Hunh.  Interesting.  It’s like that sequence in Game of Thrones where Bran, seemingly losing all sense of reason, enters a vision without the three-eyed raven and unwittingly ends up dooming a bunch of people to the wrath of the Night King including that poor bastard in the tree.  Now replace Game of Thrones with real life and replace the Night King with me and you have a pretty fair approximation of how things unfolded this late afternoon.  That guy in the tree?  He is SCREWED.

June 28, 2016: 3 Days To The Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

Today’s Dark Matter season 2 sneak peek screen shot of the day!  Check it out. Yes, that’s The Raza.  And, yes, that does appear to be a Mikkei destroyer. Hmmmm.

Holy crap!  Only three days to the season 2 premiere!  To prepare you, here’s an advance preview from Aimee Hicks at

Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere: Advance Preview

And another little preview c/o Dark Matter’s THREE, Anthony Lemke.  Or Lemon Key as Akemi calls him.  Or, occasionally, Le Monkey.

Anthony Lemke Previews Season 2

Small consolation to the many fans of the late great Defiance (Hey, Julie Benz – Mayor Rosewater – used to live in my building.  We used to talk dogs all the time), but there’ll be a double shout-out premiere night when both Killjoys and Dark Matter feature a Defiance alum.  Read about it below:

June 28, 2016: 3 Days To The Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

There’s a little Defiance in the Killjoys and Dark Matter season 2 premieres

3 days to the Syfy/Space Channel premieres – and, coincidentally, you also have three days to enter for a chance to win a cast-signed, annotated copy of the premiere script!  All you have to do is match doggy pictures to episode titles.  How easy is that?

Details here!

Well, apparently not that easy.  Of the 50+ brave entrants to date, 2 are tied atop the leader board.  And, trust me, they can be beat!

June 28, 2016: 3 Days To The Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

Here’s a little something via VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson via Craig Van Den Biggelaar and Brendon Morfitt at Darkroom Digital Effects based on an original design by John Hrubesch.  Now that is a sweet, sweet ride!

June 28, 2016: 3 Days To The Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

Hey, Stargate fans, I’ve got you covered.  Check out the Atlantean DHD from the Stargate: Atlantis pilot, designed and drawn by the amazing James Robbins.

Finally, I conclude today’s blog entry with this memorable exchange last night…

Akemi: Knock knock.

Me: Who’s there?

Akemi: Apple.

Me: Apple who?

Akemi: Okay, what do I say now?

— Akemi discovering the cultural-based challenges of knock-knock humor.

24 thoughts on “June 28, 2016: 3 Days to the Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

  1. Well, what happened this afternoon!?!? You know we love details. You can’t leave us hanging like that!

    LOL at Lemon Key and the knock knock joke. Akemi’s such a sweetie.

    I forgot about that dog picture contest! I need to get at it!!

  2. I cannot wait for Friday. I can’t believe it’s finally here!

    That knock knock joke has about as much humor as any other knock knock joke so I say Akemi’s doing well. 😀

  3. Since I don’t watch Game of Thrones, can’t say I understand the reference, but it sounds like someone is in deep doo-doo with you right now.

    I am knee-deep in Shark Week this week. Do you get it in Canada as well?

    I can’t believe what my hubby did. He bought tickets for a local baseball game Friday night. So I will not start out live with you all; but will be there as soon as I can. Sigh.

  4. Anthony Le Monkey! Omg Akemi is a genius when it comes to using English. Too funny!!

  5. With living in a dorm that mostly has international students in it (I’m the only Canadian in here right now!) the whole concept of cultural explanations for things is something I deal with on a daily basis. As in, if I cook something as simple as an egg in a hole in the lounge in my electric frypan, I get all kinds of questions about the “origins” of the food I am cooking. Or if I am watching TV, having someone come in, demand to know what the “movie” is I am watching (generally it’s a TV series) then wanting to know the origins of THAT (as in where the story comes from, etc) which has been something that sometimes tries my patience, especially if it’s a new episode of something I’m trying to watch and they’re yapping at me DURING THE SHOW….

    Sorry, didn’t mean to rant, lol…

    I know one Chinese girl, when she first came in here, was told the wrong word for “elevator” and thought it was an “alligator”. One of the practical jokers in here gave her that information, I corrected her on it. She understood, when I explained it to her. “Elevator – the big tech box that takes us up and down in the dorm, Aligator – big green thing with big teeth that sees us as fast food!”

    She got the giggles, but remembered what the word meaning was, and from then on, would ask me first about words she didn’t know the meanings of 🙂

  6. That first comment has me concerned. I hope it isn’t anything too serious.

    Dark Room did an awesome job on the ship! … And YES I can’t wait to see the first episode on Friday.

  7. Wha? I haven’t done anything…. honest!

    A tad worried now as I am actually working up a ladder in an orchard today 😌. Those dark clouds over there … Is that you, O Night King!!?

