This episode ran long so we ended up trimming some scenes, and dialogue, at both the script and post-production stage. In yesterday’s blog entry, I offered up some of the stuff we had to lose for time.  Here’s more of – what might have been…

While everyone else heads off onto the station, FOUR stays behind to check on the latest developments regarding Zairon and its ongoing war with Pyr.  A little reminder that our resident swordsman has bigger fish to gut, skewer, and fry:

July 26, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 17: We Were Family”!  What Didn’t Make The Cut!


FOUR sits at his desk, watching a news report. ONSCREEN, NEWS ANCHOR #2 speaks. In the BG, the insignia’s of the warring parties (Zairon and the Principality of Pyr) accompanied by a map of the interstellar conflict.

ANCHOR #2: At the heart of the conflict is a territorial dispute between the two independent colonies. A long-standing source of contention, the region, known as Enriss Sector became the flashpoint for open warfare following its annexation by Zairon on the heels of a coup that deposed Pyr’s ruling theocracy earlier this year.  (beat)  The hostilities have, so far, been limited to the two planets directly involved as the two dozen strong League of Autonomous Worlds has remained neutral, officially calling on both parties to suspend their military campaigns pending the resumption of peace talks.  (beat) Several corporations who have had their travel and trade routes disrupted lobbied the Galactic Authority to take action –

He turns off the computer, gets up and leaves the room.

July 26, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 17: We Were Family”!  What Didn’t Make The Cut!

This next one was more of a trim.  In the script, the second scene at the transfer transit office starts off with an amusing  little back and forth between Nyx and TWO before the receptionist’s return…


TWO and Nyx talk while they wait for the receptionist.

NYX: The kid?

TWO: Couldn’t ask for a better shipmate. Smart, savvy, incredibly capable. Looks can be deceiving. Underestimate her at your own risk.

NYX: Ryo?

TWO: He takes a while to warm up to you but despite the strong silent persona, he’s a passionate guy. Hard to figure at times but there’s no doubting his loyalty.

Nyx considers that response in particular – then notices TWO waiting for her to continue. Hurriedly –

NYX: Boone?

TWO: He’ll grow on you.

The Receptionist comes out of the back.

July 26, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 17: We Were Family”!  What Didn’t Make The Cut!

Some dialogue cuts here and there over the course of the ensuing scenes and then on to this FOUR/Android scene that had to be excised for time.  This moment, coupled with the earlier scene of FOUR getting the update on Zairon’s ongoing war with Pyr, help paint a picture of a man growing increasingly frustrated with his inability to help his home world.  This notion – and just the shot of the Android walking onto the bridge, arms laden with shopping bags – made this scene a hard one to lose:


The Android, clutching her shopping purchases, walks onto the bridge and notices FOUR standing there, wholly absorbed on the onscreen image of his memory template (last scene in Episode 203). The Android sets aside her purchases.

ANDROID: Your old neural imprint.

FOUR: Yes.

The Android considers FOUR studying the template.

ANDROID (O.S.): How long did it take you to start dreaming?

FOUR turns and throws her a look.

ANDROID: Thoughts and images from human memory form the basis of REM and NREM dreams. Without memories to process, brain mechanisms are incapable of producing cognitive contents.

FOUR: On the second day, I dreamt I was back in stasis, awake but unable to free myself. It’s a dream I’ve had many times since.

ANDROID: Would you care to hear my psychological analysis?

FOUR: Not especially, no.

ANDROID: You’re troubled.

He throws her a look.

ANDROID: That wasn’t a dream interpretation; simply an assessment of your current frame of mind based on your present actions and roughly a dozen physiological indicators. (beat) You want to remember, but fear the costs.

FOUR stares at the onscreen data.

FOUR: Perhaps a small price to pay for a far greater reward.

July 26, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 17: We Were Family”!  What Didn’t Make The Cut!

Finally, because the episode was timing long,, I elected not to lose a concluding montage sequence, choosing instead to simply use the last shot of said montage: the Android, on the bridge, considering the upgrade she received from Victor.  One could argue the other beats are neither here nor there but I, personally, miss the scripted moment of FIVE discovering a gift-wrapped toothbrush on her pillow…and knowing exactly who it’s from:



SIX, seated on his bed, lies back down and stares up at the ceiling, deep in thought.


TWO studies FIVE’s sketch.


Devon takes a hit – and gets high.

July 26, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 17: We Were Family”!  What Didn’t Make The Cut!


FOUR is training alone with his bo staff. He stops, looks over as Nyx strolls in and helps herself to another staff. They exchange smiles – and fight.

July 26, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 17: We Were Family”!  What Didn’t Make The Cut!

