July 25, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 17: We Were Family” – Deleted Scenes!

“Episode 17: We Were Family”

Kudos to Dark Matter stunt coordinator John Stead for the phenomenal job directing this episode.  Loved this episode’s western feel, the beautiful character moments and, of course, his trademark action sequences!

This episode ran long so we had to lose some dialogue, and a few scenes, to get it to time.  Much of it I don’t miss.  Some, I’m sorry didn’t make the final cut…

July 25, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 17: We Were Family” – Deleted Scenes!

Following the flashback tease of the kid in the closet, we go to our opening sequence, then, in the original script, would have opened the episode with a scene involving TWO and THREE on the bridge.  The script was timing long and I made the decision to cut this scene that, ultimately, has most of its salient points covered in ensuing scenes anyway:


TWO stands at one of the consoles, checking out the onscreen data. THREE walks in.

TWO: Looks like we’re about an hour out from the space station.

THREE: We’ve got half this galaxy looking for us. You really think stopping anywhere is a good idea?

TWO: We’re out of food. We don’t have much choice short of going into stasis.

THREE considers, then walks back and hits the console, sealing the door so they can’t be overheard.

THREE: And what’re we doing about our guests?

TWO: That’s something we have to discuss. (beat) Nyx wants to stay. She says she has nowhere else to go.

THREE doesn’t seem all that enthused with the idea.

THREE: And the others?

July 25, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 17: We Were Family” – Deleted Scenes!

At which point we segue to a shot of the ship in flight, then go to the TWO/DEVON scene in the infirmary.  A few lines of dialogue were deleted from the director’s cut – some of it pertaining to Devon’s backstory…

TWO: You can contribute something. Your medical training makes you an asset.

DEVON: I can think of less dangerous ways to make a dishonest living, thank you. No offense, but this ship is a magnet for trouble.

TWO: Got someone out there?

DEVON: Parents who I don’t talk to anymore. I’ve grown to love my alone time.

TWO: So, what does this mean? When are you planning to leave us?

DEVON: Soon. Maybe just…not right away. If that’s okay?

TWO: Your call.

July 25, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 17: We Were Family” – Deleted Scenes!

Then, we go to the THREE/Arax mess scene.  We had to lose some dialogue in the editing suite.  It always kills me to lose the funny bits but, alas, it was either that or trim actual story beats.  Arax’s pitch is similar to the one he gives TWO in the previous episode so I didn’t feel bad losing part of it here.


THREE chows down in rather boorish fashion, mouth open, fishing into his back tooth to dislodge a piece of food. REVEAL Arax seated across from him, staring in disbelief.

ARAX: I’ve seen some mighty horrific things in my days, but that ranks right up there.

Arax gets up, goes to the coffee table and pours himself a drink.

THREE: You know how a near-death experience gives you a greater appreciation for life, making you really cherish the moments you have left? Well, switch out near-death experience for prison food.

ARAX: Can I pour you a double?

THREE: It’s not even lunch yet. (beat) Single shots fine.

Arax pours another one. THREE notices the bottle.

THREE: Hey, where’d you get that bottle?

Arax walks over, hands him his mug and takes a seat.

ARAX: Found it in the store room, behind a crate.

THREE (pissed): That’s my private stock. It’s for special occasions – weddings and such.

Arax raises his glass in toast.

ARAX: Come on. This IS a special occasion. A toast – to our new partnership.

THREE: You sound like a guy who’s sticking around. Well, thinks he’s sticking around anyway.

ARAX: Ah, you guys would be crazy to dump me.


ARAX: I’ve got connections, pull with criminal outfits from here to the edge of colonized space. Weapons, back-up, intel – I’m your guy.

THREE: When you put it that way, you’re right. We’d be crazy to dump you. And you’d be crazy to stay. We’ve pissed off the G.A., Traugott’s gunning for us –

ARAX: And you’ll stay one step ahead of ’em, like always. I’m confident in your abilities – which I plan on making use of somewhere down the line. Partnerships run both ways, right?

July 25, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 17: We Were Family” – Deleted Scenes!

Okay, now THIS is where it gets painful.  The director’s cut of the scene in FIVE’s quarters included an exchange in which FIVE references the events of the season 1 finale and apologizes for accusing TWO of selling them out.  TWO is understanding and the exchange concludes with a hug and an understanding that their relationship remains strong.  At the end of the day, you could argue it’s unnecessary, that their actions confirm as much, but I still think it was a sweet exchange and a nice bonding moment for the two characters.


