Can I just say how much I love stories like these:

Stranger Things was rejected 15 to 20 times by various networks before getting accepted by Netlix

5 Great Shows That HBO Passed On

Why AMC and FX have HBO to thank for their hit shows

The show wasn’t an easy sell. Other networks passed on Sutter’s pitch before FX head John Landgraf bought it in the room.

After every major network turned down “Sopranos”

CBS’s Nina Tassler: every other network passed on ‘CSI’

ABC passed on American Idol twice, just like it did with Survivor

Every television network turned down ‘Offspring’ – now it’s the highest rating drama

Basically, the story of someone pitching out an out-of-the-box idea that, after being rejected every else, finally finds a home with a forward-thinking executive willing to take a chance on something new…and being richly rewarded for it.

Well, tomorrow is Akemi’s big day.  The day when, as she puts it, she’ll be “getting my eyeballs fixed!”.  Yes, after over a year of thinking about it, and watching endless youtube videos of the procedure, she’s finally going to get Lasik!  I’m going to miss those nerdy glasses 🙁

August 4, 2016:

TV Land 200 offers their thoughts on Dark Matter’s second season.

August 4, 2016:

One more day until the next episode of Dark Matter, “We Should Have Seen This Coming”, in which we finally find out the truth about the mysterious Nyx (played by the lovely Melanie Liburd).

You better be sitting down for this one!

28 thoughts on “August 4, 2016:

  1. @out-of-the-box idea

    Television needs more of these in general. Person of Interest, Mr.Robot, Preacher, among a few others come to mind as special shows. Maybe Into the Badlands too.

    Really looking forward to Westworld 🙂

  2. Akemi with no glasses? Noooo! Still, good luck on the procedure!

    I am glad that some shows eventually get a chance to shine. I know what a journey it was to get Dark Matter going, and I’m so glad it did.

    You know I’ll be sitting down for Friday’s Dark Matter! Maybe even lying down!! 🙂

  3. Best Wishes Akemi. But, don’t get anything else done — you’re way too good-looking for Joe as it is.

    Joe – Next Valentine’s Day you can give Akemi an assortment of nerdy eyeglasses with non-corrective lenses. And, an assortment of cool otc sunglasses that she couldn’t wear before.

  4. The producers of Gilligan’s Island thought it was a terrible idea but were very surprised at it’s popularity. Lot’s of movies and TV shows get panned by the critics but loved by the public. Please all you network exec people – make that show and let us decide.

    @ Tam – That drawing yesterday of what turned out to be a trapped Four, was originally Joe on his back patio at his 2nd preferred Toronto apartment. There was a building under construction next door and despite having nets to protect the neighboring apartment building (Joe’s), debris still rained down on his patio, which he was collecting. That picture looked like Joe went out on the patio to get some fresh air and got struck and killed by construction debris. That drawing even had the protective nets in it.

  5. Can we have a contest to see what I’m going to snack on while watching Dark Matter Friday night?

    1. Pringles
    2. Honey Roasted Cashews
    3. BBQ Potato Chips
    4. Tostitos and Salsa
    5. Steal some of my Dad’s Blue Bell Ice Cream

    Good luck Akemi!!

  6. Good luck, Akemi! Tell us all abiut it. I need new eyes too but can’t afford the procedure. 😕

    Perseverance paid off for the people behind all of those shows. Makes you wonder what other gems didn’t find their homes.

  7. Joe, just ignore that last, really short post. It got away on me.

    From yesterday:

    @Sylvia You have a terrible memory? Not as bad as mine, apparently. Thanks for reminding me Joe’s b’day is in October. Don’t know what I was thinking.

    @gforce Well, there you go! Your birthday is coming up soooon! I knew that… ;-P

  8. @Ponytail: I’m guessing that you’ll be snacking on all that and maybe adding some Rotel cheese dip to the salsa & Tostitos.

    Congratulations to Akemi for taking that final step! Best Wishes!

    I’ve been rewatching last wks episode and thought some other fitting title choices could have been:
    “What does a girl have to do to get arrested around here?”
    “For now, that’s good enough.”
    “It’s time to recalculate.”

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s night episode – will have to tape the Olypmics opening ceremony. No way I’m missing Dark Matter!

  9. The Lord Of The Rings movies were put into turnaround by Miramax because it was too expensive and “noone watches fantasy movies”. New Line snapped it up. The rest is history.

    Good luck with the Lasik, Akemi! I’ve heard good things about it. Alas, old age is catching up with my 20/20 vision and I suspect there are reading glasses in my future. 🙁

  10. Oh how that rings true. What is it about Hollywood that people will not give you an answer after a pitch? To me that is really, really rude. If you don’t like the pitch, fine. But for heaven’s sake tell me!!!

