There you have it. Another brilliant promo from the gang at Syfy Publicity & Marketing.  LOTS going on here.  The images whip by so quickly, it’s really hard to get a sense of what, exactly, is going on.

Thankfully, this is the age of screen grabs.  So, without further ado, let’s deconstruct the Dark Matter season 2 trailer for a shot by shot analysis of its many secrets.

May 13, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer!  An Analysis!

Shot #1: Six people in a small, sterile room.  Hard to tell who’s who, but the guy on the floor does appear to be THREE.  On his left, looking up – is that TWO? Maybe.  As for the others – not so sure, but that guy with the white hair (corner bottom right) is definitely not a member of The Raza crew.  So where is everyone else and why have our heroes seemingly been separated?

May 13, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer!  An Analysis!

SHOT #2: FOUR asks “What happened to us?”.  And it’s pretty clear he’s addressing TWO.  Are we to assume this shot follows the preceding opening shot? And do both follow somewhere on the heels of last season’s explosive finale?  Last time we saw our intrepid crew, they were unconscious, being dragged off The Raza by the Galactic Authority.  Is this them waking up?

May 13, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer!  An Analysis!

Shot #3: Similar lighting and architecture so it’s safe to assume these two shots belong together.  “What happened to us?”.  We can clearly see FOUR is talking to TWO and THREE.  But where’s the rest of the team: ONE, FIVE, SIX, and the Android?

May 13, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer!  An Analysis!

Shot #4: YOU CAN’T HIDE.  Who’s “you”?  The crew of The Raza presumably.  But what could they be hiding from?  And, perhaps most interestingly, what could they be hiding?  Themselves?  Information?

May 13, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer!  An Analysis!

Shot #5: Oh boy.  The door slides open to reveal SIX…in uniform.  I don’t think there’s any doubt now where his allegiances lie.  Presumably.

May 13, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer!  An Analysis!

Shot #6: What look like cells, prisoners, a cafeteria-style area.  All of the prisoners react to something, something seemingly painful, in unison and simultaneously go down.  Curiously, what appears to a lone guard standing in the deep BG seems unaffected.

May 13, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer!  An Analysis!

Shot #7: FROM YOUR PAST. Oh, wait.  THAT’S what you can’t escape.  Perhaps a reference to the show’s central theme? Or is it a reference to something more specific?

May 13, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer!  An Analysis!

Shot #8: “With those memories, you’re different people,”says FIVE.  And she seems to be trying to convince someone…of something.  And what memories would she be referring to?  Their pre-stasis memories would seem to be the obvious answer…

May 13, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer!  An Analysis!

Shot #9: Speaking of stasis – we catch a glimpse of several stasis pods, and they seem to be occupied.  But by who?  And where?  The corridor and pods look architecturally different than The Raza.

May 13, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer!  An Analysis!

Shot #10: Six individuals including TWO, THREE, FOUR – and that guy with the white hair.  Is it safe to assume this shot belongs with the first two that open the trailer?  The six-some have been stripped down to their undies and appear to be carrying similar clothing.  Two guards stand in the background and, above the big imposing door behind them, is a logo: H8.  H8?

May 13, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer!  An Analysis!

Shot #11: Hey, it’s our Android.  And why does she looks so damn uncomfortable? Is that menacing piece of equipment attached to the back of her head?  Is she trembling?

May 13, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer!  An Analysis!

Shot #12: Whoa!  Hang on!  That’s our Android – but with a decidedly different look.  New hairstyle.  New outfit.  And is that a gun she’s packing?  Who’s she planning to shoot?

May 13, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer!  An Analysis!

Shot #13: FOREVER.   Is a long time.

May 13, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer!  An Analysis!

Shot #14: The Raza in flight.  And I’ve never seen it look better.  A hint of the awesome visual effects to come?  THREE says: “War is coming.”  Where?  Who is going to be involved?  Why is THREE so worried?

May 13, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer!  An Analysis!

