Early in November, I held a little contest on this blog, asking fans to directly identify two props featured in Dark Matter’s second season.  Then, we rolled into production and I forgot to announce the winner.  And so, better late than never, the winner of the cast-signed script who correctly identified the props – and the episodes in which they appeared is…


December 10, 2016: Contest Winner!

Prop 1 – An emergency beacon that Chief Inspector Kierkan shows Four when he’s talking to him, when trapped under the rubble in Ep 205 We Voted Not To Space You.

December 10, 2016: Contest Winner!

Prop 2 – one of Truffault’s soldiers uses it to open the door when they board the Raza in Ep208 Stuff To Steal, People To Kill.

Congrats to ceresis64!  Drop me an email at moorsyum@yahoo.com with your mailing address, and I’ll send the script your way.

December 10, 2016: Contest Winner!

Director Ron Murphy is armed and ready for you questions.  You have until Monday night to post them in this blog’s comments section!

December 10, 2016: Contest Winner!

Hey, check out this concept vehicle, just in time for my Christmas road trip to Montreal!  Just got to fuel up, get the snow tires, and arm the mounted laser gun and I’m road ready!


Suji has to work on that bark.

I leave you with…dog pictures…

December 10, 2016: Contest Winner! December 10, 2016: Contest Winner! December 10, 2016: Contest Winner! December 10, 2016: Contest Winner! December 10, 2016: Contest Winner! December 10, 2016: Contest Winner! December 10, 2016: Contest Winner! December 10, 2016: Contest Winner! December 10, 2016: Contest Winner! December 10, 2016: Contest Winner! December 10, 2016: Contest Winner!

P.S. Suji now has her own instagram account here: NewOldPugSujiko

30 thoughts on “December 10, 2016: Contest winner!

  1. Congrats ceresis64!
    I can’t play the movie file on Android, moving to my laptop…

    How did it go at the vet for Suji and her bed wetting problem?

  2. Congrats, Ceresis!!

    I’ve driven in Montreal. That vehicle may be insufficiently armed.

    That is a cute bark and is just fine. The octopus toy is still around! I would figure Lulu would have had it ripped apart by now!

  3. Congrats to Jan @ceresis 🙂

    Yo Joey!! You still didn’t tell us what the vet said, eh!.??? Also if you know if she had a recent lab work up to rule out diabetes?

    Sorry I haven’t been around as much these past few weeks.

    It has been beyond exhausting here trying to save my job and that of numerous ed partners and America as a whole from a tyrannical dictator taking over our nation with an authoritarian administration + congressional + judicial government.

    Some days it feels pretty surreal that this is even happening. And I keep thinking I will wake up from this nightmare and find all is still well & right with the world.

    Seems so many in U.S. are now involved in trying to stop Trump from completing the last piece of the evil circuit including President Obama and members of the house and senate, but Trump is proving to be a large tough beast to slay.

    He’s even got insiders as members of the electoral college in Florida to ensure he is voted for next week. We are even dealing with Russia possibly being involved in hacking the election in his favor.

    I would say its funny how life is imitating art in this case … but its just not so funny or glamorous when its real life and it will have a such huge direct impact on your life and that of so many others you are closest to.

    Anywho -hope you’ll keep those adorable Suji & Lulu pics coming eh! They definitely lend a smile in the middle of all this horribleness 🙂 xo

  4. Here are my questions to Mr Ron Murphy (apologies if they’ve been asked already!)

    How did you become a director – was it via film/tv school or as a trainee/runner?

    As a director of tv series, would you ever consider directing a film?

    Is it that different, directing tv to film? (obviously film/movies are longer projects but anything else?)

    Would you ever write a script? Sorry, Joe!

    If you could choose a film from the past that you would have liked to direct (not because you could direct it better, but because it appears to be a great production to tackle) which would it be? Could be recent or from distant past.

    Which actor (male/female) would you really love to direct – one you haven’t worked with yet? Why?

    What’s your favourite anecdote?

    Joe and Akemi have their family of pups. Do you have any pets?

    There, that’s it! Hope they make sense…
    Thanks Ron, for taking time to answer our questions 😊

  5. Congrats ceresis64.

    Some questions for the Ron Q&A.

    1) How would you describe your experience working on Dark Matter to date?

    2) How did you feel when you first learned that you would be working on the show?

    3) Without spoiling, in one word, how would you describe Dark Matter Season 3?

    4) Who is your fav Raza crew member and why?

    5) If you could pick one episode from Dark Matter Seasons 1 & 2 that you most enjoyed, which would they be?

    6) What inspired you to become a director?

    7) Are you a foodie?