  11. Good luck Akemi! I’ve been mulling over Lasik myself. A friend had it a few years ago, and she couldn’t be happier with the results.

  12. YAY! It’s Friday and Dark Matter @10PM EST. My only worry is that tonight’s forecast is for some severe thunderstorms around here. If my power or Internet goes out, I will be one unhappy and angry lady.

    @Akemi You are very brave about getting Lasik done. My friends have tried to convince me to have that for years and I’m just too unnerved by someone putting lasers near my eyes. I won’t even play laser tag (I know there are safety goggles). Nor can I wear contact lenses, just creeps me out.
    So best of luck to you and happy 20/20 vision!

    @Ponytail I’ll be snacking on UTZ potato chips, pausing between crunches to better hear the dialog!

    Safe journeys and good life to all!

  13. I’m too chicken chit to get lazik. The thought of surgery of any kind freaks me out. Even something done with lasers.
    I’m needle phobic too. Always have to turn my head and close my eyes when going in for labs. I pretend it doesn’t bother me – but OMG! if you’d seen me just before they put me under to remove my alien visitor ……. Lets just say
    I do hope the poor nurse whose hand i squeezed so hard she wasn’t able to use it for two weeks after – has now recovered ok. (I felt so bad -I actual sent her an apology card).

    Good thing I don’t have to wear my glasses all that often and it doesn’t really bother me when i do.

    Akemi is a gorgeous sexy woman with or without glasses but hope everything goes well with her procedure and she is happy with the result. xo

  14. For everyone on the planning committee for Joe’s blog anniversary tribute & celebration:

    Slight delay in prep and a couple members of our family we are waiting on who should be able to bring a few more resources to the table for us to use.
    Albeit we should be able to kick off group email discussions
    this Sunday. August 7th so watch your inboxes for it.

    Anyone else who wants in on the brain storming/ideas sessions for Joe’s 10 year anniversary who didn’t meet the sign up deadline – feel free to send an email today Friday thru tomorrow afternoon Aug 6.

    email: NewScience101@gmail

    Love ya XO

    chat with ya’ll soon! <3

  15. Good for you Akemi! Wish I was a candidate for that. Treat her like a princess when she gets home Mr. M.!

    Ponytail: I remember and it still makes me smile. You’re so quiet but when you zing, you ZING! 😉 Have fun tonight but don’t make yourself sick. 😉

    Drea: I was hoping to have good Dr Jo news. She was scheduled to return home on Tuesday but I got a text this morning saying she found another lump. Dr Jo is heading to dr today and having it checked out. I’m running out of positive vibes though…. 🙁

  16. @Tam oh no. I am so so sorry to hear it. 🙁 Hope she elects to go for that experimental immunotherapy i sent the link for.
    She wont have to pay for the clinical trial and it has been showing highly promising results on oral cancer when traditional treatments fail to do the job. Even those told of no hope for remission have achieved as much after boosting their immune system on the new therapies being tested.
    She is in my heart thoughts and prayers always.

    @ponytail: Don’t know which snack you should choose for tonight but whatever you do -STAY AWAY! from Dorito Original Nacho Cheese chips.

    –> They’re evil!!

  17. Where are those evil maître d’s taking Nyx?

    I love the articles on how a show or idea can get rejected. But when you see the ceiling high stacks of scripts in production offices then it makes sense that so many good ideas get passed over.

    For those writers out there who live in the UK here’s a writing contest for original pilots. UK writers only though, sponsored by Lionsgate UK and Idris Elba’s production company:

  18. Hope all went well for Akemi. Thought about how brave she is – but what a wonderful thing to have done 😊

    You’ve got alot on your plate at the mo’ … Dark Matter Season 2, writing Season 3 and your ‘other’ project. Plus worrying about what the best thing to do with your pups.

    Do take care. We all need you to be ok 😏

  19. I’m a little late for well wishes for Akemi. I could never do it. When I tried contacts, I sat on the bathroom sink and tried for 8 hours to get it into my eye. And I scratched my cornea. That was it for me. I don’t know what I will do if I have to have cataract removals as I age. After my assault incident in my 20’s, my reflex response to people or things coming at me fast has gotten exaggerated.

    @TamDixon Very sad about Dr. Jo. I hope maybe she looks into the experimental treatment @Drea let you know about.

    @Ponytail I would have opted for the ice cream, but since Blue Bell knew about the contamination and did nothing to prevent it, and people died, I won’t buy it anymore, not even when I see the Natural Vanilla Bean calling out to me from the freezers at the stores. It’s one thing If you have a contamination you didn’t realize about, but knowing and not doing anything? Listeria is a serious thing.

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