E) INT. RAZA – FIVE’S QUARTERS FIVE walks into her room and notices a little gift-wrapped present sitting on her pillow. Curious, she picks it up, unfurls the bow, unwraps it – and reveals the toothbrush inside. She smiles.

F) INT. RAZA – BRIDGE The Android, alone on the bridge, holds up and considers the software upgrade she was given.

I’m going to talk to Syfy and our post-production team about releasing these deleted scenes as online extras.  Stay tuned!

22 thoughts on “July 26, 2016: Dark Matter “Episode 17: We Were Family”! What didn’t make the cut!

  1. Oh, yes, please…those are awesome scenes.
    Android clutching her purchases is priceless and 5 finding the gift.
    Would have loved to see a scene of Android leaving the gift for 5.

  2. Releasing the deleted scenes online sounds brilliant to me! Go for it Joe, and thank you again for sharing!

  3. I love deleted scenes! The Five scene is very touching and the Four scene….interesting.

    Has anyone watched “Murder in the First”? One season covers a case from start to finish. It’s got a great cast and the writing seems solid.

    Gforce: Seriously, those photos from yesterday were awesome! I can’t imagine how you climbed with that wind.

  4. Thanks, Tam Dixon! The wind was really bad in that one spot, but it wasn’t like that the whole way. In fact it was pretty hot down below tree line.

    Those scenes with FOUR sound kind of important – I’m assuming that info will come out some other way later? The montage sounds like it would have been great, but he Nyx/TWO scene doesn’t sound like it really added anything to the episode. I’d rather that Nyx be shown what these characters are like rather than told.

  5. Online extras?!? Yes please! Who do I need to send quality chocolate to for this to happen? 😀 😀 😀

    Love knowing these bits that are cut, on Tumblr, we have a lot of conversations like “I can’t believe we didn’t get to see x!!!!” and it’s great knowing this stuff. We like it. Even if we didn’t see it in the show, it’s great to know that it came up. Love it!

  6. I agree, most of these scenes would have been sweet to see, especially the Four & Android scene and Five finding the toothbrush. I think of Three, Four & Two, that Four has the most to gain in retrieving his memories. You have to wonder, was the “real” Ryo just biding his time, plotting revenge, making a list (like Arya Stark), until his eventual return to take his rightful place as ruler; or was he content to be a maraudering mercenary and leave all that behind. If Five’s flashback memories tell us anything, I doubt Ryo would let things go. After all, revenge is a dish best served cold.

    On-line extras – bring it on!!

  7. If syfy agrees can you have them post the extras on their youtube and have it available for Canadian fans as well.

  8. ~~~I do love when you can share the extras!! I agree the extras would have been splendid additions, sweet, and maybe if you had less commercials they could fit them in, hah. I know, you have to pay for it somehow …
    ~~gforce, thanks for the beautiful pictures and video, and ~windy~, the mom in me wants to make sure you were dressed warmly enough!. be safe.

  9. re: Deleted scenes.

    It is so hard to know what to delete and what to keep
    when you are pressed for time
    and it ‘all’ feels so important to the progress and empowerment of the characters and storyline.
    I do not envy you that stressful aspect of your job.

    For what ever its worth ?
    Here’s my viewer/audience take
    on what I’d have kept, changed or completely purged:

    #1. Ryo/FOUR staying on board watching the news
    would have worked well
    and very much so should have, in my opinion, been kept.
    Quite especially considering Season 2’s big prison escape
    was made possible via stealing an imperial shuttle
    that was at H8 to collect and return him to his home.

    All in all -FOUR should be expressing
    a great deal of concern about being hunted
    and about what is currently going on back home.
    We were given the impression in season 1
    – he very much wanted to clear his name,
    help his homeworld and reclaim his rightful place on the throne.
    So the scenes of him watching the news about tensions at home
    and exploring his memories on the computer
    are highly relevant and should not have been cut.

    Albeit I would have deleted
    some of Androids dialogue with FOUR
    and changed one or two of the lines
    because it is important to the believability of Androids evolution
    that it happen in only small spurts.
    (until of course she inserts her “humanness” upgrade chip).
    The rest of the time
    she should remain as logical and efficient as is possible.

    My version of the dialogue would have deleted the question
    “How long have you been dreaming?”
    (Its not efficient or much relevant
    to their exchange of the moment together) and gone straight to:

    Android: walking in with her shopping bags

    and saying “Your neural imprint.” (pause)

    Android: “Thoughts and images from human memory………. ” .

    Also I would have deleted
    “Would you care to hear my psychological analysis?”
    and re-arranged the next couple lines:

    Android: My psychological analysis based on your current actions
    and numerous individual physiological affectations
    indicate you are emotionally troubled. (pause)

    Would you like some assistance in understanding and coping with it?

