If today was any indication of the relaxing times I can look forward to in the week ahead, I may well need a hiatus from my hiatus…

— Went over the rough cut footage from the gag reel.  Lots of funny bits.  Now it’s just a matter of selecting the best and choosing the order.

— Went over the visual effect shots for a bunch of episodes.  It’s all looking fantastic.  Kudos to VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson and his various teams.  Eye-popping stuff.

— Reviewed budgets for the show’s first two seasons, and prospective third.

— Reviewed a couple of terrific special features.

— Completed the beat sheet for our season 3 premiere: a tease, a tag, and five action-packed, character-driven, twisty-turns acts!

—  Did a little work on my new pilot script and am a little over halfway done.  It’s pretty different from what I usually write, more in the realm of military SF, but still the character-driven, action-fueled story-telling with that underlying humor I love so much.  Coming soon to a screen near you?  I’m counting on late 2017!

June 6, 2016: “relaxing”!  Dark Matter!  Stargate!

Today’s intriguing screen shot comes from…some episode in Dark Matter’s second season.  But what IS going on here?  Guesses?

June 6, 2016: “relaxing”!  Dark Matter!  Stargate!

Modeling the Hyperion-8 detention facility – Dark Matter (Darkroom Digital Effects, CG Supervisor: Craig VanDenBiggilaar, Modeling Supervisor – Brendon Morfitt.

June 6, 2016: “relaxing”!  Dark Matter!  Stargate!

Fancy light-up corporate name plate c/o Roxanne Borris.

June 6, 2016: “relaxing”!  Dark Matter!  Stargate!

Incoming transmission!  Trivia time!  More often than not, whenever a character is watching, reacting, or conversing with an onscreen display, said display is often a “burn-in” meaning the actor is not playing to a live-feed but a blue screen.  The actual onscreen elements are “burned in” later in post-production.

And a little something for the Stargate fans, from the archives…

June 6, 2016: “relaxing”!  Dark Matter!  Stargate!

Architecture designs – “The Other Guys”.June 6, 2016: “relaxing”!  Dark Matter!  Stargate!Wraith mask – James Robbins.

June 6, 2016: “relaxing”!  Dark Matter!  Stargate!

Wraith warrior chest plate – James Robbins.

14 thoughts on “June 6, 2016: “Relaxing”! Dark Matter! Stargate!

  1. Ah, the Wraith mask & little Jinto playing hide and seek “Wraith in the Woods” from The Rising.

    Today’s mystery screen shot has me stumped. Can’t make out who they are and what they are carrying.

    Nice model for Hyperion-8. Lots of detail. Wish I had a cool nameplate!

    Is there an actor or “reader” stand-in off to the side as an actor plays to the burn-in display screen?

    Loved The Other Guys! Fun episode!

  2. Seriously Joe, you need to slow down! You need a real vacation unless your motto is “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”.

    “Military SF”? Of course I immediately think of “Aliens”. Classic! Then there’s Starship Troopers. Campy fun.

  3. The screencapture looks like Two being led in a prison for interrogation perhaps? Can’t make out the white pod things on their belts though,

  4. Thanks for all the behind the scenes stuff, Joe!

    I do believe acting to a blank display would feel a little odd. But I guess that’s why I’m an IT admin and not an actor.

    Take it easy man. You’re not doing hiatus properly.

  5. “…more in the realm of military SF, but still the character-driven, action-fueled story-telling with that underlying humor I love so much. Coming soon to a screen near you?”


    Indeed…(à la Tealc)

  6. The wraith gear is very cool and very sharp, ouch. Forgive me if I reach for the wraith repellent.

    Military sci fi sounds cool, my fave military sci fi flicks are Aliens, Independence Day and the underappreciated Battle Los Angeles. And the shared theme there is big alien bugs wreaking havoc.

  7. Love the trivia.

    Guess for the screenshot – one person walking behind two others who look like they are carrying some serious weaponry – perhaps one of the leaders from another of the Corporations, complete with their own guards! I’ve started, so I’ll finish…….they are on their way to a meeting with other leaders to prevent/start the Corporate war! 🤔

  8. Besides Paul, who is joining you for the Season 3 script building? Is everyone paid for that work (I assume so, but it’s not my line of work, so I don’t know).

    I remember your early posts in Stargate days with all sorts of festive and sometimes dangerous tomfoolery goings on in that writer’s room. Ah, the days of Gero and Carl and so many others – such talent!


  9. Simmah down, Mr. Mallozzi! You’re going to burn yourself out! Although, all your work is for our entertainment, so there is that. 🙂

    Isn’t SG technically military sci-fi? Something at which you clearly excel! 🙂

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