Shot #15: We’re clearly in The Raza’s underbelly.  FIVE is resting her hand on…something.  The Android stands beside her.  Beside the Android stands…a mysterious individual.  Behind the Android stands…another mysterious individual.

May 13, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer!  An Analysis!

Shot #16: “SIX” a countdown beings and, appropriately enough, we have a shot of SIX in stasis.  And that hand resting atop the front suggests this shot directly precedes or proceeds shot #15.  What’s going on here?  Is this the fate that awaits a traitor?

May 13, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer!  An Analysis!

Shot #17: “FIVE” continues the countdown and we go to FIVE, in a dark vent, seemingly struggling against someone…or someTHING.

May 13, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer!  An Analysis!

Shot #18: Holy crap!  Why is FOUR holding a gun on a clearly frightened FIVE? What’s going on here?

May 13, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer!  An Analysis!

Shot #19: “FOUR,” goes the countdown and we see FOUR, wearing coveralls very similar to the ones we saw the prisoners wearing in shot #6, and he’s holding a sword, preparing to face-off against a mysterious someone.

May 13, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer!  An Analysis!

Shot #20: The countdown reaches “THREE” and we go to The Raza’s resident bad boy, looking very uncomfortable as some sort of interactive light plays across his iris, some sort of indiscernible green shape.

May 13, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer!  An Analysis!

Shot #21: We count down to “TWO” and are greeted by a shot of TWO on the ground in what appears to be an alley, bloodied and beaten, looking up at someone.

May 13, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer!  An Analysis!

Shot #22: The countdown hits “ONE” and we go to what appears be ONE, standing over someone with a gun…equipped with a silencer.  He fires.

May 13, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer!  An Analysis!

Shot #23: And we end on the Dark Matter logo and our season premiere date: July 1st on Syfy, Syfy Spain, and Space Channel in Canada; July 2nd on Syfy Australia; July 4th on Syfy UK; July 11th on Syfy Germany.  And more premiere dates to come.

So, what did you think of the season 2 trailer?  Guesses?  Theories?  Let’s hear ’em!

40 thoughts on “May 13, 2016: Dark Matter season 2 trailer! An analysis!

  1. OMG! OMG!! OMG!!!
    I need to pass out first and then I’ll get back to you. OK ? …..

  2. Love, love, love the trailer and the deconstruction. Even more excited about Season 2 now! Can’t get enough of our Andoid. Totally invested in the show and it’s characters – as you can tell it’s now our Android instead of the Android! Of course Zoie Palmer has something to do with that too ;o)

  3. Extremely early knee-jerk reaction but for some reason shots #12 & #22 seem very contemporary to me. Like modern day (perhaps it’s the guns, hair & clothes), not futuristic. Especially compared to Fours gun in shot #18. Just how long were they in stasis? Are these memories or predecessors or are we dealing with time travel? Or maybe they just got a sweet deal on some vintage weaponry? Either way I CANNOT wait!!


    Thank you so much for taking the trouble to break down each shot for us; you know we’d all have been doing that very thing ourselves tonight.

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! ~runs off to watch again~

  5. A very Dark season of Dark Matter is about to hit us! I love it. I will need more time to process all this before I weigh in om my predictions, but I believe that each one of the crew will be fighting some very disturbing internal demons & trying to fight a urge to kill each other caused by outside influence.

  6. Thanks for posting early, Joe 😊
    The trailer is fab! It may only be 17/18 seconds long but with 22 shots, there’s so much in it to take note of!
    I’ll make a start – Shot 10 Welcome To Your New Home 👍

  7. Shot 20 Three and all the prisoners get neural implants, therefore linked to Shot 6 when an electrical impulse affects them all en masse – good prison crowd control. Also, torture can be inflicted through the implant when other interrogation needs arise!

  8. Love the trailer!! It just leaves me with even more questions that the finale. Like maybe we’ll finally learn why the Android is different. Has she always been an Android or is it like RoboCop? I know incredibly far fetched, but this show makes it fun to guess.

