All the idea spinning, story breaking, script writing, revising, rewriting, polishing, prepping, production, approvals, and post has finally caught up with me.  I am officially “exhausted”.  Sorry.  With a capital E.  “Exhausted”.  On the one hand, I suppose I can look forward to the fact that the weekend is finally here.  On the other, I can’t take much comfort in the weekend since we’re actually shooting tomorrow on location and I have to get up early for my 6 a.m. pick-up.

But there’s light at the end of the tunnel!  Paul and I completed a rough first draft of the season finale the other day.  We’re one month out from a second season wrap.  And I’m two months out from returning to Vancouver.  And that’s where the decisions await…

Do I convene the writers’ room and break season 3 with confidence that we’ll be getting that elusive pick-up, or do I follow my new agent’s advice and head to L.A. where I start taking meetings?

Do I concentrate on Dark Matter or do I full focus on setting up my other pilots?

Do I sell the house in Vancouver or do I hold onto it for now?

Do I adopt another pug or do I make do with only two dogs?

Whatever I decide, I can say that it has been an amazing season of television working with some of the most amazing people one could ever hope to work with.  Yes, it’s been exhausting, but incredibly satisfying, and I can’t wait to blow you all away with Dark Matter’s second season.  And it’s all gone perfectly according to plan, from Hyperion-8 to Eos-7, and when the final credits roll on episode 26 (title, of course, to be decided by YOU), we’ll be happily closing yet another chapter of this five part SF epic.  Ideally, in time, I’ll get to finish the story I’ve envisioned – with the same people who made the show’s first two seasons such a memorable experience – and with all of its twists, turns, shocks, and surprises.

If not, all is not lost.  Whether it’ll be through a novel, a comic book series or, hell, a breakdown right here on this blog, you WON’T be left hanging.

34 thoughts on “April 8, 2016: Decisions, decisions, decisions!

  1. I hope I don’t detect a bit of scepticism that Dark Matter is not going to be picked up for more seasons beyond season 2!!

  2. @Do I concentrate on Dark Matter or do I full focus on setting up my other pilots?

    As long as you get a Friday slot, I see no reason why you won’t get a Season 3 Joe. Tuesdays would be scary, The Expanse concluded its two episode finale with 555k viewers and a 0.15. It doesn’t seem like a great day for Scifi shows. Wynonna Earp at 10pm receiving 800k viewers for its premiere with a 0.2 following a low rated Scifi movie suggests there’s an audience on Fridays just waiting for Dark Matter/Killjoys to return. Keep the faith.

    I can imagine you’d be more confident about renewal once you know what day the network plans to air Dark Matter. Fridays is absolutely the best case scenario, at least in my honest opinion.

  3. I hope you get some recharge time! You deserve it. Maybe we can grab another gelato this summer in van!

  4. No matter how you go, love to see you here in SoCal! And we are loving Dark Matter binge-review now! 😉

  5. Decisions, decisions, decisions yeah sure. But also it’s opportunities, opportunities, opportunities. You’re doing great. Congratulations on your successes.

  6. If your new agent has a hot tip about something happening in LA and is beneficial to you, then I would say follow the agent’s advice.

  7. Dear Sweet Joseph;

    I know I’ve said it before and despite the joy I get out of incessantly teasing and makin’ light of ya, I really cant say it enough.
    I am so very very proud of all you have achieved and continue to achieve with Dark Matter
    and all you continue to do to pay forward the learning and growth opportunities previously afforded you by others.

    When the world looks back on your legacy, it will not be about this tv show or that one
    – but of Joe Mallozzi, the Life long learner
    and perfect example of a human being brave enough
    to be the change he hoped to see in the world. <3

    That said, I do hope you had a chance to read through
    the notes I sent on housing options
    as it does show you how you can afford
    to keep your home in Vancouver while renting full time in Toronto
    and do not have to lease a place to stay 'blind' or at last minute.
    And if you did not receive it – or have questions,
    please please do not hesitate to contact me.

    I can be reached via gmail @newscience101 or
    my office mobile [xxx]

  8. @PBmom @KathyC Yup! The re-landing of Falcon 9 was definitely awesome!!
    I knew if they just kept trying they would eventually get it right – and today they definitely did! 🙂

    Hats off and Congrats to the whole team at Space X!
    Goes to show ya the power of Perseverance.
    When you really believe in something – Dont give up when things get tough, because there’s always a way to work thru. 🙂

    @PbMom I’m glad you trusted your instincts, were able stick up for yourself with the doctor and convince him.
    Sending Mucho Hugs n happy puppy wags your way. Hope you are feeling in much better spitits today! <3

    @MaggieL80 Sorry, long day. Typed out joke response wrong. When you were saying just had surgery – Watch SG1 & SGA. Need cheering up watch Rodney Mckay……" I meant to type: Well remember your blog sibs are here for you, as well.
    ( meaning: Dont forget – you have friends in the real world too).

