Well, I’m pleased to report we are in majority agreement.  Presenting our choice for the Ishida cruiser:

April 6, 2016: Goodies From The Dark Matter Art Department!

Thanks to everyone who weighed in with their votes and opinions.  And thanks to artist Jon Hrubesch for gorgeous design.

After Stargate ended, I would receive all sorts of request from fans for the onscreen graphics used at Stargate Command or the Destiny.  Sadly, I never had the files so the best I could do was offer videos of the onscreen playback.  I’ve sought to rectify that oversight on Dark Matter by uploading and spotlighting all of the amazing work being done by our own playback team led by 1st Assistant Art Director Kelly Diamond.  A lot of these are simple non-featured background elements, but they add so much visual texturing to scenes and the amount of detail that goes into them is incredible…

(Graphics: Victor Mare)

(Graphics: Sumeet Vat)


(Graphics: Kelly Diamond)

 Meanwhile, the props department has been hard at work, transforming this –

April 6, 2016: Goodies From The Dark Matter Art Department!

Into this –

April 6, 2016: Goodies From The Dark Matter Art Department!

Mighty impressive, no?

 April 6, 2016: Goodies From The Dark Matter Art Department!Meanwhile over on The Raza: Paula MacNeil and Laura Miyata take a break from the on-set action.  These two need their own sitcom.

30 thoughts on “April 6, 2016: Goodies from the Dark Matter art department!

  1. Art Dept have delivered yet again! Juicy!

    Paula and Laura look like a pair of mischievous characters! They have a certain look about them that is somehow familiar…

  2. Wow, that gun looks awesome! There really were no bad choices for the cruiser. Everyone on the crew makes it seem like fun working there.

    PBmom: Sending {{{{Hugs}}}}

  3. Ishida Cruiser number 3 ✔️
    More fab graphics – so much detail yet again.

    Does Three get his hands on this new prop? 😊

  4. That gun still looks like something that can be smoked.

    Careful, Joe, stuntwomen are a known weakness of mine!

    -Mika A.

  5. I always love the monitor graphics. They add so much to the already amazing sets.

    Are we choosing which gun should be used now? I say the bong gun. Instead of killing it reduces your aggressors into a mellow submissive pile.

  6. Question: how do you bold someone’s name in a comment? I’ve tried everything I can think of and can’t figure out how to do it.

  7. Hi Joe
    I picked a winner!

    KathyC I put it between [strong] tags. Using the angle brackets of coarse.


  8. @ KathyC – To bold something you type (but don’t skip a space – I had to, to show you) then type in the name or word you want to bold, then close it by typing after the word. (again don’t skip any space)

    so type:

    the word or name or phase, then
    after it.

    You can practice on us. We’ve all done that before….

  9. As always thanks for the pics. I think # 3 best represented the Ishida clan matching with the shuttle. Love the graphics! Team well done! Does that brain scan belong to anyone we know? I’m sure that green bong will appear again very soon. Can’t keep a good bong down!

    MacNeil & Miyata: I bet they’d make a great “futuristic cop duo”. They have this certain look….

  10. That cruiser is good looking!! Great choice!! Don’t know how you did it!

    You have some extremely talented people working for you.

    That last weapon is mighty impressive YES. I like it better than the first one. I don’t know why since the other one is more colorful. But something is different about it….. hmmmmm… what could it be….?

    Are you sure that is “Paul” MacNeil. Doesn’t look like a “Paul” at all.

  11. Okay KathyC, that didn’t work. Type a “”. Then type the word you want to bold. Then type a “”.

  12. @Kathy C I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I’ve never been able to go bold here on the blog either albeit somehow my posts still get read by all.

    Nice gal like you should just stick with us ‘softer spoken’ lady like folk,
    you’ll be fine, eh

    By the way: did i happen to mention I have a large lovely bridge currently up for sale in Brooklyn. Hurry! This one wont stay on the market long! Any one of you guys ready to buy this one? :-D.

    @Tam @Hilda: Verdict will probably be handed down Friday when I go back for post exam of resulting damage to exit door after exorcism. No worries I’ll let you know what’s what as soon as I do. 🙂

    Poor Jo. I’m glad her insurance is covering treatment but sounds like she is in for a bit of a rough ride.
    Sending over-sized warm blankets of healing thoughts her way
    stuffed and stitched with hugs n kisses and all the comforting goodness and gladness life could ever offer <3

    @Hilda: Best medicine for you

    – Grab a favorite pint of Ben n Jerries, Close the door to the outside world for a couple hours and watch a really great comedy movie.
    Ever see 'Defending Your Life' with Albert Brooks & Meryl Streep?
    That one always snaps me out of a funk!
    <3 Sending perky playful puppy wags n yips your way today! <3

  13. YAY!!! Awesome choice for Ishida Cruiser… Well done Jon… Does she have a name?

    The playback and graphics you are sharing are awesome. Thanks.

