July 4, 2016: Dark Matter!

Happy 4th of July to everyone celebrating!

The “Episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home” Re-cap

July 4, 2016: Dark Matter!

The Dark Matter cast still has plenty of fight in the season premiere

July 4, 2016: Dark Matter!

HollywoodTheWriteWay reviews “Episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”

July 4, 2016: Dark Matter!

BiffBamPop weighs in on the premiere

July 4, 2016: Dark Matter!

TVEquals have their say

July 4, 2016: Dark Matter!

Dark Matter Interview: TWO, SIX, & Nyx (Part 1)

July 4, 2016: Dark Matter!

Dark Matter Interview: TWO, SIX & Nyx (Part 2)

July 4, 2016: Dark Matter!

“Episode 15: Kill Them All” promo:

“Episode 15: Kill The All” sneak peek:

ThreeIfBySpace’s Tom Gardiner offers his take

“There’s something ominous, but not unexpected, about reading a title like Dark Matter 202 “Kill Them All”. Picked by fans, like all the season two titles, the majority of us thought it was appropriate. We had no real idea what the story was about when we voted, but it sounded right. Knowing our pals would be in Hyperion-8, we figured it was about time someone said that. Now, to find out who spoke those titular words … next week when episode 202 airs!”

A hint of what’s to come in Dark Matter season 2

“While Three’s behaviour is generally consistent with the character we met in season one, there’s still plenty of room for change. According to Lemke, this will take the form of a blossoming relationship. “There’s an individual Three develops a much deeper bond with than he had in season one,” he reveals. “You see Three moving on down the empathy route to be able to interact more as a person in a caring way. But it’s still in a Three way, you know? He doesn’t all of a sudden turn into One. He’s still Three, but I think it’s the most fun change that happens for him.””

***Thanks to Space.ca for the awesome gifs!

14 thoughts on “July 4, 2016: Dark Matter!

  1. THANKS….for the tweet sessions, the periscope, and all the eye candy you can upload to the blog and twitter…all the stories and tidbits – just GREAT stuff.

    Oh, and I love 5 telling 6 how it is. Wow what a slap!

  2. Just finished watching Dark Matter Ep14….

    . Er … Joe ?

    . …. Wha?!!!

  3. Awesome Periscope session. Just watched the replay. You had 352 live viewers and so far 101 replays. Sadly I missed the real time because of work. Had to choose between the 4th & Labor Day. Chose today as I plan on being at Dragon Con Labor Day w/e. Lots of good questions & general comments. Lots of hearts – crazy with the hearts actually. Saw Thogar, MikeBlaine & Ceresis representing. Question: did you do an earlier blog post “rundown” for the proposed S6 of SGA? If so, I need to find it.

    Beware spoilers for Ep1 of S2:
    Love the varying interactions esp between Two & Nyx; One & Six; Five & Six; Six & Anders; Four & Arax (the episode on iTunes does not use the word poop, it has the S-word instead – color me pleasantly surprised, though I thought poop was funnier); and Three by himself with everyone else – if possible he steals a scene from even himself. The “meal worm” was classic. He didn’t seem to have a problem with meal worms when processed in his “beef” burger from last season’s Ep8. Good source of protein & cheaper.

    Lots of great quotes. “She’s mean” is my personal favorite though the whole poop thing was pretty funny. Love Mike D.

    Lots of surprises, namely the probable insidious involvement of Tralgott Corp in what I presume will be a mass assassination attempt on the entire Raza crew. The traces of doubt of One concerning the death of his wife – I think there’s more there (what if Derrick never truly suspected Boone but got on the ship to get closer to him to discover the real murderer or to uncover the conspiracy behind her death or better yet the backstabbing betrayers in his own company). And of course the final scene of this episode. I’m hoping that One is loosing his naivety and invested in some Transfer Transit time.

    Lots to discuss: we need a DM support group! I have one for TWD & GoT.
    For this wks Ep, I have a sinking suspicion that “Kill Them All” is not uttered by a Raza crew member but rather a GA operative or other nefarious character.

  4. My wife woke up from a nap mid-Periscope and wanted to know why I was using speakerphone and who the heck was I talking to!

  5. Watched the first episode UK premiere last night, all I can say is

    Oh my…….


  6. Poor Three! He’s getting his behind handed to him, yikes. I was very surprised to see that the little round hubcap in solitary is an awesome springboard to a cool virtual forest, so many surprises included the ending that made me yell out an expletive. The hell!?! I’m sure he’s fine, he’s okay, he’ll shake it off, won’t he? If not, damn. And the new cast members are amazing, love the doc’s subtle warning to Three about his plan to chillax in the infirmary.

  7. I’m still struggling with this episode. Not sure how I feel. I really don’t want more female characters, since I just can’t relate to them (5 is good, she reminds me of Abby on NCIS, and I can dig Abby). Now I’m wondering if my favorites are gone (Nice One – obviously, and Six). I’m more sad than excited about the episode. Hopefully things will change for me this week.

    (I am also still in full ‘Bucky-mode’, and when my brain is distracted in such a way it’s hard for me to make room for other characters, but I’ll try. My prob, not yours.)


  8. MaggieL80 Thanks for the mention. I always enjoy Joe’s Periscope interactions, they are live and his instantaneous replies are great. And, even more so when he answers one of your own questions 😊

    I also loved ‘she’s mean’ and also Darius’ quip ‘always a bitter pill when you’re betrayed by one of your own’ – Touché!

    First episode and so much was happening that I’ll need a rewatch to try and see/hear all the things that I missed on the first viewing!

  9. The premiere numbers are out(Literally moments before I wrote this..)

    Dark Matter 827,000 viewers, 0.20 18-49
    Killjoys 765,000 viewers, 0.24 18-49

    Both shows did really well I’d say. Dark Matter is only down a hundredth of a ratings point from the season one finale. Surprised about Killjoys, but Dark Matter does have an older skew..

    But Dark Matter did attract the larger audience 🙂

  10. I don’t know why I had my days confused. I know you said “Monday” but I thought “Monday” was Tuesday, or Tuesday was Monday. The 4th of July threw me off. BUT I did listen to the broadcast on Tuesday while I was running around the house doing things. Loved it.

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