It’s a travel day.  This morning, we embarked on a 5 hour(ish) journey back to 1976 – aka mom’s house in Montreal, one of the last internet-free zones in the civilized world.  Not sure what the deal is.  I offered to pay for a basic service package but she refused, presumably because it’s too expensive.  Not as expensive as hotspotting through my phone and using 3G to update this blog, but whatever.

Anyway, here are a couple of Dark Matter-related tidbits to tide you over…

I sit down and chat season 3 with Geektown’s Michael Simpson:

Joe Mallozzi Hints that Dark Matter’s Third Season Will Take the Show Where it Has Never Gone Before

Jodelle Ferland (Dark Matter’s FIVE) talks season 3 with MYM Buzz…


In preparation for my retirement in a couple of years once Dark Matter wraps its fifth and final season, I just purchased digital copies of Uncanny X-Men #1-544. They’re on sale over at Comixology: Uncanny X-Men Sale!

17 thoughts on “December 20, 2016: Montreal-bound!

  1. Only five seasons 🙁 The great ones are always short. But thank you!!! Thus far Stargate and Dark Matter are my favorite of all time. And I doubt that will change, I’m rewatching Stargate now season one episode 4 Thor’s Hammer at this moment. ….

  2. Looking forward to meeting your family again. Say Hi from England! Hope all the pups get on really well too.

    Thank you for your teasy, teasy tidbits. Always gratefully and greedily devoured!

  3. Retirement after Dark Matter!?!!

    Don’t say that dirty word Joe!

    Great Jodelle interview there!
    Let us know how it went traveling with all 3 pups, oh, and how they all get along once together at Mama M’s house.

  4. Safe travels! In Canada, do you say Merry Christmas like in the US, or Happy Christmas like in Europe?

    Thanks for sharing that interview, Jodelle is so cute!!

  5. It would be great if Killjoys made it to five seasons too. It is part of the Friday night renewal club. Both shows will almost certainly be renewed and concluded together when the time comes.

  6. What…retirement? Safe travels to Mama Mallozzi’s house. Don’t forget pics of animals and people. 🙂

  7. How is mama? Tell her that all her fans say “hi” and “what’s for dinner?” 🙂

    I’m retiring early, not you. Get back to work!

  8. Joe
    Have a Merry Christmas! A something for the Whiskey drinkers, here is a Podcast to entertain and educated with every sip of that Christmas cheer.

    So here is a entertaining discussion about how they take Water, Grain, and Yeast. to create that amber liquid ambrosia.

    This is a interview with a pair of people who created their own brand of the amber elixir and have written a book about it.

    The book “Shots of Knowledge”. By: Firestone and Robertson Distilling Company head distiller Rob Arnold and TCU chemistry professor Eric Simanek .

    Happy New Year

  9. Retirement? *scoffs aloud* They will be prying a writing stylus from your cold, dead hand before you retire!

    Thanks for the interview link, the teasers and Jodelle exclusive. From all the talk about Ep 4 being a crazy, off the hook episode….I’m betting it’s all a tease and that the Raza crew, after a tedious day of thieving, sit in the dining area and watch the wall background for 60 minutes. Bring back the fish.

    Hoping you have arrived safe and sound! Stay warm! Wishing to you and yours, and our blog family: “A time of peace, a season of wonder, a moment of joy we quietly hope will last forever…”

    Happy Holidays🎄

  10. OK, I’ve got to assume the “retirement” bit is a joke. Seriously, you’re not that old (only 51 if Wikipedia has your birthday right). 😛

    I seem to remember you saying something about a new show you came up with being in the works (something involving “military sci-fi”). Can you confirm if that’s still in the cards, or did that fall through? Really looking forward to a new show to carry on the torch after Dark Matter reaches its planned conclusion.

  11. Merry Christmas and safe travels, hope to see some video of your family! So, if you’re filming multiple eps at the same time, how do you keep continuity????

  12. Nice interview!

    I know you got there to your mom’s because no further blog posts would exist, so I’m looking forward to continuing on to see what has happened.

    So here is a theory. Maybe your mom doesn’t want internet in the house so that she can spend all that old-fashioned quality time when her wonderful family does come to visit? Using up minutes and creating hotspots does create an extra level of “do I really need to do this.” A vacation isn’t a vacation without some time out from all that (well, of course, this blog excluded because we would be so sad).

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