    Cheers, Chev

  14. Dang it Joe! There you go messing with perfection and second guessing it all again! Geez! You kids today!
    When are ya gonna learn to trust your instincts!
    That prototype gun was an absolutely brilliant heavenly masterpiece
    just the way it was!

    In fact, it was so incredibly ingenious
    that I went and told all my friends back home in Colorado
    how they they should ALL tune in live to watch season 2 of Dark Matter on Syfy this summer because Joseph Mallozzi’s gonna introduce this amazing new bong weapon to the world to easily n painlessly subdue aggressors.
    And how episodes 209 thru 213 is gonna be all about the making, completion and consumption of this uniquely beautiful, amazing, chocolate tower birthday cake that was displayed in the April 1st memo here on the blog.

    And Everyone got all excited about it and started jumping up and down with joy and pledged to hold large viewing parties to watch the show live!

    Heck! Your original prototype was so heavenly perfect
    that even the governor of Colorado was seriously considering
    making it mandatory for all Colorado residents to tune in live
    to watch every episode of Dark Matter this summer on Syfy!

    So what am I suppose to do now eh???? I cant just go back and tell
    all those poor, tired, yearning masses – “Uh….gee…. Sorry folks.
    Mr Mallozzi was just messing with ya. He let his art department
    turn that heavenly perfect non violent pro-type into a real weapon of destruction!”

    Nay! I dont think I could possibly bear the horrifyingly sad, pitiful, n otherwise significantly distasteful, look of profound disappointment on all their faces!

    And almost needless to mention, (but am going to anyway)
    ->I shudder to think of how many millions of dollars the city of Denver must have already invested in construction and landscape renovation
    just so they could install and proudly properly display a 50 ft tall lime green bong in front of the state capitol building to commemorate the premiere of Dark Matter Season 2.

    OMG Joe! You had an entire state full of people who were so proud of you
    and praising your name for standing up for peace & freedom via this new, non lethal, bong weapon.

    And ‘YOU’ just had to go and blow it – didnt ya!!! 🙁

    Oh well, eh. ~Cest la vie~

    sendin’ a “dont-worry-b-happy” consolation prize hug your way xo

  15. Thank you for sharing and interacting. I appreciate the time you spend with us (your fans).

  16. Drea: 😆 at your bong post. Thanks for the laugh! Yep, poor Jo has been having a rough time. I can’t imagine dealing with a feeding tube and not being able to eat normally. When this is over, I’m taking her out for a big steak and a glass of wine!

    I put the Dr Jo link here: https://www.youcaring.com/dr-jo-cochran-551263#.VwXHsJeL3H4.facebook One of her clients set this up. I think she’s just praying to cover her salary while she’s away. Thanks for posting and if you don’t wish to post the link Mr. M.,, no hard feelings.

    Ponytail: It’s hard to describe, isn’t it? 🙂

    Thanks to Bambamfans for the html link. My hubby showed me how to do a few things but he said that each site supported a different version.

    Do you remember a few years ago, when I messed up the coding and it made everyone’s post italic? 😳 Oh and here’s a link a link for the emoticons this site will cover: http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Smilies Just for funnzies. 😉

  17. Thanks everyone! Going to test…but unfortunately have to wait for Joe to post my comment to see if it worked, hee hee…

    Hi all!

  18. I hope Paula and Laura get some screen time, maybe as rowdy bounty hunters or galactic grifters.

  19. Thanks for the goodies. I think the weapon should be called Maximus. Maximum impact to enemies. But for us, we will always think maximum love to our hearts. Props to the props department.

    I like the choice for the cruiser. It was my second, but really we are splitting hairs with our first, second and third favorites.

    @Drea Good plan because I love ice cream, but I went to CVS to pick up soe Claritin and saw their Easter candy was on clearance. Since I had bought zero Easter candy, I bought a lot of Cadbury cream eggs at 95% off. Those things are addictive, hence why they aren’t bought during Easter. I may still go buy some Trader Joe’s Coffee Ice Cream. Or maybe Marble Slab Amaretto with Oreo cookie mix-in. Patrick had a new different type of seizure this morning (he’s fine, no worries) — but it was just one ore thing, and he was actually fine enough I would have brought him to school if school was 15 minutes away, but it is more like a 40-minute drive there and 40-minutes home, But it also ruined a rare event where all the stars align for free respite care date night (last time that happened was October 24 of last year). So bummed about that. And Patrick being home cut deeply into my “getting my taxes done on-time” time. I had hoped that by tomorrow, I would be starting Turbo Tax and that doesn’t look like that will happen until Sunday now.

    @TamDixon Yay! I’ve been waiting for that link for Jo.

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