Today marks my last free day before I get back at it.  Well, in truth, I’ve been back at it since production ended in early May, but there’s a difference between the leisurely comforts of freelancing from home and the more stringent demands of a daily writers’ room.  Having done a good amount of the leg work – story and character overviews and arcs for the show’s third season, story ideas, a breakdown of the season 3 premiere – I’m hoping it’ll be a fun, smooth experience free of the frustration and fury of every writers’ room that has ever convened.  We’ll see.

And So It Begins… Again!  Dark Matter!  Stargate!

Today’s Dark Matter season 2 sneak-peek screenshot comes courtesy of… THAT episode.  You know the one.

Hey, have you entered for a chance to win a cast-signed, annotated copy of the Dark Matter season 2 premiere script?  Check out this link for details:

Win a Dark Matter signed script!

Contest limited to residents of planet Earth.  Deadline July 1st.  Tell your friends!

Stargate Insider

Hey, Stargate fans!  Here are few interesting tidbits from each of the three shows:

And So It Begins… Again!  Dark Matter!  Stargate!
Distant Ruined City – Stargate: Atlantis, Rising I – James Robbins, illustrator.
And So It Begins… Again!  Dark Matter!  Stargate!
Blessed are the Ori prior staffs – Stargate: SG-1, Avalon – James Robbins
And So It Begins… Again!  Dark Matter!  Stargate!
Control Interface Room – Stargate: Universe, Air I – Production Designer James Robbins.

And So It Begins… Again!  Dark Matter!  Stargate!

Finally, a reminder that I’ll be a guest on GeekSoulBrother’s podcast this Tuesday night – 7 pm PST/10 pm EST.

15 thoughts on “And so it begins… Again! Dark Matter! Stargate!

  1. However, those writing room experiences are, they sure seem to turn out good stories. So, something’s working.

    Love that VFX shot!

    Isn’t it “Hallowed” are the Ori? You’ve got me questioning my memory.

  2. Gah! I’m so hopelessly behind on everything Dark Matter. Although I finally ordered Season 1 – Yeah! Except I’m not getting it until the end of the week. Bummer. I’m going to have to find time to binge watch before the new season.

    It’s been a horribly rough year. Since last May, I’ve lost my mom and four other friends, including my mom’s trustee, who was a dear friend, but had not designated a successor to her business. My mom’s house went into foreclosure, then almost on auction May 10th, then out, but with all the lawyers involved I’m kissing what I thought was going to be half of my pitiful retirement goodbye.

    I’ve not been able to keep up as much as I like, but thanks for all of the Stargate photos. Dang, I still miss Atlantis, a lot. But I can’t wait for the new season of Dark Matter. It’ll be something to look forward to every week, hopefully still on Friday night.

    And if I remember reading correctly awhile back, Brad Wright has a new show. I can’t be happier for him. And you’re working on another series too? Wow! But when are you going to find time to take your trip to Japan? I keep thinking how disappointed you were last year. Hope you and Akemi can take a break soon.

  3. Hey, about that writers room… just remember, you’re the boss. You’re the creator. You can squash any idea that doesn’t fit your master plan.

  4. Oops, prematurely hit post: love the pics as usual. Where I have closure with SG-1, all these pics just make me miss SGA even more. There were so many more stories left to tell.

    Happy Monday everyone.

    On a solemn note: My thoughts and prayers are with the victims, the survivors and all the families that have been effected by the horrific shooting that took place in Orlando today.

    I cannot wait. I work @ a Books-A-Million store and reserved my Blu-Ray copy the moment I unloaded them off our truck. Good thing I have a 14 hour gap between my Tuesday & Wednesday shifts.

  6. You work too hard but we do appreciate it! When is the Japan trip?

    Paloosa: Condolences and I hope the year turns around for you.

  7. Writer’s room sounds like fun, really. The kind of fun which can suck now and then, but you’re proud you made it worthwhile.

    I love those staffs! I’d pretend I was a wizard …

  8. My condolences to anyone here who may have been affected by the Orlando shootings. It’s getting too close to home. 🙁

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