    FOUR: You’re an android.
    What can you possibly genuinely understand
    about real human emotion?!

    Android: nonchalantly, responds.
    “Apparently I’m special.
    I understand a whole lot more than either of us realize yet”.

    FOUR: Throws Android a sharp WTF??? type of look!

    (Android gazes down at the upgrade chip resting in the palm of her open hand.)

    (End scene)

    The scene would have lent us subtle humor
    while let us know
    that her new friend’s ‘words’ had an “emotional” impact on her
    and did her evolving ‘ego’/self esteem some good.

    #2: I Would have loved it if you
    could have kept the bridge dialogue between THREE & TWO
    about going to a public space station to do some shopping
    when clearly all of the GA and numerous corporations were now fiercely hunting them!

    It would have worked a whole lot better than FIVE simply saying to Android
    “TWO says the pressure is off” (implying – no need to worry).

    The shorter statement left me shaking my head
    in a WTF!!?????? moment. Wondering what I missed.
    Though I trust you will likely explain this statement
    FIVE uttered in later episodes.

    Sorry, but in this instance,
    I really cannot agree relevant points were made clear in other scenes.
    It doesn’t matter if “I” can piece together what’s what.
    “You” are the story teller.
    I, a member of the audience,
    want to know what is what from “your” point of view.

    #3 The scene of FIVE discovering her toothbrush gift from Android
    would have made
    for a perfect emotional touchy feely moment.
    It would have endeared us more to both FIVE & Android.

    #4 I’m glad the hug and extra conversation between TWO & FIVE
    were cut.
    You need to be very careful
    about how quickly and deeply TWO does or not show
    deeper affections with FIVE.
    TWO is not the type to easily ‘Hug’ someone
    or say something like we are best friends.
    She might over time -but her bond with FIVE
    is just starting to solidify so it needs to happen
    naturally and gradually over time.

    For example in real life:
    I am an emotionally open touchy feely
    hug everyone kind of gal who is in love with the world.
    That I’ve been reading the blog
    since you started it 10 yrs ago
    I’ve developed a strong emotional attachment
    and bond to you and the blog siblings here over the years.
    Thus – if we were to physically meet up in person today
    I’d be inclined to just run up and hug ya like a very dear old friend.
    On the flip side of that coin
    – “I” only just started regularly contributing
    and interacting with the family a year ago.
    Thus – ‘You’ are only just starting to get to know me
    – so your emotional reaction to meeting me
    would not naturally be an inclination
    quite as emotionally strong as my reaction to meeting you.
    The same is true of TWO and FIVE.

    Five is a naturally affectionate soul
    who has felt emotionally attached and bonded to TWO
    for longer than TWO has allowed herself
    to feel vulnerable and attached to FIVE.
    TWO is only just now ‘really’ starting to get to know FIVE.

    Everyone involved in the final say of any episode in the Dark Matter story
    need to always remember and never ever lose sight of
    the fact
    that at the end of the day,
    No matter what the genre or storyline is,
    (and no matter what cool gimmicks,
    and characters are included in an episode
    to make it much more fun)
    We humans ( both male & female)
    become deeply attached and loyally invested in any fictional show
    because of becoming emotionally attached to
    and invested in one character or another.
    This should never be sacrificed EVER
    for fitting some other aspect of the story telling into the episode.

    There have been in the past some shows
    I found myself completely hooked on
    even though it is not a genre or theme that usually attracts me.

    I got hooked on Black Sails because of one extraordinarily sexy
    bad boy character with an endearing side,
    intriguing voice and interesting, complicated, story about his relationship
    with the blond girl who at the time ruled the Bahamas.
    I couldn’t wait to see each episode
    despite the simple fact of pirate shows and treasure Island type stories
    are not usually not at all my cuppa tea.
    Albeit it wasn’t so much the actors good looks
    but my ’emotional’ attachment to his
    character that kept me hooked.
    I cared about the character and was very angry & sad when he died.

    The same is true about a show called: House of Lies.
    I found myself feeling very attached to The main character, Marty.
    Marty’s son and Marty’s girlfriend/business partner.
    I later fell in love with the supporting cast.
    Again this was not a theme or genre that would usually attract me.

    Also: I know I’ve mentioned this before – albeit ….
    I do hope you are going to leave a wee bit of room
    in season 3
    to share with us more about the SIX/ Anders relationship.
    This is also extremely relevant to the story
    because In season one there was much ado about SIX
    being the mole and a not so subtle hinting
    about Anders influence on him.
    The way things were explained
    and left as in episode 201 & 202 was
    highly unsatisfying.
    So pwease, pwetty pwease -dont leave us hanging
    without a payoff.
    Anders has become a fan favorite
    and lots of fans are now curious
    if he will eventually prove to be a true straight n narrow
    goodie goody cop
    or a just another corrupt man
    who sold his soul to the highest bidder long ago ????