  9. OK, right…. I’m back.
    First thought is … Where’s One?
    The last shot is so definitely Jace Corso. It’s the face look.
    Other questions/thoughts are what’s happened to the others?
    Four minus sword, aiming a gun at Five?
    Three sporting a new wound where his scar was?
    Two all beaten up and looking helpless? Six in stasis watched over by Android, Five, Nyx and co. And Android looking, well, not like Android.
    Everyone looks so different! Is this set in an alternate universe or something?

    Joe, I have absolutely no idea what’s gonna happen in Season 2
    ……… but

    … just need to watch it again … for a bit …..

  10. Shot 22 possibly not One but Jace Corso?

    Shot 16 with Six in stasis – the ‘human’ Six?
    Maybe all of the crew aren’t actually humans but all different models of advanced androids – like Two?
    Shot 5 with Six in uniform – not what it seems!

    Shot 12 and the kickass human form of android?

    Love it – great fun letting your imagination go wild, after all, it’s science fiction! lol

  11. Shots 8, 17 and 18 of Five, her mode of dress is different From normal, Shot 15, is where Five is dressed as we know Five.
    So, maybe a storyline of an alternate version of our crew for part of Season 2?

  12. Season starts off with the crew in prison having a tough time of it. They break out and take Six with them. He gets put in stasis because still bad, or maybe hurt during break out. Other prisoners come along with them, but things get more complicated and crazy as the season progresses. I wonder if Android’s software based double on the ship has something to do with her change? I think Joseph that you and the rest of the team are gonna give us an even more crazy cliffhanger than season one. lol

  13. Awesome. I truly can’t wait for the premiere.

    I’ll have to post my thoughts later when I get more time. But the implications of it all are cool to ponder!

  14. Wowza! That is an awesome trailer… thanks so much for the breakdown! July 1st, 10pm cannot get here fast enough.

    I hold fast to my thought that Six is a double-agent of sorts and we’ll discover he had to turn over the others to “save” them. Before the end of S2, Six will rejoin the crew. Let’s see if this pans out.

    Five’s knit sweater is beautiful on her. 😉


  15. Wow! I’m going to be ending Person of Interest and moving straight into Dark Matter season 2. It’s going to be a bittersweet summer!

  16. Shot 10, looks like 1 (not really Jace Corso) and 5 (not a most wanted) have been segregated from the 3 real criminals. Probably will play into how they escape / get released.

  17. Wow….anticipation! The guy with the white hair reminds me of Sting from Dune. Boxers or Briefs is/was a popular question at Stargate conventions.

  18. Thanks for the shot breakdown, I tried to start /stop the video, missed a lot,, I can only guess the reasons for their actions,, will patiently wait for july ,, is it time yet?!?

  19. I’m about to go crazy waiting for season 2. And now… you tease us…


  20. Can I just say that the shot of One has me questioning so much. Mostly why he isn’t featured more in the promo!? Also…is it me or does he look a whole hell of a lot older in that shot? There’s something about that image that doesn’t sit right with me.

  21. Woohoo!! Great trailer!! Lots of teasers, especially of Three & Four in their undies! My guess is that Three, Four & Two wake in a GA processing room at Hyperion 8 (hence H8) with 3 strangers, Mr. White Hair included, still reeling from the betrayal from Six (though the only one who might know it was Six is Two as she got a good look at him as she was stunned, if she remembers). There is Nyx in the background as they enter GenPop. I’d say that the prisoners are kept in line with some type of deafening sonic pulse that debilitates them as they all are “down” and holding their ears. The guards probably have ear bud protection. No riots here folks! I’d also venture a guess that the Android is being reprogrammed to work with/for the GA. She’d be a great enforcer. Assassin. Hence the new hairdo and clothes. Fantastic look by the way. But why stop with the Android, in addition to H8 being a penal colony why not experiment on the prisoners? Mind control, memory retrieval, genetic enhancements or manipulations — the sky’s the limit. My fear would be that their memories have been “returned” & that makes them all different. As for Six, I have no idea why he’d be in a stasis pod though I do agree that is Five’s hand with Nyx & the new doctor standing by. I’d also guess that while in prison One & Five are housed seperately. One is Derrick Moss afterall & not Jace Corso though he has committed some crimes as One. So many questions!!

