was stunning. Well done Lawren & team. I particularly loved seeing the breakdown. Truly stunning how it all comes together and surprising as I didn’t realise Two & Wexler walking to the meeting had a CG background.

    Who chooses the nominees? Sometimes awards are political.

    Cheers, Chev

  8. Awww That’s what I needed today. A healthy dose of Suji adorableness!
    Love the buzz feed vid too. <3

    My random guess as to who says each line:

    Welcome back: I'm gonna say Anders (but it could also be Alicia Reynaud or someone at the prison)

    Being better is so much harder: Three.

    The costs are always personal: Two. ( or possibly Ryo/Four).

  9. I seriously can’t believe Dark Matter was snubbed again. I’ve always marveled at the VFX on the show. Lawren Bancroft-Wilson & his team do some of the best work anywhere. On a weekly basis we get complex shots on a scale rarely seen in television, like the AU Regulus-12. That was just frakking cool. And there’s so much attention to detail, just look at the close shots of the Raza. And my favorite, once I find out it was done, is the building of real world environments, like the bit at 2:02 with Wexler & Two that YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW ARE VFX!

    How does it get better than that? How does this not get a nom, let alone take the prize? Are we in the AU now?

  10. Welcome Back – Android
    The Costs Are Always Personal – Six
    Being Better Is So Much Harder – Three

  11. You should have gotten nomination and gone on to WIN. Blindness prevails. 🙁

    Being better is so much harder: Three
    The costs are always personal: (wow, I can actually hear that in everyone’s voices except the Android) .. I’ll go with Four
    Welcome back: Five

  12. Joe, what did you do?? What did you do to sweet Suji? Shame on you. Someone needs to mess with your picture. Isn’t there someone out there who can teach Joe a lesson? Remember fat Akemi? Come on people! Get him!

    Ut oh. I’m 0/1. I started off bad last year too, but warmed up pretty quick.

    @Tam – I had to put child proof locks on my kitchen cabinets. As a puppy, my beagle would open them and clear everything out. Crazy dog.

  13. Another competition? Yay.This is fun!

    My guesses are:

    Three ‘Being better is so much harder’
    Two ‘The costs are always personal’
    Nieman ‘Welcome back’

    Thank you Joe 😊

  14. My guesses:
    ‘Being better…’ -Three
    ‘Welcome Back’ -Android
    ‘The Costs…’ -Two

  15. My guesses are :-

    Being Better is so much harder – Three
    The costs are always personal – Two
    Welcome Back – The Android


  16. Oops meant that to be Kierken instead of Nieman!
    ie Three ‘Being better….
    . Two. ‘The costs ……
    . Kierken ‘Welcome….
    That’s what happens when you write a comment before your first cuppa!

    I have since thought it could be the following:
    Three ‘Being better ….
    Four. ‘The costs ….
    Android ‘Welcome back’
    . but then again …….

    Have tried to view the sfx submission but my smarty pants phone doesn’t work very well in minus degree C weather! Will try tonight at home … in the warm ….. mmm.
    Please, will someone complain about how hot they are, so I can thaw out a little! Will be gratefully received!! 😁

  17. Who said the lines? I’ll guess 3, 1, and 5.

    All the pups are adorable and so glad Suji loves her new family!

  18. Welcome back-the android
    Being better is so much harder-3
    the cost are always personal-2

  19. I was looking at the nominees & noticed Lynda McCormack was nominated for Best Achievement in Makeup and Ian Brock for Best Production Design or Art Direction for Welcome to Your New Home. In addition Tom Bjelic et al were nominated for Best Sound for We Voted Not To Space You.

    Congratulations to them!

    Cheers, Chev

  20. 😳 I meant 3, 2 and 5. Can I change it? Forgot the character order. I keep thinking Two was the first one awake. I do miss One…..

    Gforce: How’s your hacking case coming along? Since our last hack, I’ve demanded all my cards be chipped and we only use a gift card (Kroger) for gas. They’ve found a lot of credit card skimmers at gas stations in this area. At least, with a gift card, there’s no link to my account and there’s a limit on how much they can get.

  21. Thank you for the visual perspective. Most people would not put much time into that. I like how you broke it down.
    I will spend time with the contest. Imagine not being nominated for an award. After that I can’t see it. Nice pictures with Suji. Boy is she being spoiled.

  22. Welcome Back – Two
    Being better is so much harder – Three
    The costs are always personal – Six

  23. The VFX are always awesome, therefore I find it difficult to understand why there isn’t a nomination – again. It’ll be interesting to see who does win the Award!

    Another contest, woohoo, wicked!
    Whoever guesses correctly, will win …’something’ sounds intriguing! 👍
    My guesses –
    “Welcome Back” – Anders
    “The Costs Are Always Personal” – Six
    “Being Better is So Much Harder” – Android

    Wow – tricky one to guess, there are so many characters that could possibly say these lines!

    Also, I’ve emailed you 😊

  24. After what has felt like forever, they’ve finally given a name to the new Full Metal Panic anime coming out this fall Joe. It’s titled Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory. I was a huge fan of this series, but they kinda just forgot about it for so long.

  25. Okay – so does Suji like dressing up as a Diva? I bet Akemi is having so much fun with these outfits! They are SO adorable!

    Here are my guesses below. I’m going with main cast:
    “Welcome Back”: Five
    “Being Better is So Much Harder”: THREE
    “The Costs are Always Personal”: TWO

    And I DID get the top title choice correct! Or as part of the majority anyway. Woo-hoo!

  26. I think @TheOtherOne might have it right. I do think it has to be someone connected to the prison. Albeit, does anyone recall? Is “The General” dead for sure?? It could be a line that is connected to expansion on that back story.

    @Gforce How’s Zoie settling in?

  27. Okay I’ve given it some more thought:

    Welcome back: The Prison Warden
    Being better is so much harder: Three
    The costs are always personal: Four/Ryo

  28. So WHO was nominated in the VFX category? Several comments come to mind, none nice. Enjoyed the clip tremendously.

    Suji seems so laid back, just goes with the flow…and oranges.

    Without reading through the other comments yet, my picks are:
    Being Better Is So Much Harder – Two
    The Costs Are Always Personal – Commander Traffault
    Welcome Back – Anders to Three when he wakes up after being saved from EOS-7

    Sadly I didn’t get the title: 0/1 and counting

  29. Welcome back-Android
    Being better is so much harder- Three
    The costs are always personal- Four

  30. You guys were robbed on that nomination. I’m loving all of Suji’s outfits. I’m sure Akemi is having a blast doing that. Don’t forget Bubba and Lulu pics though. I signed up for Instagram just to see the feed (of course I’m following others now too).

    “Welcome Back” – I like the Anders guess (is that cheating)? I’m going with that.
    “The Costs are Always Personal” – I’m going to go with Six
    “Being Better is So Much Harder” – Four

  31. Welcome back- Truffault
    The costs are always personal- Six
    Being better is so much harder- Two

  32. Welcome back- Jodelle Ferland
    The costs are always personal- Allex Mallari Jr.
    Being better is so much harder- Anthony Lemke

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