November 2, 2016: Nails It!

Well, look who it is!  Dark Matter Director of Photography Craig Wright was in the office today, fresh off his whirlwind working tour of Vancouver.  Now, back in the familiar environs of The Raza, he’s ready to LIGHT IT UP!

November 2, 2016: Nails It!

The base model for “the clock” that isn’t REALLY a clock, certainly not after Production Designer Ian Brock and Prop Master Victoria Klein get through with it. File this one away in your memory banks and compare to the finished product coming your way…soon!

November 2, 2016: Nails It!

Speaking of comparisons to finished products – check out Production Designer Ian Brock, model for “The Guy in the Chair” (see yesterday’s blog entry for the concept art).  Nailed it!

Today’s ensemble: blue suit, pocket square, octopi cufflinks, lavender kicks and flamingo socks.

November 2, 2016: Nails It!November 2, 2016: Nails It!

November 2, 2016: Nails It!

November 2, 2016: Nails It!

22 thoughts on “November 2, 2016: Nails it!

  1. Well, I’m glad the pocket square is back and all is right with the world.

    The Octopi cufflinks are awesome, and kind of super-villainy. You would need a cool Octo-related name though. Octopussy just sounds wrong on several levels. 🙂 Also, taken.

    I’m going to assume that clock is something that blows up.

  2. Love the outfit!

    Can’t wait to see what the click turns into.

    On a personal note, I’ve been working hard to lose weight since I quit my job in July. I’m so close to 20 pounds…almost there. I’ve been eating more vegetarian, walking almost daily, and have recently added short jogs into my walk. For someone who can walk 6 miles at a 12-13 minute pace without a problem…I can’t jog more than a tenth of a mile before I feel like me chest is going to explode. Was too busy for a normal walk today, so I only got a 3 miler in…but I jogged four .1 mile stints. Phew. I’m going to go collapse now. Once I find an asthma inhaler.

  3. My Grandma had a clock like that! It always scared the living daylights out of me and my brother … especially when it stopped ticking. Anxiously wondering what this one will do …..!

    Ian Brock aka man-in-the chair looks absolutely crashed out. You been working him too hard?
    Say hi to Craig Wright and keep up the great camera work!

    Nice shoes, Joe, really nice shoes.

  4. Why am I thinking “Hydra!” when I look at those cufflinks?

    And congrats on ten years of blogging…more to come!

  5. Ooh-la-la! Be still my heart. Way to get the ladies hearts racing today, Joe! Lookin’ perty sexy there! ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. Hi Joe
    @JeffW You beat me to it! I was going to say “Hail, Hydra!”


  7. Looking sharp. You really know how to coordinate colors/patterns. I didn’t know you had such an extensive cuff link collection.

    That looks like the exterior to film a “model shot” of the picture you showed us the other day (the tomb thing).

    @KathyC Way to go!!!!!!! That’s fantastic.

  8. Welcome back to the office Craig! Yes, “Light It Up”!

    There’s nothing better than a classic timepiece.

    Poor Ian in his crash helmet! The man needs to get out more.

    Thumbs up on the outfit. I want new socks!

    Happy Blog Anniversary!

  9. OOOooo, here’s a thought or two…maybe the clock has to do with time travel OR maybe the clock is actually the real ‘Blink Drive” and Mr. Evil Four is out of luck!

    Or, maybe I’ve just been reading too much into your hints.

    Or, maybe I was blinded by the snazzy clothes. {{bet Bubba and Lulu are jealous}}

  10. Love your style. Your shoes are awesome. I love how you can dress so classic but add the whimsical details.

  11. Snazzy. Love the shoes, of course. I think your Super Villain name should be Octo-Joe.

    Safety regulation has gone too far when a simple office chair needs a crash helmet, yes?

    Kathy C., way to go! I managed to lose 20 pounds last spring, but it is creeping back. Cold weather and pumpkin spice everything are not my friends. You inspire me to make better choices.

  12. Joe, are you the lone hold out for the suit and tie look at work? Other folks at production look very casual in comparison. (I type this as I sit at my work cube wearing jeans and loose sweater cardigan, so not judging). I do appreciate the time & effort spent to dress nicely, I just don’t usually bother myself.

    Lavender kicks, eh? I think so far your shoes & socks have been the eye-catchers. Cuff links are sometimes too small to see unless up close. Very nice job though!

    So, when do we start voting on episode titles?
    How is Lulu walking – any improvement?
    Is Bubba feeling better, more settled in?

  13. @KathyC, well done, keep up the good work! I can manage a mile walk at home but drop me in Paris and I’ll happily walk 20 miles a day.

    That suit is the perfect shade of blue, it’s so hard to find great colors when shopping. I splurged on a J Crew cashmere sweater just to get a nice winter piece in a lovely burgundy. Chair dude! Can’t wait to see who chair dude turns out to be. Alt One? Arax? Lovely sweet reconstituted Arrian?

    I’m currently fascinated by the documentary “Poto and Cabengo” after researching idioglossia; it gives me more respect for the linguists who create languages for shows like GoT and SG.

  14. Those are some fun cuff links! I thought they were spiders at first.

    Yay Kathy C! I bought matching waterproof Fitbits (I swim daily) for my hubby and Myself. He’s so competitive that I knew he’d try to beat me every day. He’s been sending me messages saying “You need to rest more”. 😉 Anyway, you’ve probably doing that or a cell phone app already but if not, there’s my suggestion to encourage daily exercise. It helps to SEE how many steps you’ve taken.

  15. ‘The Clock’ – take away the clock face and I see a fab building design, just look at the shapes on the roof and those pillars for a cool frontage, leading into a great doorway!

    Another snazzy outfit 👍

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