August 13, 2016: Dark Matter “she’s One Of Them Now” Recaps, Reviews, And Reactions!

Dark Matter 207 Review: Don’t Blink by Tom Gardiner at Three If By Space

“I want to touch on the main story this week. It involved a mystery that began early in season one with Five and the strange key card. It was a mystery that intrigued me more than any other. It’s the mystery of the “pockets of extra-dimensional space” and I’m overjoyed we’re finally getting more about it.”

Dark Matter: She’s One of Them Now – Cloning Around (Review) by Mike Knox-Smith at Mike’s Film Talk

“Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie have specialized in warming up the audience only to splash freezing water in their faces.”

August 13, 2016: Dark Matter “she’s One Of Them Now” Recaps, Reviews, And Reactions!

Dark Matter Season 2, Episode 7 Review: She’s One Of Them Now by Christopher Hart at The Nerd Recites

“This episode provided us with a true heist situation – sending in crew members to extract a device – layered with SF ideas (clones) and we loved it.”

Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 7 Review: She’s One of Them Now by Kathleen Wiedel at TV Fanatic

“Moment of heartwarming: when Three defended Five’s skills and abilities to Calcheck. Three’s just a big old softy, all full of marshmallow inside.”

Dark Matter “She’s One of Them Now” Review by Jideobi Odunze at Geeked Out Nation.

“The one way in which Dark Matter almost always lives up to expectations is that we are getting takeaways from each episode.”

TV Review: Dark Matter (2×07) “She’s One of Them Now” by Leaf Miranda at The Young Folks

“It’s hard to tell if the crew just made things better or worse for themselves. “

Dark Matter: She’s One of Them Now Review by Michael Ahr at Den Of Geek

“Dark Matter nailed it this week, and hopefully the show’s use of likable characters and innovative tech will continue to be the hallmark of its success.”

Dark Matter – She’s One Of Them Now – Review: “A Fun Romp” + POLL by Aimee Hicks at Spoiler TV

“While a lot was going on in this episode we still got to see the Android express how unique she is compared to other androids.”

Dark Matter “She’s One of Them Now” Review (Season 2, Episode 7) by Rueben at TV Equals

“Last night’s episode of Dark Matter not only featured the return of a couple of familiar faces – i.e., Talbor Calchek (guest star David Hewlett) but also – albeit very briefly Galactic Authority Inspector Kierken (guest star Kris Holden-Ried) – it also featured Five taking a lead role in a mission. It’s not her first time helping the Raza team out, but this was really her chance to shine.”

Dark Matter: The One Where Five Saves Everyone. Again. by Jen Stayrook at The Workprint

“Dearest Dark Matter,

We’ve had our ups and downs like everyone else, but right now, I think we’re in a really good place. We’re stable with still some excitement churning in the old engines, eh? Our second year has been positively magical, if a bit on the sad side. But do me a favor, Dark Matter. If you love me (and I hope you love me like I love you), keep my boo Five safe. There have been a lot of close calls and I’m desperately afraid of something bad happening to her. She’s the only one that matters and if you hurt her, well, things won’t be so good between us.”

August 13, 2016: Dark Matter “she’s One Of Them Now” Recaps, Reviews, And Reactions!

Slice of SciFi’s Andrea Rittschof considers Dark Matter, five episodes in:

“And one of the best parts of this show is how much the characters grow and develop. They aren’t just untrusting criminals, or amnesiacs. They’ve grown to care about each other, their crew and when they trust each other, it hurts when one of them betrays the group. And trust isn’t instantaneous. It is built layer by layer.”

Geeksiders Anna and Josh weigh in with their thoughts of “She’s One Of Them Now”

And finally, to those of you missing the terrific Marc Bendavid, check him out in Summer in the City airing tonight at 9/8C on the Hallmark Channel.

August 13, 2016: Dark Matter “she’s One Of Them Now” Recaps, Reviews, And Reactions!

19 thoughts on “August 13, 2016: Dark Matter “She’s One Of Them Now” Recaps, Reviews, and Reactions!

  1. It’s crazy how time flies, only 6 more episodes left of the second season!

    Those reviewers do a great job covering each episode, keep up the good work guys.

  2. I loved the Android getting all up in Calcheck’s face.

    And I’ll be interested to see how things with Lawful Good Kierken of the Galactic Authority play out.