    Time for a tea break, methinks……

  8. Defiance told an amazing tale, I love those characters and that very cool cast. I’m ready for DM and Killjoys.

    Sometimes we need to be rescued, so if you do have a Night King and his horde after you maybe text Benjen Stark he of the awesome name for an assist.

  9. Come on Friday!

    Long ago, when I was tutoring the neighbor kids in English, my student made her first joke in English, calling my tall, lanky husband a “string bean”. We never did progress to knock knocks. I dreaded “Orange you glad I didn’t say banana”?

  10. Something tells me you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to liken yourself to the Night King.

    That Ishida cruiser is bad ass!

    Julie Benz is really cool. I’m a little jealous. Damn shame about Defiance.

    Akemi-isms are always welcome. And awesome.

  11. On Lemon Key, I’m sure he’s been called worse. 😉

    Das: 😆 Hey, I finally got to the episode on “Murdock Mysteries” about George’s Aunties. Did NOT see that coming. 😉

    jorie74: Enjoyed your stories!

    Julie? Didn’t that chick ask about a character named Julie on DM? Hmm. There’s something watchable about Julie Benz. Maybe you could write in a “Seven” character? Sounds too much like Seven of Nine though. I’m sure you can think of something!

    Drea: Probably a good thing Jo’s A/C went out now. She wouldn’t have been able to stand living there. Bobby’s says the part is supposed to be put in today. Cross fingers, salt over shoulder and prayers on that!

  12. Interesting news today. 12 Monkeys got renewed for a third season despite rating below 500k viewers, and rounding to a 0.1 to date(Up to Episode 11). It also had a series low of 0.08 in the 18-49 demo. I can’t imagine anyone could doubt Dark Matters chance of renewal at this point.

  13. @Joe:

    Seeing as I don’t watch GoT, the simile is lost on me, but I think I’m catching the emotional undertones.

    Hopefully Bran (or is it the one in the tree?) capitulates and offers apologies quickly. Wouldn’t want to see an innocent tree burned down needlessly. 😉

    And I’m getting ready for the Dark Matter premier on Friday. Due to travel, I can’t throw as large a premier party as I wanted, but I’ll probably have a few people over. Maybe we’ll post a couch pic on Twitter for Anthony Lemke’s benefit.


    My GPS technology presentation went well. This was a general technology overview aimed at training engineers on the physics behind the GPS system. Lots of intelligent questions and good crowd interaction. I only had an hour (which is a tight schedule considering the material involved), but I seemed to get the major points across (at least based on the questions I received).

    Apparently I’ve received good reviews as I’ve already been invited back for a session in October (or maybe they just can’t find anyone else! 😉 )

  14. Gee Joe. Cryptic much lately? At the very least give us some kind of clue about who’s stepped in and messed up your deep, perfectly constructed, pretty pile of dog doo-doo! And are we talkin’ ” Better Call Saul” type of screwed? Or ” Ya better run now boy!! Because when i catch ya I’m gonna beat your ass to a bloody pulp then stomp, squash and splatter your guts all over the pavement like a bug” type of screwed?

  15. @JeffW Glad it went well. Albeit – What i really want and need to know is Did ya manage to squeeze in a hidden in plain sight DM promo during the promo? I sandwiched mine between a MIT/Jefferson lab project announcement and a NASA research resource. It blended in perfectly and appears totally legit! 😎
    Dark Matter -Because We’re Dangerous!!

  16. @Drea:

    I did manage to squeeze a reference in in a subtle way:

    “While Ephemris data does include corrections for Ionospheric path delays and satellite orbital oscillations due to gravitation effects of lunar tides and solar winds, there is presently no corrections applied for Dark Matter or Dark Energy as no model accounts for those yet.” – said with a smirk. I ran out of presentation time to elaborate further, though. 😉

  17. Very cool that Trenna will be on Dark Matter.

    Sounds like you had a really bad day and heads rolled. Hope today was better.

    Although I don’t tend to do contests well (although I did win that one contest for the graphic novel of Dark Matter), I will take a shot at it. Maybe tomorrow. I have work paperwork to do as the owner should be getting home any minute and I have a week worth’s of notes to get into a pretty report for them.

    Akemi makes me smile. Lemon Key is awesome.

    This probably was my favorite knock-knock joke growing up:

    Knock, knock!

    Who’s there?


    Banana who?

    Knock, knock!
    Who’s there?
    Banana who?
    Knock, knock!
    Who’s there?
    Banana who?
    Knock, knock!
    Who’s there?
    Orange who?
    Orange you glad I didn’t say “banana” again?

  18. Akemi don’t fret, I’m sure that I don’t pronounce his last name right either. It’s a tricky name. No one pronounces my last name right! It’s Leighty. Give it a try.

    Joe, thanks for the continued build-up to S2! Great interview with Le Monkey!

    Gotta get on those pics. Want that script!

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