Let’s celebrate the Amazing Amazon’s 75th anniversary with a look back at Wonder Woman’s Weirdest Comic Book Covers!

October 18, 2016: Wonder Woman’s Weirdest Comic Book Covers!

Them’s some angry-looking cats.

October 18, 2016: Wonder Woman’s Weirdest Comic Book Covers!

First rule of Fight Club: Never entrust your secret identity to a bird!

October 18, 2016: Wonder Woman’s Weirdest Comic Book Covers!

How topical.

October 18, 2016: Wonder Woman’s Weirdest Comic Book Covers!

I’d go with Amoeba-Man.  He’s more sincere.

October 18, 2016: Wonder Woman’s Weirdest Comic Book Covers!

They could just compromise and have a communal barbecue.

October 18, 2016: Wonder Woman’s Weirdest Comic Book Covers!

It’s not so much the fact that she’s marrying an 8 foot tall alien as it is that atrocious toupee.

October 18, 2016: Wonder Woman’s Weirdest Comic Book Covers!

How can you hope to defeat someone made out of paper?!!  Besides resorting to burning, tearing, or crumpling?

October 18, 2016: Wonder Woman’s Weirdest Comic Book Covers!

He may not be much to look at, but Klamos is evidently a great catch.

October 18, 2016: Wonder Woman’s Weirdest Comic Book Covers!

How many forced weddings did Batman have to endure?

October 18, 2016: Wonder Woman’s Weirdest Comic Book Covers!

Note: “The Women’s Lib Issue”.

16 thoughts on “October 18, 2016: Wonder Woman’s Weirdest Comic Book Covers!

  1. It is pretty telling how many of those covers have an ostensibly superhuman woman *still* being fought over by men as if she’s some kind of property. Even the “Women’s Lib” issue has the “damsel in distress” trope on the cover.

    I’m so glad we have such kick-ass ladies in Dark Matter.

  2. This has been a hard several months, including
    not watching Dark Matter until late Sept due to so many issues including daughter out of country (and having to skip the blog all these months to avoid spoilers),
    getting what we thought was an injured but might turn out totally normal Samoyed– but actually had neurological damage and will be a lifetime of working on deficits (at almost 7 mos, yesterday I was able to remove the ramp for the THREE steps from back porch to ground and let him learn to use stairs) including nearly $4000 veterinary bills and swimming lessons to help him learn where his back legs are.
    Medical/health issues, blah blah blah.
    So I watched them all, really loved the season, but still had too much on plate to catch up. Today I decided to hell with it, I’d just jump in to the last couple of days and work my way back as I can. I feel so out of it. After years of being here almost every day, it just feels wrong. I have informed my daughter I am watching with or without her, she can catch up alone. I have missed being here.

  3. Joe, when I see you next I HAVE to tell you about a great Wonder Woman story!! .. or two

  4. Hope all is well in Dark Matter land! Some diversional reading perhaps? Have a great rest of the week. Give the pups a hug.

  5. Sure glad depiction of women has evolved! Don’t mess with TWO. 🙂

    Joe, wished you a Happy Birthday on Sunday night, but don’t know where it went. Posted from my phone. Or tried to! Thank you for the best show you’ve ever written, your own life, and allowing us to watch it every day.

    Best wishes to you, Akemi, and the furkids.

  6. Debra, am so sorry to hear about your Samoyed baby. That breed is dear to my heart. (See avatar.) It is rare to hear of Sams dealing with those difficulties. Bless you for not giving up on him/her. Mine gave my fits (for a while) for different reasons. Have several friends among Sammy breeders and owners. They saved my bacon — and Manna girl’s! They could write volumes on health issues and give you invaluable help. I can put you in touch with them if you’d like. Even if only to save your sanity. 🙂 There’s also a fund to help Sam owners with vet bills, called SamUrgency. Will send my contact info to Joe, and he can pass it along if you like.

    Looking forward to more Sammy stories. Saying prayers for the other medical/health issues, too.

  7. As a baby boomer and the female leader/alpha of an all male education team
    made up predominantly of scientists with 145+ IQs,
    I’m going to say something here that may absolutely shock many of you of the younger generation and perhaps even a large handful of women my own age.
    Albeit, perhaps it will lend a wee bit o’ food for thought and a new perspective
    as to how you view that “Woman Woman” from days now gone by
    and how well you fully accept yourself and your human sexuality – just the way you are. No matter if you lean more masculine or feminine in nature.

    I am and have always been a very feminine, sexually attractive, and as most of you know, very playful, flirty, affectionate, woman, who has never felt the need to hide it in order to have her intelligence taken seriously or to be respected professionally. ( At least not with most men anyway. -Obviously, there are still some jerks out there).