    Okay I’m done. Apologies for the long-windedness.
    Hope my two cents worth – helps
    a teeny bit in going forward.

    XO Love ya! Have a great day!

  10. More fantastic nuggets. I know you have them here but it would be great to have them on a DVD with the episodes (kind of like Peter Jackson does where he adds back in the deleted cuts and then releases a “director’s cut.”

    It’s Patrick’s last day of school today (Wednesday); he goes back on 8/15. His bus mate and classmate is “graduating” today. What that means is he is aging out of the system at 22 years of age. The school district is no longer responsible to help him reach his potential. For most parents whose kids are graduating it a joyous occasion mixed with tears at the milestone, but it is mostly a happy event. There is usually some anxiety when they transition to college that they will be safe and make good decisions. “Graduation” for our kids is not really any of that. There is fear because there are very few programs out there who specializes in autism, let alone a nonverbal adult with autism. I have found myself in tears many times this month at the thought I will not see this young man, but it really isn’t about this young man. I see Patrick’s future reflected back at me. When you have a school that literally saved your child’s life and future, and we will have been there for 8 years when it is Patrick’s time and suddenly that support system is gone, it is a SHOCK to the system. Including Kids will be involved in Patrick’s transition to a group home and will be the people who will train staff. But Patrick is going to have some huge things to adjust to — not going to school every day — which is going to be a shock to his system because he LOVES going — and now living in a place that is not his home — the only home he has ever known — is going to be such a shock to him and to us. I was invited to go to the graduation, but my second afternoon pet sit did not cancel. If it was on this side of town I could go, but it is a 40-minute drive one-way there and that complicates the attendance. It’s probably for the best. I wouldn’t be able to control my tears and I don’t want to make this process more difficult for my friend.

  11. Dark Matter & Killjoys live ratings for their most recent episodes were kinda scary, but 12 Monkeys and Wynonna Earp rounded to a 0.1 for most of their seasons and still got renewed. Dark Matter also performs better than the other three shows in the Live+7, which the show received a 0.5 for the premiere and a 0.4 for the second episode. The show definitely seems to be a DVR show.

    The Expanse probably would have hit a 0.1 had its first season been longer too. The finale of that got a 0.15 unrounded, with a much higher episode budget than Dark Matter.

    The network is in an awful state ratings wise. It really makes you think when literally everything on the network is rating so badly. I can’t see it affecting Dark Matters renewal chances either way.

    I really think people should be looking at Dark Matters DVR numbers instead of the live. The show is such a strong performer there.

  12. And by the way.

    Episode 2 Live+7 numbers for Dark Matter and Killjoys(Overall numbers, as I can’t be bothered typing the individual viewer and 18-49 gains).

    Dark Matter: 1.49 million viewers, 0.4 18-49
    Killjoys: 1.28 million viewers, 0.4 18-49

    People are watching both shows, just not a lot are watching live. A new trend in my opinion for cable.

  13. Online would be great, but most definitely on the DVD/BluRay release. is there a way to do a “Director’s Cut” of each episode with the scenes that were actually shot put back into the episode? Might be too expensive or simply too big to fit both the regular version of an episode and it’s corresponding “Director’s Cut”. Sure would be awesome, though!

    If nothing else, it’s been great reading all of these scenes and mentally putting them back in to their rightful spots. Thanks!

    The one thing I think you might be forgetting for blog posts are: What are Akemi’s takes on these episodes? Any opinions? Theories? Reactions? I’d love to hear her unique take on these!

    -Mike A.

  14. My face hurts from smiling, props to Emily Coutts’ awesome “Rachel” do, for a sec I thought that was Tara Yelland playing the receptionist. I like the Transfer Transit hub, that would make a cool Comic-Con café, pub or actual cloning station. Two’s jacket is so cool. I’m noticing DM has the same craveable costume DNA as Lost Girl. Toothbrush! Awww! Can’t wait to see Android become a slap happy gal.

  15. I’m going to talk to Syfy and our post-production team about releasing these deleted scenes as online extras. Stay tuned!
    Fantastic – bring it on 👍

  16. My favorite of those deleted scenes is the one where the Android acts Four when he started dreaming, because the six mindwiped crew’s dreams are something I’ve actually wondered about recently.

  17. Not to mention the nightmares they must have about the people they’ve lost and all the messed up things that have happened.

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