July 14, 2016: Farewell To Hyperion-8!  Welcome Back To The Raza!

Director Bruce McDonald, Stunt Coordinator John Stead, and their fellow miscreants on Hyperion-8.

Tomorrow night’s instalment of Dark Matter, “Episode: 16: I’ve Seen the Other Side of You” sees a welcome return to the friendly environs of the good ship Raza. Until all hell breaks loose but, still, nice to be back in familiar surroundings.

I won’t be live-tweeting the episode BUT – on Akemi’s persistent insistence – I will be doing a live Periscope after the show.  That’s right!  Come find me on twitter after the episode airs (7 pm PDT, 10 pm EDT) – @BaronDestructo .  Bring snacks!

But first, here’s a treat for you.  The Mikkei shuttle…

July 14, 2016: Farewell To Hyperion-8!  Welcome Back To The Raza!

Mikkei shuttle concepts from FuseFx.  FuseFX Supervisor Shawn Hillier.  Dark Matter VFX Supervisor Lawren-Bancroft Wilson requested some slight adjustments that are reflected in the revised version:

July 14, 2016: Farewell To Hyperion-8!  Welcome Back To The Raza! July 14, 2016: Farewell To Hyperion-8!  Welcome Back To The Raza! July 14, 2016: Farewell To Hyperion-8!  Welcome Back To The Raza!

Mighty damn gorgeous, no?

22 thoughts on “July 14, 2016: Farewell to Hyperion-8! Welcome back to The Raza!

  1. Damn gorgeous yes! I’ll be able to join the Periscope thingee too. NO CLIENTS TOMORROW NIGHT. Only have daytime clients the next 3 days.

    I just wanted to let you all know, especially to those who made a contribution to my son’s autism school in the past fundraisers, that they are breaking ground on their new facility tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. central time. Jeff and I will be there and will be shedding happy tears. They are planning a move-in date for August of 2017 and Patrick will spend his last year there in the new facility which will also be a sad thing to think about because that will mean the next step of Patrick’s journey which is a group home. Can I tell you when Five said “group home” in the previous episode I cried? I can’t really hear those two words together without doing so — even now as I typing it. These next two years are going to be a mess for me emotionally.

  2. .that’s a mighty fine looking bunch of miscreants!! looking forward to Fridays new episode. thanks for sharing all that you do!!

  3. That’s a motley crew you have there at H-8. We bid you a fond farewell. I too am glad to see the crew back on the Raza. What could possibly go wrong now that they are home?

    Love the blue lighting on the Mikkei cruiser. Very soothing, that’s good, right? Nice design.

    Less than 24 hours….I think that Five once again will be the one to utter the title phrase “I’ve seen the other side of you”.

  4. How come….off the wall question…the bearded guy who locked our guys in the incinerator had a brand new white T shirt?

    Beautiful shuttles. By the way a nit pick – after the escape, the Ishida shuttle was barely visible as it left the surface to dock with the raza.

    Meanwhile…counting the hours minutes, etc., to show time.

  5. Yay! Only hours away!
    I’m so excited to have such an awesome Friday schedule this week!
    I get to go rock out with Jim and the boys
    at the first studio session of the summer during the day and into the evening
    Then I get to come home and jam with my fellow late night Raza Crew
    as we bear witness to the majesty of Joe’s beautifully dangerous imagination,
    in the Dark Matter universe!

    And, after the extremely stressful, exhausting, week I’ve been experiencing,
    battling the excrusiatingly painful withdrawal symptoms
    from my Doritos Original Nacho Cheese Chip addiction
    BOY! Do I ever need to let loose and have some fun!!! :

  6. @PBmom Congrats on the new school for Patrick! 🙂 And no worries about emotionally getting by the next 2 years. You know your blog family will be here to be your listening ear and hug crew whenever you need it.

    My heart weeps for France as well. Too much awfulness in the world of late.

  7. Fab shuttle design. All the photos you post give us a chance to see all the designs ‘up close and personal’ and appreciate what is involved from sketch to final product. So much goes into all the designs, sets, etc and it’s such a pity the amount of screen time they get is virtually gone in the blink of any eye.