    I still very much appreciate and prefer men
    who are the old fashioned truly chivalrous type.
    Who treat me gently as a lady,
    seek to take care of me, protect me, spoil me, cherish me,
    Are the strong cuddly teddy bear type that make me feel safe
    in their arms, enjoy being my hero,
    and doing stuff like catching that mouse or spider
    that managed to sneak into the house so I don’t have to,
    and genuinely appreciate my femininity, romance and charm
    and that my long soft curly locks of hair smell nice.

    And YES, -I do dig it that men (at least those in my age group anyway)
    fantasize about me
    because I am both smart and a soft sexy woman all at once.
    It is a real turn on, a whole lotta fun and feels very empowering!

    (so long as they do realize and do truly respect,
    – I am a strong smart independent woman who does not “need”
    them to make decisions for me and so long as they are capable of
    treating me as their valued intellectual equal in any relationship.
    No matter if I am home being a good homemaker or out there
    kicking ass in the world!).

    Just as I know, there are men out there who still take pride
    in being able to financially provide for their family, without assistance,
    mow the lawn, take out the heavy garbage cans and do the manly stuff.

    Think I’ve never been a damsel in distress? Never cried at work?
    or Asked a man for help with something I couldnt handle?
    -Think Again.

    As I said – I’ve NEVER hidden my femininity or vulnerabilities from others
    – just as I’ve never hidden my intelligence,
    preference for flying planes and playing with model trains rather than dolls,
    or any other aspect of my stronger, more assertive, bold/leadership qualities.

    It is simply who I am!
    And gradually, over the years, I’ve become quite comfortable in my own skin,
    “just as I am”.

    -> And I most definitely owe this acceptance of myself to women like that
    “Wonder Woman of days gone by”.
    That so called “sexually objectified” wonder woman
    taught me I can be BOTH without having to “choose”
    to be one or the other, or otherwise compartmentalize my life,
    personality and nature.

    Some of us baby boomers are quite proud of our Wonder woman from “back in the day”
    because , while, yes, the covers of those comic books may depict
    such unfair things as her “being forced by some backwards thinking male caveman type to marry”
    … Inside those pages
    – She always broke away from them and showed women of my generation
    that she could make her own choices of who to marry
    and that it was even ok if she did not want to marry and have a man in their life.
    No one was going to tell her what to do. She was a strong intelligent woman with a mind of her own.

    She showed women it was okay – to still be a woman.
    To enjoy being soft and sweet and sexy and desired
    And be smart, independent and a leader, all at once!

    Wonder woman represents and depicts women like me.
    And heck! If I were gay,
    I’d certainly want to marry her and keep her as my girl forever, too!

    (((SHE ROCKS!!!))) -Just the way she is! ;-D
    In closing, Consider this Joe:

    Quietly ask yourself if you think of Akemi as any less your equal partner
    in the relationship and just as smart as you
    Just because she enjoys looking pretty for you, wears mascara and high heels, gets freaked out by
    things like spiders that might get in the house and you physically desire her?

    I’m pretty sure your answer is: You still love, respect and value her as your intellectual equal
    in the relationship.

    So why was it so “wrong” to let wonder woman
    be depicted as sexually desirable and smart and strong at the same time??

  8. Drea: “Applause”. Oh and I’m the spider killer at my house. 😉

    Those comics bring back good memories.

    Debra: So sorry about your pooch! Hope you can get a handle on the neuro problem.

    No ghost peppers for me!!! :O

  9. I’ve always had a problem with the costume of Wonder Woman. I used to think she indeed needed to have superpowers in the days before paste was available to keep costumes in place with all that physical activity so not to have an accidental slip of the breasts. I remember always thinking — THAT is truly the superhero feat.

    @Debra So sorry to hear about your dog. Such a committed fur family to find treatment for him. I hope he continues forward recovery.

    @Drea I totally agree with you. But…on the fiction side…Wonder Woman was from the Amazon and if I’m not mistaken weren’t they all women? I never figured out how their race continued to exist without reproduction. Guess I was too much of a science nerd to suspend any belief systems there.

    @Gforce I agree with you, too.

  10. @mannas7mom Thank you, and everyone else. We were lucky… between the wonderful breeder stepping up, and friends/family, we were able to pay the bills, get porch railings in so the wouldn’t fall onto concrete below, and working swimming. Leora’s friends even come over to play and help take him swimming. He’s come a long way, from walking like a drunk– hitting one side then the other, goose-steps, back legs totally not in sync. But he really had improved. It’s just a lot of work. But the’s the sweetest creature on earth and totally worth it. He will be HER dog for the next dozen or more years I hope. Helps take my mind off other stuff. Thank you for the intros!

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