It’s all over but the crying (as my dad used to say).  Despite a valiant effort, and an impressive win in their last week of regular season play, it looks like my Snow Monkeys will come up one game short in their bid to grab that last playoff spot. There were a lot of missed opportunities this year, one of the biggest being our 1 point loss (a single point!) early in the season.  Ah well.


Suji, meanwhile, has settled in and was showing off some surprising team colors early this morning.  Apparently, she’s a HUGE Drew Brees fan.


Because she’s a little unsteady on her hind quarters, slippy-sliding across the hardwood floor, we’ve outfitted her with grippy doggy boots to help her negotiate her new surroundings.


Lulu has taken a particular interest in her, intrigued by the interesting-smelling newcomer.


They’ve even been hanging around together.


But Suji seems to prefer human company.  She’s a lap dog in the truest sense of the term.


Today, we hit the park.  Here’s Suji, ready to take flight.

And she’s off!


A quick trip to Homesense snagged us three new doggy beds and this stylish festive hat.


Ah, that sense of wonder…


She’s growing more comfortable in her new home.  This afternoon, she even padded up to the patio door and asked to go out to pee.  At least I think that’s what she was doing.


Enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Like most pugs, she enjoys lazing about.  But she’s also pretty spunky, jumping out of bed to greet us when we come home, and running the carpet from our apartment to the elevator like a dog half her age.  She also LOVES to sleep in, which is something we have in common.


Lulu breaks in the new dog bed.




Suji took a trip to Homesense, Lulu got to go to the dog park, and Bubba joined us for a visit to the pet shop.  After every light he crosses, he’ll sit down on the sidewalk and patiently await his “good walking” reward.


14 and still going strong!

Well, back at it tomorrow for me.  Main unit is at “the warehouse” while 2nd unit shoots (and I do mean that literally) in The Raza underbelly.

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Awwww! Thank you so much for sharing the video. She is such a cutie!

I’m off to start a new job tomorrow. Not looking forward to getting back into a routine, sigh. I’ve become lazy.

Tam Dixon
Tam Dixon

That’s a sweet contraption helping Suji walk! I used to use a towel. Love, love, love those pup pictures. Thank you big time for being the bright spot on social media!


The Suji saga is truely wonderful. Suji is home!
And, to correct my mistaken Akemism…
the sleepy melty not super melty.


Still cant get over how small and absolutely adorable Suji is.

Fun day here wrapping presents with our secret Santa group today and coordinating the schedule for deliveries.

@KathyC Congrats on the new job! Where did you finally end up accepting for work?

@pbmom Hope Patrick is feeling better today. smile


Such a sweet little girl. She is so fortunate to have found you two where she will get all the attention she deserves. Like Tam said, thank you for sharing all the pictures of little Suji these last two days. It is very heartwarming to hear her story. (And half of America needs some heartwarming right now.) wink

@KathyC – Good luck on your first day on the new job. Don’t envy you. I’d rather be lazy. Or retired. Soon. Very soon…


Suji is just adorable and seems so tiny. It’s good to know she’s a feisty little one. And your earlier family photo with all the pups was priceless! I don’t understand how someone as compassionate as you are can come up with such evil ideas and characters for your stories.

It’ll be fun to see how Suji’s personality comes out over the next few months, and how the other pups are with her. I love that she’s a “burrower”. And Bubba and Lulu are equally adorable. Lulu has such a sweet face, and Bubba is irresistible in his Christmas outfit!

I’ve been trying to find Dark Matter Season 2 DVD to buy, but I’ve only been able to find it in the UK. I’m hoping it will become available the US and Canada soon. It’s so frustrating that people who want DVD’s can’t even buy it for Christmas gifts, let alone for themselves.

My beloved Rams are, well..are, ah – have actually won some games. Not many, but hey, they’re trying, right?


I thought from earlier photos that Suji had a “wheelchair” to help her hind legs. No longer needed?

The news from San Antonio is that our “winter” has started a tad early. We’re running about 10°F lower than the mid-60s daytime average. You can compare climate averages with current conditions here.


PS–Oh, I see the adaptive harness now.

Maggie L80
Maggie L80

Hmmm, 3 new dog beds? Didn’t Akemi say in her video that you already had 5 and weren’t getting any new ones. Guess who already has you wrapped around her little paw? Suji is so adorable, not that Bubba & Lulu aren’t. It’s just so sweet that she’s a cuddler and looks so at peace and happy in your arms. Looks like she’s settling in nicely. Have a marvelous Monday!

@PBmom: How is Patrick? No dry sockets I hope.
@KathyC: Good luck on your first day on a new job!


Welcome home, Suji!

Akemi’s video was too cute. Good luck with her, guys. I wish Suji long and happy golden years.


Happy Monday!
I meant to mention on a previous post and vid that Lulu looks like she is handling the hard wood floors wonderfully well. Scooting right along with no slips. Hopefully she continues to improve and has less and less and discomfort. Such a brave girl!

Methinks Suji is realizing she hit the jackpot with you and Akemi. She feels your love and is, I’m sure, so grateful. She is very photogenic, as are all your pups. The little outfits are adorable. My cats won’t allow me to put anything on them (I’ve tried antlers, bell collars, sweaters), they won’t have it.

However, both my cats are lap cuddlers. As soon as I sit down, zoom! Two cats on my lap, purring away. They come from out of nowhere. But it’s nice to share the warmth and comfort, you know?

Everyone have a great day!


Love the leash that works on the back-end area. Looks so much easier than using a towel. And it would likely save my back. A good business investment for me.

@KathyC Good luck on your new job and hope you have a wonderful first day.

@Drea @Maggie L80 It’s Monday when I’m replying and I sent him back to school today. He improves every day. His pillow still had a lot of bloody-saliva discharge so I took a picture and emailed it to the dentist. He told me it should get better by the end of the week. He also said we can advance his soft diet to whatever he wants to eat (and whatever temperature he wants it). We are going to start weaning down his hydrocodone (only give him 1 today), and then once off that, we will take 1 tablet of ibuprofen away on each dose until he is weaned off that. He didn’t do well yesterday though with that. He had gotten his hydrocodone & ibuprofen at 9 a.m. but then needed his ibuprofen-only dose at 2:30 versus 3:00. He was smacking his face and was very hyperkinetic and irritable but that went away once he got the ibuprofen. I would say the risk for dry socket is over and that is a relief. I’ve been feeling so bad that he had been in so much pain for so long and I didn’t figure it out until much later than I should have so I was compensating with some intense anxiety about his recovery and if I was not missing signs something could be wrong. In short, things are improving. smile Thank you for asking.


Another happy, heartwarming, wonderful post, Joe 😊
Suji looks so relaxed in every picture! It’s amazing how quickly she’s settled in and it’s great how Lulu and Bubba have accepted her too.
An early happy Christmas tail* to be sure! Thank you


Please give all of your fur babies a kiss on top of their soft heads, and tell them it’s from me. <3 BTW, how is LuLu's walking since her surgery? Is she regaining better control of her back legs? And speaking of walking, I know with 30 kinds of doggy treats in the pantry, the temptation is strong to put weight on Suji. smile Please know that extra weight makes walking difficulties worse. Voice of experience. She's a smaller dog. She doesn't need to be equal to Bubba who is healthy and can run.


Suji’s aviatrix outfit totally suits her. Bubba’s got the right idea, I’m gonna start rewarding myself for all that walking city living requires. I’m thinking spice gum drops and dark chocolate raisins.