    On a side note, writing this from Memphis on my cell. No WiFi! Had some great sushi tonight – lots of variations with spicy crawfish, spicy crab meat, avocado, crunchies, shrimp, eel sauce. Delicious! Little hole in the wall, literally. Tokyo Grill off Summer Avenue. Going to a crawfish boil, low country style, tomorrow to celebrate my friend’s parents 75th Bday in addition to her oldest son graduating college & her youngest son graduating from HS. The husbands are driving into Arkansas tomorrow to get the crawfish fresh. Heading out Sunday morning to Daytona for a week of fun, sun, sand & more seafood! Have a great weekend!

  22. G”day

    Gun a be gooood.
    No idea what is happening in any if the scenes but so looking forward to watching.

  23. Looks like season 2 is going to be a lot of fun!! Maybe some of the crew have had their memories wiped again? Is that you in that stasis pod? Did they program the android to be like a human? Awesome trailer! This is gonna be fun!

  24. I wasn’t expecting to see a trailer when i visited your blog this morning!!! Holy… Guacamole!!! Love your analysis. 🙂 My thought when i saw the ‘Android’ was, she looks pissed (in the second shot) and human. Not to mention the discomfort she is showing in the first shot, hmm… That can be the real Jace Corso and not One at the end. At first i thought he was pointing the gun at Two, but it seems that some other figure is standing in front of her. Hmmm… Conclusion? Cant wait for season 2 to start!!! 🙂

  25. Maggie L80: You’re in my neck of the woods! I live just outside of Memphis in a little community called “Olive Branch”. Have fun and be careful!!! Summer Ave is not a great area, crime wise. Are you going to the BBQ festival downtown? The Memphis Zoo is very nice too.

    Drea: Yes, Phoebe has a lot of problems. That’s why you need to research breeds before you get them. Dr. Jo knew what she was getting into. I couldn’t take looking at her and Thursday did a little eye clean up. It was only a half-assed job but she didn’t get as mad.
    Update on Dr. Jo: She’s finished with the radiation but the oncologist found another spot on the other side of her neck. I’m not sure what the plan is but at least they caught it early.

  26. @Tam Dixon: Hey There! Staying in Midtown but the crawfish boil/celebration is in the Walnut Grove area. Came to school here in the late 80’s at UT and still love coming back. Lots of friends here. Sadly no BBQ this trip but one of the fella’s we’re celebrating today has retired & does BBQ competitions on the side. Good stuff! Have a great weekend!

    @Ceresis64: Love where you head is at! Neural implants! Literally little brain governers. Alternate realities! I’ve always loved a good alternate reality.

  27. @MaggieL80 Thanks 😊 I, too love alternate realities. There’s so many storylines that you can explore. Roll on Season 2!

  28. Oh yeah, stuffs getting real this season, memory is a tricky thing on DM, can’t wait to see the new season.

  29. shots 8/17/18 Five is wearing the festive? jumper, could be from the same episode. Is her regular clothes in the wash or did they open another container from ‘ the room’ and it was filled with throw back 60’s style clothing. Was the white haired guy actually Billy Idol!! Love me some Android, I hope she beats into whoever is messing with her that she is so much more that the sum of her parts

  30. 5, android, and the two noobs are time traveling to try and fix/stop events; all the while being told that doesn’t work, meanwhile everyone else that isn’t 1 is prison as usual; the 1 in the shot looks like the Corso guy so our 1s importance is hidden in some unknown way, I’m thinking Bran the tree kid in GoT

  31. YIKES. I wrote a comment but didn’t post it and went to go look at one of the pics, came back and comment disappeared. Okay. I am not going to be able to do that I guess.

    I said that you should have heard me squealing here in Texas. It is the first joyous sound that has come out of my mouth in the last two weeks.

    I agree that is definitely not ONE but the real Jace Corso. The Android looks scared.

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