    8) What would be your dream Dark Matter episode to direct? And thanks for answering the questions, keep up the good work, and I hope you’ll be with the show for many more years to come.

  6. Congrats @ceresis64!!

    I thought pink was a good color on Suji but I think purple is better. Suji’s bark is adorable. Seriously, I guess I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get an Instagram account. Love the octopus “hat.” What did the vet say about her urine. Infection? Everything okay?

    Love the concept art vehicle. I’d like one to plow through Houston traffic during rush hour.

    I’ve had a crappy week and sorry I’m just catching up on everything. I talked to my sister in NJ at the beginning of the week and I’m really, really worried about her. She is really in a dark place.

    Then Patrick had a very, very bad seizure on Wednesday late afternoon.

    On Thursday I got sort of good news, sort of bad news. Good news was my left knee problem (the one I hurt on Thanksgiving) was not anything that required surgical repair. Bad news is it is iliotibial band syndrome, bursitis, synovitis, chondromalacia, and a large amount of dead bone. My rheumatologist was worried about dead bone that showed up on my right knee two years back. This was larger. I ask “Why do I have areas of dead bone?” The doctors just shrug their shoulders and say they have no idea. I looked it up. Also not answered was why this was a “sudden” event on Thanksgiving and why I heard a distinctive popping/snapping noise. What sucks is I can’t take any anti-inflammatories or steroids to help get the inflammation down. What helps is staying off of it. What makes its worse is using it. Hello? Christmas is coming? I have 1000 things I have to do. And Patrick’s mega 21st birthday school party bash happening down at the museum in Houston on Monday which is going to require a lot of walking. And Christmas clients? I have to get in to PT (which may or may not help). What would help is PRP injections like what they put into my right knee last year. Problem? It’s not covered by insurance and is like $800-1000 for the injection in the office. And I will need two now because my right knee is hurting again since it’s trying to take weight off the left knee. The insurance company said it is considered experimental and the doctor is welcome to write a note to try to get them to pay for it. Sounds like I might have a good case for it and that it would be cheaper for the insurance company in the long run as well.

    Add to this I got my MRI results of my feet and I have Achilles tendinitis with a possible substance tear in my left foot and I don’t have full healing in my right foot from my large tear in my plantar fascia. It was supposed to take 4-6 weeks for healing in a normal person and my doctor estimated for me probably 6-8 weeks, but they discovered it in June and it’s not healed in December yet and I can’t use my knee scooter to be nonweight-bearing. I have to call him on Monday with my knee MRI results. So I’m feeling like just shoot me at this point. I have to be nonweightbearing on both feet it seems.

    Then a woman who was like a mother to me died (and thank you for those who sent condolences on my FB page. It breaks my heart that I can’t fly up to Kansas City to be at her service and party afterwards. They were my refuge to the crap going on my house growing up. I ultimately stayed with them for a few months while my sister was filing child abandonment charges against my mother so I could get into a foster home near where she was going to college back in NY. She had Alzheimer’s. She was young. She always introduced me to people as “this is our other daughter.” She was a wonderful woman.

    So it has been a crappy week. Today I made goodie bags for all the people coming to the party — well the students at least. They will have a sand-art craft and cake for 45 minutes, then a live animal demonstration for 30 minutes and then 30 minutes for Patrick’s most favorite — the planetarium presentation of Dark Universe. It’s a 2-hour party and any time not accounted for would be for transitions. At least Patrick got his seizure out of the way. He should be good for 2-3 weeks before he has another. I can’t take pictures of anyone else attending because the other kids (except one who is no longer a student) are covered by HIPAA protections). I can take video of people singing happy birthday to him, but I can’t take any pictures of anyone which sucks. I’ll have to be careful of the ones I take and the school personnel will have to look at the picture and video I’ve taken before we leave the museum to tell me which ones I can keep and which ones I have to delete.

    Then I have a ton of Christmas presents to get wrapped and delivered to my clients. We have presents to mail off too and presents Patrick helped to make for people, too. Some to mail; some to deliver. And I still haven’t gotten my Christmas cards out. The way its going I may need to mail out New Year’s cards instead. I love doing the Christmas stuff — its just the unexpected sadness stuff that sucks.

  7. Congratulations ceresis64, who is blessed with keen eyesight and a fantastic memory! Either that or possesses the DVD sets. 😆

    Little Suji is THE CUTEST!

  8. How sure are you that Suji is 11? Maybe it’s her coloring and the looser, pug skin, but she has a look I’ve associated with a very, very old dog. And also something in her stare.

  9. Darn, I could not play the bark. 🙁 I have been wondering if she is very vocal. Maybe you could do a video of her barking. ….and running around with her little back wheels on too. Please.

