Last night was the Dark Matter season 3 cast dinner and, as I predicted, we didn’t eat until after 9:00 pm.  And, yes, I did eat.  Again.  But only to be polite.  Since I’d already had supper, I limited myself to the corn soup appetizer, the lamb ribs, and a spoonful of Zoie Palmer’s chocolate-orange pudding dessert.

A great time was had by all – except our affable host, Prodigy Pictures President and Dark Matter Executive Producer Jay Firestone, who was home sick but still treated us to an excellent meal, a couple of bottles of red wine, and champagne.


This morning, we gathered in the Raza mess for the very first production meeting of the young season.  We blazed through both episodes in under two hours, well before our taco lunch.


Whelp, wildly successful production meeting aside, today was one of those wearisome days that makes you regret not having sold your house at the height of the market, cashed out, and retired to Yokohama.  Seemingly endless notes to be given, holes to be plugged, an unfathomable discourse on tax credits, another major rewrite looms and – AND I chipped my brand new pair of purple kicks…


img_2580 img_2583

Tomorrow: The cast read-thru!

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The Raza mess looks smaller with that big table in it.

That sounds like a good dinner in its own right anyway. Any more at that hour would keep one up all night.

Those are some stylish socks and shoes!!


Love the socks.


Can’t wait for the new season to start.
That restaurant looks familiar. Enoteca Sociale?


So glad to see everyone in the Cast Dinner photo. Still miss One, though.


Yay! Hello everyone! Thanks for the dinner photo, Joe 😊 Everyone looks really happy (Oow, I’m sorry, but I’m with @KathyC. Was kinda hoping we’d see Marc Bendavid sitting in there too. I know, I know, but you can but dream…..)

Great to see a busy production meeting. I wonder what goodies you have lined up for us?!!! Can’t wait … No, REALLY. I cannot wait!

And so sorry to hear about the damage to your shoes. Can’t you get the guys in construction to fill it in with something, then get makeup to colour match it? Simple 😁

Star_Climber (@Star_Climber)

And the team is back! Yay! smile
Those kicks are nice, even though they are chipped.


“”AND I chipped my brand new pair of purple kicks…”” OH no!!, are they insured, dang, can you fix them, (purple sharpie?) who did it?!? Heads will roll!!

Nice to see everyone together, and food was involved, so another good…


Joe said “… Seemingly endless notes to be given, holes to be plugged, an unfathomable discourse on tax credits, another major rewrite looms and…”

Can you tell us why “another major rewrite looms” at this stage? Is it because original plans were out of budget, someone’s availability got in the way, or someone on high (SyFy execs) decided to be difficult?

I’m just wondering since you have the entire season already planned and the full 5 years planned, why?

Hello Raza crew! So glad to see everyone back in the band!


Interesting meeting pic, I see tissues on the table (to collect precious writer’s tears), pink scripts (which draft of the script is pink?) and someone grabbing a pastry in the back; it that a bear claw or a calzone?

Aw, that cast dinner pic makes season 3 seem that much closer, lots of smiling faces! Welcome back to the cast and saludos to the crew, don’t run away to Yokohama just yet, at least not until after season 6 and the DM movie.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Another voice that misses One….

I’d be starving at 9 p.m. Good thing you had first dinner.

How many calories do you burn that you can have second dinner? You’re looking very fit and trim.

Cool socks but my favorite is the shark. Reminds me of Jaws.


First production meeting – 2 episodes – less than 2 hours = cool 👍

Cast read-through today…..principal shooting tomorrow…..bring it on!

Chocolate-orange pudding dessert #nomnom

Margaret Clayton

The purple shoes are magnificent! Alas about the chip, can it be hidden?

9 PM … I’m asleep by then most nights.


Where’s One?


<> No One. <> No Nyx! Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrr………….. Argh!!!!!

Sounds like a lot of stress you are having to deal with, which leads me to say thank you for always committing to letting us know about your day.

Chocolate-orange pudding sounds delicious. Corn soup sometimes can be good, too.

Maggie L80
Maggie L80

And so it begins! Cast read through!! Thanks for the pics.

Harley Powers Parks

What a joy!!! It is so cool to see my fav show come together. I would have loved to see blogs on SGU and SGA an Farscape and my fav FireFly.
I need to read your entire blog. Thank you!