April 17, 2016: The Dark Matter Picnic!

Because I just can’t get enough of them during our 12 hours workdays, I met up with members of the cast and crew this weekend for the very first Dark Matter Picnic!  Organized by Melissa O’Neil (TWO) and (conspicuously absent) Executive Producer Vanessa Piazza, the event promised  “fun, picnic potluck, and hangs!”, “12:30 onward til sun sets”.  Hmmm.  Since the sun sets at approximately 8:00 p.m., that would give us roughly seven and a half hours to pack in the fun and/or hangs.

“Is that set in stone?”I asked Melissa.  “What if I want to stay past dusk?”

“You can stay as long as you like,”she informed me.

I brought along the family – Akemi, Bubba, Lulu – along with treats: pork buns, curry beef buns, chicken buns, bottled water, a Jodelle Ferland, a Jodelle Ferland’s sister, and a Jodelle Ferland’s dog.  Others brought dessert.

And sporting equipment.  Melissa had it mostly covered: basketballs, a football, frisbees but, sadly, no jai alai pelotas or xisteras. When I asked her about the oversight, she pretended she didn’t know what I was talking about and suggested we play hornussen instead.  Which was cool until stand-in Matt was injured by a faulty shingle and someone’s labrador made off with our nouss.  Should’ve just gone with my second choice: sepak takraw. 🙁

April 17, 2016: The Dark Matter Picnic!

To keep from misplacing my keys, I’ve taken to inserting them into the various food items I bring along to the potluck gatherings.  It works!

April 17, 2016: The Dark Matter Picnic!

Bubs and I scoping the scene.

 April 17, 2016: The Dark Matter Picnic!

April 17, 2016: The Dark Matter Picnic!

Bubba working on his tan.

April 17, 2016: The Dark Matter Picnic!

Came across this portly black pug, Higgins, that Bubba initially seemed to assume was our late Maximus.  He bounded over, tail wagging and then, as the realization apparently dawned it wasn’t him, he ambled back over to us.  A little heartbreaking.

April 17, 2016: The Dark Matter Picnic!

Gena let’s it all hang out.

Tomorrow, back to it as we heard into our third to last week of production!

27 thoughts on “April 17, 2016: The Dark Matter picnic!

  1. The picnic looks like a lot of fun and I think it was a great idea! It looks nice enough, but was it warm? It was a beautiful day here today, high of about 14C and sunny.

    That looks like a nice set of buns! Er, wait… that didn’t come out right.

    That is so sad about Bubba thinking that dog was Maximus. 🙁 He did kind of look like him though.

  2. So where is the pictures of all the food? In that picture of you and “Bubs”, I can’t help but notice your gray hair. It’s a very good picture. Very handsome indeed.

  3. Poor Bubba.. 🙁 Joe, can you verify something for me? I’m mad at Bezos because he may dump Donald Trump products from Amazon. So I went to Overstock.com and it had Dark Matter COMPLETE SERIES on Blu-ray disc. It will be released around June 14. It doesn’t say Season 1.

    1. Definitely season 1. The “complete series” (to date) will not even be ready June 14th.

  4. Before reading…just grazing over pix first; it did seem as though Maximus was visiting the picnic. wow…
    Looks like you all had some quality relax time. And from your sharings..some good eats. What did other’s bring.

  5. The picnic looks glorious. That is a wonderful photo of you and Bubba. Is that Wil Waring on the left with Ivon and Lawren?

    *hugs* Bubba – he really did look like Max…. Good to know he hasn’t forgotten though. I’ve often wondered that.


  6. Yes, poor Bubba….. We’ve had some of our dogs and cats react in similar ways when they see an animal (be it cat or canine) who resembles one who resembles ones that’s passed on. <3 Hugs to Bubba!

    And the picnic idea….I love that idea as with Preflight Launch, we used minors in several of our episodes (especially in season two) and we were wracking our minds as to how to create a family friendly wrap party for everyone. That has possibilities…..if I can get everyone together from both seasons, lol!

    And I got new headshots taken today, wheee!!!! I haven't had this much makeup on since I dressed up as an android for a cosplay competiton I was in around Halloween as part of C4 here in Winnipeg, haha…..only i look slightly more human, haha

  7. Gotta love a picnic with friends on a nice Spring day. Let the sun shine, bask in the rays and emerge refreshed for the week ahead. Hope all had fun including the puppies. Interesting choice of recreational sports for the day. My friends and I enjoy horseshoes and cornhole. Really requires only one hand so you don’t have to set down your glass of wine, beer or margarita.

  8. Glad to see everyone had a nice mellow day. 🙂

    That reminds me Joe. Have you figured out what to give the cast and crew for season 2 wrap gifts, yet?

  9. @Joseph Mallozzi That are some alien looking sunglasses you are wearing in the shot with you and bubba, witch space station does sell those glasses? and what are they called

  10. @Tam Sending hugs n healing thoughts to Dr. Jo. xo

    Very cool that Will is now less than two hundred dollars away from reaching that stretch goal for her. 🙂

  11. I love having picnics – great way to spend time with friends.

    And look, Spring with its blue skies, sunshine and warmth has finally arrived in Toronto!

  12. Looks like you all had fun. I noticed the grey hair too. Is being the boss taking it’s toll? The grey looks good on you, though. 😉 And you wore jeans! Don’t know why but I half expected you to wear a suit… Just kidding!

    That is a bit heartbreaking that maybe Bubba thought the other dog was Maximus. It’s nice, though, that he probably remembers him.

  13. Drea: 🙂

    I love potlucks! Did Akemi make the buns? I’d give up my veggie diet for one of those.
    Sad about Bubba. 🙁

  14. Looks like everyone there had a chilled out time. Sunshine, blue skies and dry, short grass too! Nice
    I remember one works outing – a lovely warm, sunny day … yummy food and all manner of drinks …. and a bouncy castle! Oh, how we made up for lost youth, literally throwing ourselves around in it (you know, like you see toddlers do!) Brilliant fun!

    Hmm. One fellow workmate broke her arm and the rest of us where so stiff the next day, we could hardly move …

    … still, it was good fun ….. 😏

  15. Joe, where can we pick up some buns like that for our office (islington/bloor) area. Our Social Committee is always looking for different ideas to provide for luncheons/picnics, etc. HELP! I’m in pizza overload.

      1. Perfect! Thank You. I’ve already sent an email out to my SC co-manager to add to our agenda for the next meeting.

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