FIVE, sitting at her desk, re-jigging some piece of gak. TWO steps up to the open door and KNOCKS.


TWO enters –

TWO: Did you get a chance to finish that sketch?

FIVE: Yeah.

FIVE grabs a sketch sitting on a nearby table and walks it over to TWO. INSERT – A sketch of the setting from TWO’s memory (Episode 203) – the alley with the distinct building in the B.G.

TWO: Thanks.

TWO goes to leave but FIVE stops her with a –

FIVE: Hey.

TWO glances back at FIVE, awkward, looking like she’s got something she wants to say. She hesitates, then –

FIVE: I’m sorry.

TWO: No need to apologize. You had to stop me. If I got control of the ship –

FIVE: Not for that. For ever doubting you. When the G.A. were about to take the ship. I should’ve trusted you but…

TWO: There was a lot of mistrust going around that day. We all made mistakes.

FIVE: Sure but I guess I just wanted to know – to make sure…well, we were pretty good friends once and –

TWO: And we still are. Best of, okay?

TWO brings her in for a hug. FIVE is palpably relieved.

July 25, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 17: We Were Family” – Deleted Scenes!
Best of friends

TWO looks at the sketch.

TWO: You did a really nice job.

FIVE: I don’t get it. Something really bad happened to you there. Why would you want to go back?

TWO: I don’t, but I have a feeling that, sooner or later, I may not have a choice.

Off TWO –

July 25, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 17: We Were Family” – Deleted Scenes!

Now a rare case where an entire scene was excised from the director’s cut, this one involving almost the entire crew meeting up at the airlock before heading onto the space station.  Some funny bits with FIVE and the Android, THREE and Arax being frat boys, and, of course, TWO calling the shots and playing the role of den mother.  The scene also includes a very subtle hint that FIVE is developing a crush on Devon.  The director’s cut was actually peppered with these subtle little looks from FIVE that I, ultimately, felt wasn’t really working so I ended up losing.  Interestingly, some reviewers have nevertheless picked up on the possibility that FIVE is smitten with the ship’s new medic.


TWO, Nyx, THREE, Arax, and Devon are waiting at the airlock. FIVE and the Android round the corner and approach.

ANDROID: Sorry to keep you waiting.

They all stare back at the Android.

ANDROID: FIVE has asked me to accompany her – for her protection.

FIVE: Yeah. Space stations are scary.

Of course no one is buying it.

TWO: Okay.

July 25, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 17: We Were Family” – Deleted Scenes!
Space stations are scary!

THREE: You sure we don’t need her here?

ANDROID: My neural link allows me remote access to ship’s systems. I don’t need to be on board to ensure its security. Besides, FOUR has elected to remain behind.

TWO: Alright then. Group A –

Motions to her and Nyx –

TWO: We’re on research. Group B –

Motioning to FIVE who smiles up at Devon –

July 25, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 17: We Were Family” – Deleted Scenes!

TWO: You’re on med supplies. And Group C –

Motioning to the boys –

TWO: You’re on –


TWO: Right. Any sign of trouble, get in touch –

She taps her comm –

TWO: And fall back to the ship.

She hits the console. The airlock slides open and they’re off.

I leave you with this interview in which I discuss the episode – and its ramifications – with Kelly Townsend of TV Junkies.

More behind the scenes goodies in tomorrow’s blog entry!

16 thoughts on “July 25, 2016: Dark Matter “Episode 17: We Were Family” – deleted scenes!

  1. Awww some real great stuff there; I can see why you hated to lose it. Thanks for sharing them with us! And for sharing the dog pic. 😀

  2. This was a great episode! Thanks for filling us in on what we missed. I hope a deleted/extended scenes feature pops up one day, perhaps on the season 2 DVD.

  3. That was definitely one of the more obscure dog pic references, without seeing the show! I love this BTS/deleted scene stuff. That scene between TWO and FIVE does seem pretty sweet. Too bad it didn’t make it.

    As promised here’s some pics and video of my hike up and down Mt. Washington for my volunteering stint. Some crazy windy weather!

    Here’s the waterfall just as I started up the trail:

    Looking back down Tuckerman Ravine. I hiked up that?

    After a windy walk across the col to the hut, finally – my home for the next two nights!

    Then on the way back it was pretty darn foggy, and pretty windy:

    The wind going along the Lion Head Trail on the way down was pretty strong:
    (note that the ravine is just at the right, dropping off very steeply.)

