In season 1, our big builds were The Raza (bridge, infirmary, mess/training room, quarters, corridors) and The Marauder.  In season 2, it was the Hyperion-8 Galactic Prison (gen pop, warden’s office, tech room, interrogation room, laundry room, recycling room and incinerator, corridors).  In season 3 – well, here’s a peek at some of the concept work underway for Dark Matter’s third season…


Structural reconfiguration of the former Hyperion-8 cells into facility corridor, Episode 302.


Facility door – Episode 302.


Facility corridor details – Episode 302.


Facility door control panel – Episode 302.


T Junction, Facility – Episode 302.

Oh, yeah.  Forgot today’s ensemble.  Note the toucan socks.




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Love that you can re-purpose old sets into new ones; guess this means we won’t be heading back to prison!


@ceresis64; you’re welcome! You did a great job!

@drea I declined the position. It was a bit too…holistic medicine for me. If that’s the right word. The chiropractor is all about healing the body through chiropractic medicine. He was telling me about a three week old with colic whom he treated the week before, how now the baby is sleeping four hours at a stretch. I’m all about healthy eating, no GMOs, nothing artificial, even go really light on prescription drugs…but that was a bit too much for me.

Lewis Holt
Lewis Holt

Oh cool, you’re using a Galaxy Tablet 8 for the computer touchscreen terminals. That’s so cool! I’d love to know more about the displays/tech you guys use for props grin


“Structural reconfiguration …” Isn’t that what the Transformers do? Optimus Prime is on the payroll I suppose.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Very cool!


Love the green suit. You have the most gorgeous shoes.

Maggie L80
Maggie L80

The first pic with Ryo standing at the end reminds me of an episode of The Time Tunnel. Cool redesign. Facility corridors, facility doors, facility panels & facility junctions….but which facility??? Nice all around! Love the socks and the shoes! You can’t go wrong with green.


The sets have evolved, much more intricate, and way cool, you have such talented people working with you for sure. Nice outfit for the day!


@theotherone good for you. Zoe! That makes you and @2cats the first two to be on the right track for grandfinaleville station. Now lets see who among you will be the 1st to board the correct train and ride it all the way to its destination. Next clue coming up Thursday!!


The concept work is fab, looking forward to seeing It when it’s built 👍

Intriguing/interesting silhouette in picture 2….

Margaret Clayton

Wonderful repurposing of the sets! Such talent!

Cool socks.


@ceresis64 – nice catch, I thought I recognized that messy hair. A lot of padded sections and fabric in those concept drawings; does the padded cell vibe mean it will hold someone who is a little off kilter?

Where does all this suit shopping happen, do you have a Q that procures bespoke suits and spy gadgets?

My brain is still jelly from Arrival, at one point I realized I was crying and had to suck it up big time. Totally worth the heartache tho, very cool movie.


@Kathy C Cant say I blame ya. Some of these chiro centers go too far with the whole holistic health (your spine affects everything in your body and fixing it can cure diabetes) nonsense.

When I was in my late teens and still ice dancing 4 hrs per day,
I used to go to this chiropractor once per month for a spinal adjustment to stay aligned. I used the same lady for 3 years. and always felt great after a visit to her office. 10 years later I went back to her office just to pop in, say hi and visit a while and saw she had all these posters and pamphlets all around about the holistic benefits of chiropractic and she started spouting on and on to me about how keeping the spine aligned can cure all sorts of diseases. It really turned me off to chiropractic care once and for all.

Hang in there & no worries. Sometimes it takes a while – but am sure you’ll find the right job fit before too long. XO -Sending more hugggers n kisseees yur way! XO.


Man, if you actually hired the silhouette from that second photo I’d be over the moon…..


Gorgeous concept work … yet again! Love the clean style. Very exciting!

Now Joe, I must confess your suit is rather stunning. Love the colour and the texture/material looks really stylish.
And those shoes are … a great colour too!

PS. Is your pocket hanky a William Morris design by any chance?


@ceresis Wow! That was a fantastic catch.

I love the sets. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that color green for your suit. I love it.

@Drea When I have more time I’ll look at the clues better. Maybe I can hop on the train again.