December 18, 2016: Suji And Secrets!

In a matter of days, we’ll be in Montreal and my mother’s house will come alive with the pitter patter of little paws – roughly thirty-two in all not counting the feline variety.  In preparation, we’re shopping, gift-wrapping, packing, and bathing…

December 18, 2016: Suji And Secrets!

Suji deserved the spa treatment after a thoroughly exhausting afternoon at Trinity Bellwoods Park for the monthly pug grumble.  Last month, the turnout was good with approximately thirty pugs showing.  Today’s turnout was…er…significantly less so.  The bone chilling weather may have had something to do with it.

December 18, 2016: Suji And Secrets!

Despite being bundled up, Suji has some second thoughts about this Canadian winter.  Pictured above, this is her “Get me back to that warm barn in Portland!” face.

December 18, 2016: Suji And Secrets!

Double-bundled for her enjoyment – and yours!

So, tomorrow, we’ll load up the car with gifts, windshield washer fluid, and that outline for my next script.  The plan is to celebrate Christmas with the family AND get two acts into my new script.  Secrets will be revealed.  And some characters are going to wish they hadn’t been.

December 18, 2016: Suji And Secrets!

The man with all the secrets.

12 thoughts on “December 18, 2016: Suji and Secrets!

  1. Aww look who cute everyone is all bundled up! Hope all goes well with Suji meeting all her new family members, and she doesn’t get overwhelmed.

    How often does she go to therapy?

  2. Oh! I forgot! @Drea (from yesterday) job is going fine. It’s pretty quiet right now, but will be nuts once mid-January hits. I work for a CPA. Supposedly it’s going to be crazy. So ask me again on April 16th. Ha!

    Oh a side note…I pick up my baby to come home after his first semester of college tomorrow!!

  3. Can’t believe how expressive Suji is!
    Love the trio pic. The pups look as if they’ve always lived together, so sweet.

    The man with all the secrets, aye? … ol’ Ryo? … He looks so innocent too … NOT!

  4. I’m wrapped up like Suji…INSIDE MY HOUSE! It’s just above freezing in San Antonio, TX, USA, and I’m suffering my worst respiratory sickness in 1.5 years.

  5. @gildermcc: Hope you feel better soon!

    @Drea: Whew, thankfully those storms went around us. How are you and your mom? The new anti nausea meds are helping Dr Jo. She seemed stronger Saturday.

    @KathyC: Our son is home too. Safe travels!

    @Mr. M.: That’s a lot to pack into Christmas! Thanks for the doggie pics. You spoil us rotten! Do you think you could snap some photos of your mom’s wonderful food? If you’re looking for another project, you could team up for a cookbook.😉
    If you stop by @Narelle, I hope Jack is improving! 🍀❤️🙏🏻

  6. Have a wonderful visit with family! Safe travels!

    @Tam: glad the storms passed you by and prayers up for Dr. Jo.

    Hoping everyone is soon reunited safely with family this holiday season.

    A Shoppers Warning: if you’re tempted to buy a tv stand and put it together yourself…don’t! I bought a new stand at Wal-mart – went for a sturdy but cheaper version compared to my other two finalists which were several hundred dollars more with an attached delivery fee but set up was included. Let’s start by saying they lied when the box stated it was “easy to assemble”. With parts from A-Q and the screws all bubbled wrapped, it took two nights, two people and a total of 4.5 hours to assemble. It was heavier than snot to carry into the house but surprisingly light once put together though my knees are shot from all the crawling around on the ground. If there is ever a next time, I will pay more and have it delivered and assembled. On a brighter note: my new TV fits perfectly on the stand and it hasn’t collapsed yet.

  7. Yeah, Four innocent? I think NOT too!

    I’m wrapped up like Suji too. Minus the antlers. It’s 24 degrees here in Dallas/Fort Worth. Feel better @gilder! Stay in.

    Joe, I bet Robert Cooper is loving his Cowboys this year!

  8. She really seems to have settled in (just not for the cold part!). Travel safely. It does not seem possible that it next week is Christmas and Chanukah.

  9. We spent the weekend in Vegas, and came back to too freaking cold to breathe cold. Gah.

    I don’t know if I’m sore from the long ride, or from dancing on the dang bar.

  10. “The man with all the secrets” I am intrigued. I look forward to season3. I’m almost done watching ss 2. It is TOO short, and I’m not binge watching.
    But then again I am not keeping your schedule. I am only charged with recovery. I’m only held with anticipation. Sufi is looking cumfy. Have great fun with her and the others. Enjoy Christmas with the family and sending you some warmer weather.

  11. Look at Alex looking so adorably “who, me?” polite, but we know he’ll bring chaos and mayhem in season 3.

    C’mon, it’s time to admit Suji was handcrafted by the creature effects team at Pinewood studios. No little pug could be that expressive. A face that cute should be speaking yub nub. I swear she’s going to break into an aria from Le Miz about dreamin’ a dream.

  12. Alex as that “I could tell you but I’d have to kill you” look about him. That sly little smile.

    The pups are adorable. Suji is ready to meet grandma and auntie.

    I have exactly 1 hour to catch up on your blog before I have to go back out pet sitting. I should be doing my leg exercises, but I’d rather be reading your blog. LOL. Patrick and I have been sick since Tuesday. This is no fun but I’m trying to make the best of it. So blessed Jeff is here to help me.

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