    But then, just as I get to the end of that ridge, the wind maxed out! I had to take my glasses off to keep them from getting ripped off my face, and was barely able to make progress. I considered crawling on my hands and knees actually! I was talking during this video, saying that this view would normally be looking into Tuckerman Ravine, but it was lost to the wind. But just beyond that spot, the trail dropped down and got out of the wind.

    Overall, a great time. Really!

  4. Interesting and I wish you’d could have left those scenes in. I didn’t see the Five-Devon thing but I should have. I’ll have to re-watch it.

    When is One coming back?

  5. Wow! Just seen episode 17… That was a meaty episode, Joe! Top marks!!

    Love Android’s hesitant yet almost euphoric steps towards her human interpretation transformation. The meeting of the androids was so Bladerunner (hope you don’t mind the comparison) and so wonderful. And when Android came out, dressed up, feeling so very awkward – Zoie played that perfectly! Can’t wait for her next stage using that upgrade. … (Have seen the a tasty teaser for next week’s episode…)

    Nyx also continues to impress me … Her fight sequence with Four was super nifty plus, oow, was there something else going on there??? 😉

    Three’s story was as gut twistingly emotional, as expected. Can totally appreciate now, how he ended up the way he was before the stasis wipe. Love the Greedo/Solo shoot out with Tanner near the end. Brilliant!!

    And (sorry, yes again!), appreciate the undercurrent of One’s assassination and crew reaction to news updates – this time Four’s.
    Happy also on Six’s repair and hopeful recovery.

    Thank you for the deleted scene details, Joe – always welcome and entertaining.

    Yessiree, can’t wait for next week’s episode (and the return of MB!! 😊). Definitely need that time travel malarkey like NOW!

  6. I finally got time to watch We Were Family … so good. Sad to lose snippets and entire scenes, that was some great stuff.

    I never would have gotten the snausages. Mmm, snausages, now I’m hungry.

  7. Shame that the scene between Two & Five had to be trimmed. That would have been a nice healing moment between the two. Though I didn’t trust Arax, I will miss the banter between him & Three. Hopefully he’ll show up again…

    Thanks once again for the BTS insights.

  8. Okay, finally got to go back and check; got that pic wrong. I thought it was #6, the one with the 3 dogs; they could be a family, no? Oh well…LOL

  9. Little Timmy had always loved nature and wildlife even before he was old enough to walk n talk. And on the day of his sith birthday when his mother brought him hiking at Mt Washington -he was so very incredibly excited he grabbe his mother firmly by the hand and raced to the top of Lionhead trail!

    Oh! Mommy!, young Timmy exclaimed. This place is so awesomely awesome! It’s like a magic faerieland. .. Lookie! Over there! See?! … That man in the windbreaker and glasses is even flying through the air without needing wings!! 😀 😀 😀

    Thanks so much 4 the awesome picture story share@Gforce! xo Am fairly certain, in one of Joe’s many alternate universes there is a version of you that grew up to be a professional explorer, adventurer, and photo journalist/ story teller for Nat Geo!

    @Joe You should take Gary with ya the next time you do an outdoor location shoot! Bet ya’d return from it with some absolutely spectacular nature and team photos to share! 🙂 XO

  10. Wow! A really full blog post. I am sad all these scenes had to be dropped. Maybe Dark Matter/Syfy will allow a release of the director’s cut.

    I did pick up on the Five/Devon crush. And seriously why not? He is handsome, saved Six, and is a doctor. I also picked up on some heat between Nyx and Ryo. I predict that they will have sex at some point. She is a formidable fighter and that is definitely a turn-on for Ryo.

    I know that Arax seems to be a bad guy but once exposed to this crew, his point of view is going to change. It has to. (He will be what “Six” was last season). That’s my prediction.

    For anyone who doesn’t want to look up the dog #, it is dog 13. There are 4 that the winner did not get right, so I’m trying to see if I got any of the 4 they got wrong.

    Devon is going to have a major drug withdrawal when he doesn’t have access to his drug of choice (or a close substitute). The crew’s support of that process will want to make him stay.

    Season 2 has been phenomenal. Syfy would be crazy not to renew this for a season 3.

    @gforce You need to sell some of these pictures. I keep telling you I would pay for some of them to hang in my house. Truly beautiful. That wind was intense. Sounds like a tropical storm force wind. Glad you are okay.

  11. Big thanks for sharing all these deleted scenes.
    Episode 17 is my new favourite episode…that is, until I watch Episode 18, on Monday, probably! lol
    Season 2 👍

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