    (I can play your videos.)

  10. Ah, Joe! Loving the dog pics! Lulu looks like she’s doing better! Still fangirling from afar! 😉

  11. @pbmom O My!! That exhaled rant was almost as detail heavy as my finale gift reveal!! 😀

    Hang in there Beautiful! Just take it one thing at a time. Do what you can and please try not to worry so much about what you cannot handle right now. Sending warmest holiday hugs your way. Hope you are able to get some relief for your knee soon. xo

    @PonyTail Hope you get to see and hear the clip Joe posted soon.

    Suji has the cutest little happy bark! <3

    By the way y'all. Meeee-a-culpa in the previous post. Once again forgot to post a couple crucial commas. :-O

    Rest assured, I wasn't implying Pres. Obama is included in the evil circuit.
    LOL! 😀 😀 😀

    Although, the GOP controlled congress does have his hands tied pretty tightly for the remainder of his term, He is, ever just the same, doing everything he can to try and help us defeat Trump. As are numerous Senators and Reps in the House.

    1. @Drea Very true! I basically write it to get it out my system so I can move on to happier thoughts. Honestly, I don’t expect people to read it. I’m surprised a few do. LOL

  12. @ceresis64

    @PBMom Sorry to hear about your knee. This may sound a little off beat but my mom has rheumatoid arthritis and uses Vix vapor rub since she has to be careful what meds she takes for inflammation. Her doctor even told her there was something in it for inflammation and the folks in my migraine support group say the same thing. It works on most of my migraines.

    @Joe those pugs!!! Too cute!!! I’ll hafta find Suji on Instagram, I really gotta get back on there.

    1. @Kabra I’m allergic to methol. The doctor called me in some lidocaine ointment to help with the pain perception, but guess what it has in it? Spearmint which is the same thing for me. No wintergreen or anything like that either. So I’ll have to call his office tomorrow. I am on Plaquenil for undifferentiated connective tissue disease and inflammatory arthritis.

  13. Awesome, Joe – this is so, so cool!
    Many thanks everyone for the congrats – it’s made my day 😊
    It’s a definite squeeee moment and even more so because it’s my birthday on Saturday!

  14. Love the wicked-looking concept vehicle.

    More fab photos of the pups 👍

    @PBMom Sending you extra special hugs

    @TheOtherOne Yep, two scripts 😊

    @Ponytail Keen eyesight and a good memory – I like the sound of that lol

    1. @cveresis64 Thank you for your thoughts. It is feeling better today. I bought a Thermacare for the knee and put a knee support on it and it helped me get through the day much better. I had SO much to get done with Patrick’s party tomorrow (an early 21st BD celebration).

  15. Sending {{{Hugs}}} to you PBmom! Have you thought about filing for disability?

    Thanks Drea for the other day. I’m going to see Dr Jo today (if she feels up to it). She’s not been feeling well for a week or so.
    Haven’t heard any updates from Narelle about the boys. I’m hoping that no news is good news.

    Congrats ceresis64!

    I have to get an Instagram account now… 🙁 Also, what did the vet find in Suji? You know we’ll all be in suspense until we know she’s ok. 😉

    1. @TamDixon Nearly impossible to get disability here in the state of Texas. This, too, shall pass. I saw your note to @Drea here about Dr. Jo. I will send prayers to all.

  16. I finally viewed Suji’s movie and barking. What’s wrong with her bark? It sounds perfectly dog-like and petite, just like she actually is. She does seem to have an odd way of sitting, like at the top of a slide as previously noted, but call it personality!

    And all the other pup pics are so adorable, full of personality and sweetness. It’s like Bubba holds his pose for your camera and Lulu is just a love-bunny with the lens. Viewing your gang is a very welcome respite to a tough work week. Why do ALL projects have to complete before Christmas break?

    @Drea – can we keep US politics clear of here please? I’m sure not all agree with your viewpoint and we needn’t interject that reality among all this wonderful Dark Matter news.

    Wishing all peace and good cheer!

  17. Agree with 2cats – and I do apologize for a couple of rants I shared on Joe’s blog.
    And we continue the OCD countdown toward the airing of season 3.
    26 weeks or so.

  18. A big congrats to ceresis64! Well done and extremely jealous! The devil is in the detail….indeed!

    Suji’s bark is the softest, quietest bark I’ve ever heard. Still cute! Enjoyed all the pics!

    Hope the upcoming week goes better for everyone.

  19. What, I missed a day of puppy pictures?! Gah. This is what happens when my husband is home. Actually, I was having a Bad Day. Suji would have cheered me up immensely.

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