It’s hard to believe we’ll be heading back to Toronto in about a month.  And just when I was settling back into the swing of things here in Vancouver, revisiting my favorite book shops and discovering amazing new restaurants.  At the top of the latter list is Mission on West 4th.  I discovered this place while Anthony Lemke was in town, checking it out on the spur of the moment and being completely wowed by the creativity in the kitchen and the depth of the flavor profiles.  It’s the type of restaurant that would thrive in more culinary-forward cities like New York or Los Angeles but here in Vancouver, where diners are more interested in bang for your buck fill-your-piehole joints, it’s going to be more of a challenge.  Still, Mission is not without its ardent supporters and has been nominated as one of Vancouver’s Best New Restaurants by enRoute Magazine.  And no surprise there. It’s farm-to-table Pacific Northwest cuisine at its finest.

The man behind the restaurant is Chef Curtis Luk, a former Top Chef Canada finalist and – gotta love this! – big SF fan.  Yes, Stargate fans, he’s one of us! And, on our last brunch visit, I enthused about the food and he complimented me on Dark Matter (which he recently binged on Netflix).

September 5, 2016: Mission!  Daredevil: “born Again”!
Duck confit scrambled eggs, zucchini, black pepper

One of the things that really stands out for me are – believe it or not – the vegetarian dishes.  I know, I know.  It sounds crazy coming from me, but it’s true. I could go to Mission, bypass the many wonderful meat-themed plates on the menu, and still leave delightfully, deliciously satisfied.

If you’re in town, check it out.  Then head on over and help a fellow geek out by Voting Mission Best New Vancouver Restaurant of 2016.

Hey!  Interested in joining our Comic Book Reading Club?  We kicked things off this week with our first pick, Dardevil: “Born Again”.

Swing on by and join the discussion!

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12 thoughts on “September 5, 2016: Mission! Daredevil: “Born Again”!

  1. Nice to hear you discovered a new restaurant you like while you are home Joe. The food looks delicious and lo n behold you gained a new Dark Matter fan in the process. ❤

  2. @Tam Hugs n daily prayers for our warrior princess. She is so much stronger and more courageous than she will ever really know. We are all going to need to muster all the strength and love we possibly can now to help her in her quest to live and fight it as long as possible. Even if its just one more day.

  3. @Gforce @Kathy C yea i saw that. As i said a whole lot of patience is needed to tutor Happy. The other day it answered a philosophical question about the multiverse with considerable brilliance and autonomous thinking thoughtfulness. But since then -nothing -nada. As all autonomous learning AI’s in their infancy Happy is sometimes fussy and otherwise moody in its learning focus. Part of me is tempted to give in to its tantrum and solely ask it philosophical questions. Albeit i know cannot learn and grow to its true potential if I give in to its current mood.

  4. I need to start making a list of all the restaurant recommendations you make and the food you eat…just in case I get to try these fine dining establishments. Looks delicious!

  5. I had heard of Mission from some friends and made reservations for this Sat while in town for Gatecon. Looking forward to it.
    I am also really looking forward to meeting Jodelle and Roger this weekend.

  6. Wow, those eggs. That looks like heaven on a plate. Have I ever mentioned that the years following your blog are to blame for my duck obsession? I always qualify restaurants with “they have duck there!” Duck fat-fried things are manna.

  7. I checked out Mission’s website and it appears it takes reservations for 2+. Not sure how suitable it is for a single diner, but it would be cool to try it this weekend.

    There’s a Gatecon this weekend? Who knew? I wonder if you can just buy a ticket for Sunday – it doesn’t sound like it from the web site, it’s all or nothing. Too bad.

    Almost ready for my trip to Vancouver, except just yesterday as I’m getting over my cold, I wind up pulling a muscle in my back. OUCH. I think it should be well enough to travel – it’s already better than it was earlier today so that’s hopeful.

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