  8. By the way my beautiful blog family: As you know, Joe’s 10 year blog anniversary is coming up this November.
    Am thinking being that Joe is always so generously
    doing nice things for us we should organize something nice
    to honor and celebrate it and him. 🙂

    If I don’t already have your email address
    be sure to send it along to the NewScience101 box @ gmail
    in next couple of weeks if you want in on the planning
    so we can all group conference via email
    sometime in August to toss ideas around
    and come up with a final agreed upon celebration theme. XO

    For those of you who want in on the planning but are not comfortable sharing your email address with the whole group be sure to mention it in your email so I can forward you planning discussions separately.

    And NO. sorry Joe.
    Don’t even think about trying to take out a fake email box
    just so you can pose as one of the blog regulars
    to secretly get in on the planning of your own party! 😀 😀 😀

  9. @MaggieL80 @PBMom @Ceresis:

    I don’t think Lt Anders is dead.
    He took the same number of wounds
    in the same places on his body as SIX did
    and we know SIX isnt dead.

    Am thinking Joe simply had them shoot each other
    to make room for the new characters in season 2
    and so as to enable Anders
    to leave the GA in season 3
    (due to serious injuries sustained)
    and have an excuse to go track down SIX
    so he can try to apologize to him.
    Then we get to find out if Anders is actually corrupt or not?

    And if there is one thing am sure we all know about Joe
    -he will leave us teetering on the brink
    questioning Ander’s true motives
    until we are absolutely dying with curiosity
    and exploding with a zillion wild theories
    before he reveals the truth.

    Besides, I doubt Joe would be so cruel
    as to kill off a fan favorite
    and leave us hanging about the details
    of the back story
    of the SIX and Anders relationship
    when it feels so central to the story
    of SIX being the mole and just when their story
    was starting to get reeaally interesting, eh!?

    Gosh! I can’t believe how many fans
    have been tweeting about being upset
    over Anders getting shot!
    Jeff T’s twitter has been rapidly blowing up
    with new fans following daily since ep 202’s first airing!

  10. The shuttle is beautiful, yes. I love the “family photo”, too!

    Looking forward to the Periscope – I hope Akemi makes an appearance too! (Say hi for me now in case it gets lost in the shuffle during the Periscope.)

  11. Ponytail: 😆

    PBMom: {{{Hugs}}}

    I’m sorry but I can’t tweet/periscope during the show (maybe after). I’m too busy watching and I don’t want to miss anything!!!!

    I wish y’all could have sent the whole season 2 to Netflix…..

  12. Yay! It’s Friday and that means more awesome Dark Matter! Also like Killjoys, but that’s for another blog. Thank you minions of Hyperion-8, your rioting and menacing glares were truly inspiring. Yeah, which one is Timmy’s dad?
    Meanwhile, ep 203, I’m counting the hours.

    In another universe/dimension I would hope our Raza crew would help demolish these terrorist folks who so randomly and without conscience murder the innocent. Prayers for Nice, France.


  13. Look at those punims! There’s just a bunch of fun lovin’ folks who maybe were having too good of a time when The Man got on their case. I felt bad when they closed the exit doors on these guys, I feel they should all have been freed to continue getting into scrapes and scuffles like Cool Hand Luke https://youtu.be/bneviIHiIKs

  14. Great team photo of Hyperion-8 miscreants.
    Yay! So good to know the crew (bar One) are back on the Raza … Will be interesting to see how the newbies fair especially when our guys turn back to who they were…
    Love the illumination on the Mikkei Shuttle. Kinda reminds me of those sea creatures you like eating, Joe 😉

  15. @Drea
    Agree with everything you said about Lt Anders and Six, definitely more to that storyline……

    Q – Joe, why did you decide to give six a full name, Lt Kal Varrick but just the surname for Lt Anders? Do we get to have a poll to choose a first name for Anders? It would be something that can be easily added to their background story (that you’ve already written, for Season 3) 😊

    You can contact me through my Twitter account, Drea.

  16. I am pumped to return to the Raza, but I will also miss Hyperion-8. The set is beautiful.

  17. Another amazing episode!!! One question though; when the three of them go their memories back, why didn’t anyone notice that they were missing two crew members? They wouldn’t know what happened to One and Six.

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