August 8, 2016: The Seven Samurai! Who’s The Betrayer? And Why You Should Be Watching Dark Matter!

Guess who’s going in for surgery tomorrow morning to get a couple of lumps removed from his noggin’?  Today, we treated him – and Lulu – to a stroll through Granville Island and a  visit to a local pet boutique.  We picked up treats, a patriotically handsome bow tie/collar but, sadly, not that awesome Hawaiian shirt we had our hearts set on because it didn’t come in his size.

Meanwhile, a post-Lasik Akemi (“I got my eyeballs fixed!”) is enjoying her improved vision – to a certain point.  She spent most of yesterday madly sweeping, vacuuming, and generally cleaning the place.  When I asked what had gotten into her, she informed me that now that her sight is improved, she can actually see how messy everything is.  I feel her situation is reminiscent of some tragic character from Greek lore, but I’m not sure which one.

Hey!  May I direct your attention to some pretty damn fantastic Dark Matter articles…

August 8, 2016: The Seven Samurai! Who’s The Betrayer? And Why You Should Be Watching Dark Matter!

First off, a great, GREAT article by The Nerd Recites’ Christopher Hart titled How Dark Matter Utilizes Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai Within Its Narrative

“We matched up Dark Matter‘s characters against each of the personality types and all of the characters fell into the set types with such astounding ease that this only lends further credence to the writers’ utilisation of this trope.”

In interviews, whenever asked about my inspirations for Dark Matter, I always cite: Cowboy Bebop, The Thunderbolts, The Dirty Dozen, Stargate, The Shield, Stargate, and, yes, The Seven Samurai!  Good catch, Christopher.

August 8, 2016: The Seven Samurai! Who’s The Betrayer? And Why You Should Be Watching Dark Matter!

Meanwhile, over at The Workprint, Jen Stayrook wonders Who Will Betray the Crew of The Raza?  Building off Milo’s prophetic warning in “We Should Have Seen This Coming”, she breaks down the list of suspects and posits an intriguing theory or two.  What do you think?

August 8, 2016: The Seven Samurai! Who’s The Betrayer? And Why You Should Be Watching Dark Matter!

Continuing a weekly tradition, I sit down with Kelly Townsend of The TV Junkies and discuss the most recent episode of Dark Matter.  I drop a lot of interesting little tidbits in this one…

“One of the big picture things is this looming corporate war, and as Milo says, there are certain moments of history where individuals can step in and make a difference, and that’s something that will resonate as we head towards the back half of Season 2.” 

August 8, 2016: The Seven Samurai! Who’s The Betrayer? And Why You Should Be Watching Dark Matter!

And a nice little write-up on the show at Mikhail’s Film and TV Blog: Why Sci-Fi Fans Should Watch Dark Matter

“This year, while browsing Netflix, I chanced upon a new, engrossing space opera that Sy-Fy aired earlier as part of its agenda to revive its status as the premiere channel for science fiction television. […] After seeing the 13-episode first season, I’m ready to declare it one of the best new sci-fi shows on television. Here are a few key reasons why it’s absolutely worth seeing.”

Thanks for the support, Mikhail!

21 thoughts on “August 8, 2016: The Seven Samurai! Who’s the betrayer? And why you should be watching Dark Matter!

  1. {{{Hugs}}} and prayers for Lulu! Don’t forget those toenails while she’s out. 😉

  2. Aww poor Bubba, it is Bubba right? Hope all goes well tomorrow! Good for Akemi, she is brave getting her eyes done. I have to say I missed Friday’s ep I know I know how could I but I had a migraine BUT I do have it recorded. Anyone else here cut the cable cord? We did a few months ago and subscribed to Playstation Vue – it’s pretty cool! Don’t miss cable at all!

  3. Oops, I meant Bubba. You’re waiting for Lulu’s procedure, right? Will they let you stay with him?

  4. Your post about Akemi’s cleaning made me smile. I only wear my glasses at home when I’m watching TV. It’s terrible to be able to spy all those dust bunnies. Also, I find people look more pleasant and attractive if I can’t see every pore. My general practice is to not wear specs if I’m dining with one person, but to wear them if I’m at a table with several people so I can see expressions at the greater distance.

    My brother, who is in his seventies, somehow got his eyes fixed to see both far and near. Something with cataracts and lenses and good health insurance.

  5. Thanks for sharing the great articles Joe!
    Hugs n kisses to Bubba. Hope everything goes well tomorrow and his recovery isnt too difficult. xo

  6. Aww Hugs for Bubba!! Give him lots of extra love from us!!

    Glad Akemi is enjoying her fixed eyes. I’d be happy to let her come clean my house if she wants to do more. 😀

  7. To everyone on the anniversary planning committee: Gary was kind enough to set up an easier to follow along discussion format for us so check the current email discussion thread for location and password instructions. I’ll send a separate email with site link in the morning just in case anyone has difficulty finding it in the thread. Am working on science reports tonight but will jump back into planning talks with everyone tomorrow. ❤
    Love ya!
    And Thanks again! You guys r awesome!!

  8. Wishing Bubba good luck for his op.
    Give him a big hug from me and Puddle.🐾

  9. Good luck Bubba, love the bow tie! Bow ties are cool! Once he recovers maybe Akemi can fix him a treat of fish fingers and custard. All my best! Please keep us posted.

    Love the links. Made a nice long response on The Workprint supposition on who the potential Judas is. Please read it, let me know if I’m on the right track or totally in left field. (If you have time).

    You need to buy Akemi a new pair of sunglasses for everyday of the week. She needs to be stylin! How is her vision?


  10. Oh by the way, can I suggest a movie? I am a big fan of Seven Samurai as well as The Magnificent Seven. It’s Seven Swords, a film by Tsui Hark. Love it!

    On a side note, when you google Seven Samurai, there pops up Battle Beyond the Stars ( which I have seen, starring Richard Thomas, George Peppard and Robert Vaughn who has the distinction of being in The Magnificent Seven as well) and Samurai 7 (which I haven’t seen but is apparently an anime series).

  11. Hope all went well for Bubba!

    I’ve been offered Lasik … we can do one eye close and one eye far! Uh, guys, I already do that, read with one eye closed, and use the good eye for seeing longer distances.

    Can I see dust in the house? Ha. Hahahaha. As we say at Burning Man, “Embrace the dust” because getting dusted is inevitable. Or “Embrace the suck” during eight hour white-outs (high wind dust storms which eat entire camps), freezing nights when you regret not packing that fur parka, or being stuck in place during rare rain storms and have to piddle in a bucket.

  12. Hugs to the pugs and to Akemi, after all the ouchies I wish you all ice cream and more ice cream.

    I’m still recovering from my sci fi weekend with DM, Killjoys, classic Trek and Preacher. And the Little Prince, can’t stop listening to the gorgeous soundtrack.

  13. All my thoughts and prayers are with Bubba, you and Akemi. I hope the operation is successful and he has a swift and full recovery… *hugs*


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