  9. Put all the possible decision choices on separate cards, throw them up in the air and the first cards you pick up are the choices you make. Easy, no?

  10. I sympathize with tough decisions! Did Toronto grow on you this year, or is it still a distant second to Vancouver in your heart? As for LA, its roads choked with Range Rovers driving 5 mph, will it let you thrive? But hey, if Gero can, you will for sure 🙂

  11. You know the answer(s) we fans will give, but ultimately that decision is going to be a lot more complicated than just fan support. But as fans, we will do everything we can to support the show, build the fan base, and keep Syfy happy with many, many eyeballs glued to screens across the world.

    Having said that, it’s comforting to know you’ll share the entire story no matter what the future brings. I don’t think I could handle another SGU cold-turkey cutoff!

  12. I’m happy for you Joe. I look forward to what ever medium you bring it in. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. I’m very excited to see season two. Crossing my fingers that you will be able to finish your vision for the show on SyFy. xx You will always have a fan in me. Get some sleep!

  13. DON’T sell the Vancouver house! – Rent it to a Production company if you have to! Or, move your Mother out to it… She could run a B&B for “visiting” Blog-Regulars! – [My longest BFF just pulled up stakes after living in BC for the last 30yrs to go to NB! So, I could always do with a nice place to stay IF I ever manage to get out that way again…]
    #I’mAGoodHouseGuest! #really!

  14. It is hard to believe Jelly has been gone nearly a year. Hard to believe I am down to ONE dog.. and salivating for a Samoyed but dang they are expensive. You are such a wonderful home for dogs… I hope you do take on a new one soon.

    As for work, obviously you just make a clone and do it all. 🙂

    I guess failing that, Ideally for Dark Matter fans, they give you a 2 yr contact guarantee and you can finagle in time to do the other stuff too.

  15. Joseph,
    You have an excellent space adventure platform and I have faith the you will do your best with every episode to keep the quality of each as captivating as the first. I hope it stays on as a TV series, I know it is up to that of the star trek series and if given time will do equally as well both as series episode and as movies if it survives. You have begun with solid basics of the universe development and filling it out that allows the curtain to be parted and other stories to be potentially developed about it’ It will be interesting.

    As to the idea of novelizing the story series, I mentioned it would be a great idea to the publisher of one of the,(if not the leading ), military science fiction publishers,”Baen Books”,, the science fiction arm of Simon and Schusters. Toni Weisskopf. She didn’t reply back but I didn’t expect her to, but the germ of the thought is planted hopefully. If you decide to publish a novelization you could do massively worse that Baen.

    Since you undoubtedly enjoy space opera check out the catalog of the authors published there, Robert A. Heinlein, Andre Norton, being reprinted, and current authors Eric Flint, David Weber. You can read the first few chapters of those books currently published there in electron format. and check out the Free Library.

    PS I don’t work for Baen but am a certified, or is that certifiable? Baen junkie.

  16. I think kinda planning things out with season three of “Dark Matter” would be best 😉 I know Deniz, my work production partner in my filmmaking classes, would be quite upset (as would I) if his favourite show wasn’t on for a third season. He kinda fanboyed a bit when he realized I was sending in taped auditions this season, but he didn’t peek at the scrpits (His words: “I love being surprised, no spoilers!”). I think if he ever got a chance to work on the show, he would be THRILLED!!! I would be too, of course, but his enthusiasm was very surprising (and refreshing) as normally, he is quite a quiet and reserved kind of guy.

  17. Thanks Drea for the share and I’m very happy your labs came back great! Prayers the follow up will release you for good.

    I used to work for the current President of the Tennessee Veterinary Association (as of January 2016), Dr Susan Moon. Funny enough Dr Moon and I started our careers the same day during the 1980’s, Dr Moon was fresh out of Vet School and I was fresh out of a Vet Tech program. She eventually bought the practice and I came with it. I texted Dr Moon and asked if she could share Dr C’s donation site on the internal vet forum. So, hopefully, this site will go to all the vets in TN!!!!

    You have some mighty big decisions Mr. M.! They are all good decisions though. Your career is blossoming, you have Akemi, the pups, and your mom/sis are both healthy. I’m confident you’ll get another season but if it doesn’t renew, an adventure even bigger will be around the corner.

  18. > Do I convene the writers’ room and break season 3 with confidence that we’ll be getting that elusive pick-up, or do I follow my new agent’s advice and head to L.A. where I start taking meetings?

    I’m sure you’ll get picked up for Season 3. There’s a huge demand for original content and if SyFy doesn’t pick up another season, I’m certain that Netflix or Amazon would be happy to.

    When you finish Season 2, go take some time off.

  19. Hey Joe, After reading this I’m worried about you… Your stress levels must be high. I wish I could solve your problems, but I can’t. Maybe I can offer some advice.