    Life has been getting in the way of fun lately, but at least I’ve been keeping up with Dark Matter and enjoying every minute.

    Back to lurking now until things settle down.

  3. I’m going to read the rest later because I haven’t finished the episode, but they wrote David’s last name wrong in the credits. They typed it as David Hewlitt instead of David Hewlett (in case no one else saw it). Yes, I actually read the credits. The episode looks good so far. Will have to watch the rest when I get back tonight from evening pet sits.

    Anybody in Louisiana area or extended areas getting hit with this massive flooding? My prayers are with you. Let us know how you all are faring.

  4. Got the DVR set for Marc’s movie tonight. Have taxi duty so I won’t be able to watch live.

    And I agree with Jen S; please take care of Five. 😀

  5. My wife gets so annoyed when I keep interrupting her Hallmark Channel movies by shouting, “He/She used to be on Stargate!”

  6. Yay! Go FIVE! I like that she is getting a chance to shine a lot more in season 2. Loved the fun between Android and Calcheck. Cant wait to find out who and what the crew discovers in the A.U!

    @PBMom hugs. xo Hope Patrick begins to feel better soon.

    @Joe How’s Bubba doing in recovery?

  7. Poor One. I’m glad Marc Bendavid has other work, but seriously…
    I miss him so much. I really agreed with his “moral compass” esque opinions. The only character close to that at this point is the Doctor (Devon, I believe? Might have the spelling wrong, not sure) but no matter what, nobody can *replace* One.

    Sorry, Mr. Mallozzi. I respect your work more than I can remotely say and I do understand things can’t stay the same forever, but I truly can’t believe One’s gone. I even expected Six to come back after everything–it really never occurred to me that one of them would die — especially One.

    Please, please be all sci-fi and bring him back one day? Pleaaaaase~? Eheh. After Three, he was my second favorite character. Their interactions were always a lot of fun; something I truly miss. 🙁 Show’s still great, but there’s definitely something missing and I know it’s One and his general interactions with the crew (particulary Three, but Two as well) and his kind-hearted and moral opinions. I really miss him. (Don’t laugh at me, but I’m kinda in mourning for the character. I waited a few weeks to watch the eps so I could binge so I’m a bit late.)

    Regardless — don’t get me wrong! I totally respect your writing. Stargate’s were amazing and I’m so thrilled for a new space show (Dark Matter) so I thank you. I’d just really, really appreciate seeing One again someday. (Not Jace Corso, rofl — One. Welp, pretty sure it’s impossible to see Jace now anyway~ Got what he deserved. It was truly enjoyable that he was trying to find a way out ’till the end. After what he did to poor One with no remorse, it was lovely to see him in pain and squirm for his life. Can’t help it, lol. He killed One in cold blood — no remorse from me. Apparently not Two, either. You go, girl!)

    Regardless of my One sadness, thanks for all the fun space shows (including your newest Dark Matter!!) over the years, Mr. Mallozzi. There’s certainly not enough of it on television, so I’m sure not only me — but my fellow science fiction nerds are grateful, ehe~ ^_~ <3

  8. There was so much to enjoy in this week’s Dark Matter. I love that Five is growing in confidence in her hacking abilities, displaying occasional cockiness. It shows how much she’s grown to become an equal partner of the Raza Crew, integral in their operations.

    I loved the heist, although I didn’t find it clear if Reynaud intended it to be a trap to get the key. The adapter and facility didn’t seem to have much security and the getaway too easy.

    The episode had some wonderful character moments, including some playful comments from Android to some sincere discussions between Nyx and Devon as well as Android and Nyx. That Nyx reached out to Devon, when she could have shut herself off from the whole crew after last week’s events shows great compassion. Speaking of which, I love seeing the caring side of Android, particularly in small gestures such as touching Nyx’s foot.

    The other interesting interaction in the episode was between Tabor and Android, particularly considering David has said at a convention that he auditioned for the Android role. He also said, after watching Zoie’s performance, he’s really glad she got the role as she made acting decisions he hadn’t even considered (I’m paraphrasing to the best of my memory). I’m finding Tabor is becoming more and more McKay like in mannerisms. I’m not sure if that’s a deliberate choice, the way he was written or because I’ve been watching some SGA recently.