    Re: getting another dog. I wouldn’t advise it until you’re settled. At the moment you’re 6 months in Toronto/6 months in Vancouver (???). Transporting two dogs is plenty and would be difficult for a new dog to adjust.

    Re: Keeping or selling the Vancouver home. I know Ivon religiously keeps up to date with the real estate situation and the impending bubble burst. It depends what your 15-20 year plan is. I know you love that house. Could you rent it to people you know for the time you’re in Toronto? As you can see my tendency would be took keep it (if you could afford to).

    Opportunities in LA – very tempting to explore. It is why you got a new agent. I look at someone like Greg Berlanti and he always seems to have about 2 or 3 pilots on the go in addition to the shows on the air. While he seems to be involved in all, he doesn’t appear to do the day to day Showrunning. Could others spin ideas for Dark Matter Season 3 while you’re in LA?

    I don’t want to see you burn out. Be sure to have a proper break once you wrap. In the meantime, schedule some time to spend with Akemi and the dogs and not think about work.

    We’re always here for you Joe.

    xoxo Chev

  20. I too hope for a third season! Two of anything is never enough. Except for shark attacks and hernias, then less than one is sufficient.

    Giving a pug a new loving home is great, but on the other hand, if you will be unsettled yourself, is it time for a new family member?

  21. I have such fond memories of “SyFy Fridays.” Stargate, Sanctuary, Warehouse 13…to name a few. We looked forward to our Friday nights in. Then Saturday nights were B-movie nights. With young kids and no local family for babysitters, our weekend nights were in front of the telly. Good times. Now…we barely tune into SyFy at all. I get more science fiction from BBCAmerica than I do SyFy. Other than Dark Matter…I can’t think of another show we watch regularly on SyFy. Killjoys we started at the end of their season; may tune in when it returns. Depending on when it airs, may DVR. Still up in the air on that.

    I miss the old SyFy channel. 🙁

  22. Thank you, Joe, for thinking of us when you’re so exhausted and so conflicted.
    I desperately hope Dark Matter continues on to its final conclusion on tv and that you are there to see it thru…. but, ultimately, whatever will be, will be.
    You must go with your gut feelings. They will guide you to the right decisions whatever they may be. You can weigh up the pros and cons, write them all down in lists, discuss with loved ones, friends and strangers or flip a coin (’til you get the right answer!) but ultimately you already know the answers.

  23. You re-set that visiting clone machine so that it’s permanent instead of temporary. You send the clone to LA to look into other options. You look into Drea’s options of a more suitable apartment that you can keep. Then, you return to Vancouver to relax and get some rest.

    Dark Matter had bloody well better get renewed for season 3. ‘Cause I said so! 😉 Therefore, you’ll need to stay with 2 dogs because it’s easier for you and Akemi to transport them. Remember how hard it was (and expensive) to transport four? I’m sorry if that makes your home feel underloved. 🙁 {{HUG}}

  24. Being in a state of Exhaustion isn’t the time to make decisions, particularly the big ones you’re thinking about!
    I recommend eating ice-cream and chocolates to help 😊

  25. You are a fortunate man Joe. But please do take the wise advice given here, to NOT make a such a large decision while you are exhausted. Until the next 2 months are past, make time for mini-breaks. Get a recliner in your office and sit back, feet up and rest those eyes. Set a timer on your laptop or phone to alert you.

    I don’t wish you to burn out either. But perhaps sharing more of the burdens of the show would help, just find the right person (people).

    Here’s hoping SyFy will give Dark Matter a season 3, certainly. The Raza and her crew are endlessly fascinating. But I’m also a fan of YOU, so whatever endeavors you follow, so will we all, my fellow blogsters.

    Chin up, chest out, back straight, deep breath in/out and a shot of whiskey should hold you.


  26. @or do I follow my new agent’s advice and head to L.A. where I start taking meetings?

    I should have said this earlier but this is awful advice. Literally everything on Syfy is down, the “Decent” performers on Syfy are hitting between a 0.2-0.3 in the 18-49. There are shows like Bitten and Lost Girl that were well below this. Surely you must have confidence in the show you’re producing that you can easily hit this level? You didn’t once dip below a 0.2 unrounded(As in 0.19 and below..) during the first season, there’s no reason to think you would now.

  27. I recommend a 2 week quick trip to Tokyo to clear your mind and fill your stomach.

  28. You can drop the little doggies off at your sister’s house and leave from the nearest airport around her.

  29. Don’t make any mj life changing decisions while you’re exhausted & what sounds like overwhelmed. Finish Season 2 then refresh & revitalize with a vacation. Spend time with family & friends. Smell the coffee. Of course, that’s easier said than done & no one enjoys limbo. Follow your heart, your instincts, you’ve gotten this far!! I know you have more stories to tell & I for one want to be along for the ride!

    Drea: thanks for the words of encouragement!

  30. While I hope and have fingers crossed for season 3, I truly appreciate the fact that we will get the rest of the story regardless, as a fan thank you.

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