    The episode ending was a shock, but aren’t they all. I wonder if we find out why Devon went to the station. Great setup for the coming weeks.

    Joe, do you know who runs the official Syfy Twitter account. I was looking at their tweets and there is barely any DarkMatter tweets. They tweet more about The Flash which is on a different channel.

    Anyhoo just some musings.

    Cheers, Chev

  9. PBMom: Prayers the transition goes smoothly. {{{{hugs}}}}

    Maggiemayday: 😆

    Bill Clay: 😆

    I don’t have the Hallmark Channel! So, when is One coming back? 😉

    Did you get results back from Bubba’s surgery yet?

  10. @ I was looking at their tweets and there is barely any DarkMatter tweets

    That concerned me too. Syfys sister network the USA network promotes its shows with more gusto on twitter. But I don’t think it’d be appropriate for anyone to throw names around because some fans may tweet negative thoughts at the person running it, which wouldn’t be fair.

  11. Thank you @KathyC and @TamDixon for your thoughts and hugs. This is going to be a rough two years and I don’t think I have gotten through one day yet where I haven’t cried about it even if just a few moments (like typing this thank you). 🙂

    I hope the results from Bubba’s surgery come back on Monday.

    I finished watching the episode last night and then promptly scolded my husband for deleting it off the DVR. I told him that was fine. I would now have to buy it on ITunes. LOL.

    I don’t want to spoil, so I will type as vaguely as I can. I told Jeff Dark Matter is becoming like Game of Thrones with someone getting killed every week. I enjoyed seeing a softer side of Nyx and her compassion to reach out to help. It seems like she really wants to be a part of the crew. I imagine though when she finds out her brother is dead she is going to want revenge. I like how protective the crew is of Five, but also like Five is always like “I’ve got this.”

    I agree with @bambamfans about David’s performance. Jeff and I both looked each other and felt like it was as if McKay had been dropped into Tabor’s character, especially the eating and the hypoglycemia references. Maybe that was written to honor the McKay fans out there

    Love seeing the evolution of Android. I hope one name she decides to take a name. Bob Picardo’s character Doctor on Voyager decided Doctor was his name after he had to decide. I think Zoie Palmer is handling the evolution of Android like he did of the Doctor. She is doing it with the handling of a complete pro. I can see where this would be an incredible challenge for an actor.

    And Lawren!!!! WOW!!!!! Those VFX’s were outstanding.

    I’ll wait until next week before I comment in more detail about specific plot lines.

  12. Finally got through all the links. Well, I for one loved the show! Welcome back Tabor! Three, Four and Five on an outing! (The scene with Four & Three tossing the one gun back and forth was very Butch & Sundance! They make a great team!) Bonding time between Nyx & Devon with a little of Devon’s backstory. The Android & Tabor interaction was classic. And yes, Tabor has to be a descendant of Rodney McKay’s. Claustrophobic, hypoglycemic and annoying as only McKay/Tabor can be. Bet he’s also allergic to lemon. While Two & Six were around the show belonged to the others this week. I do agree that the adapter for the Blink Drive was rather easy to obtain once on the station, would have expected more security measures, maybe some infrared laser beams or poisonous gas.

    Loved the Three & Four beat down so to speak and Five’s solution to the handcuffs problem. Sadly neither Three nor Four will remember that part about sending an electric pulse back through the Transfer Transit pods to “fry” the occupant and Five was not privy to that information. Possibly a dangling carrot for a future episode?

    Certainly did not see that ending coming. The Seer’s strike back! I bet Devon was stabbed with the knife that Milo killed himself with. Looking forward to next week’s episode!

    As an afterthought: would the Android not have noticed Devon’s drug use? With her special analyzing abilities would she have not noticed Devon’s dilated eyes, increased or decreased respirations, etc… Of course, she’s not quite herself these days.

  13. … Oow, see now, I’ve just used the ‘Blink’ drive and it does go back in time!

    Hey, Marc Bendavid! Yay! He’s looking very relaxed and happy.

    So … next question …. Can we go and get One back? …..

  14. I was brought here by a link under the latest post, and seeing which episode it was reminded me of something: shouldn’t Five’s clone have had black hair and Three’s clone have been unscarred? If One’s plastic surgery doesn’t carry over, then neither should hair dye or scarring, right?

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