April 5, 2016: Done And (almost) Done!

A little something from the Dark Matter wardrobe department.  Costume Designer Noreen Landry’s sketch of an Ishida Royal Guard.

Done and (almost) done!  Today, I completed the preliminary first draft of our season finale, episode 213 (which you’ll be naming at some point in May).  All I can say is: “Holy smokes!”.  The script is now in Paul’s hands.  He’ll do his final pass,pitch it back to me for my final final pass, then back to him for HIS final final final pass.  And then, we’re officially done!

Until we receive notes from Jay.  And we need to make changes during prep.  But, come on.  Don’t be so negative.  Let’s celebrate this small victory with this intriguing but potentially disquieting piece of playback courtesy of Dark Matter 1st Assistant Art Director Kelly Diamond:

14 thoughts on “April 5, 2016: Done and (almost) done!

  1. I know what you mean Ponytail, all the artwork looks so good. It would be so hard to pick.

    Drea: Any results yet?

  2. Congrats on the almost final draft of Ep 213. Please tell me it doesn’t involve a barbed wired baseball bat!!

    Does this mean that the Ishida Royal Guard will play heavily into the last episodes?

  3. @Tam Not yet. How’s Jo doing this week?
    @Kathy C how was the birthday dinner?
    @Chev Philips Island sounds like a fun place. Penguins seals and koalas are always entertaining to watch in action.

  4. Your art department along with all the other talented people there do amazing work, thank you for sharing with us.
    ~ Just wondering if any more planning for a Tokyo trip,, I think you all need a break and a reward for job well done!!

  5. @Randomness re: Holography

    This one’s for you! <3

    Though am pretty sure this is something EVERYONE can marvel at and enjoy!

    "7 dimensional" Holography! Yup! 7D Its simply awesome! 🙂

    (and no. its not an april fools joke. It really does exist.)

    Enjoy! 🙂

  6. @Randomness

    More cool achievements in Holography

    While its not quite the stuff of star trek holodecks yet,
    At the beginning of this year optical engineers in Japan announced and demonstrated having successfully completed the 1st touchable, ‘feelable’, 3d hologram.

    It took them 6 years (since they first announced touchable holography) to complete this project and make it fully interactive.


  7. Drea: Jo’s not doing so well. The infection is because the cancer is growing under the incision. They want her close to the hospital in Texas for the next few weeks, just in case. So she’ll be heading back to Houston for six and half weeks of radiation/chemo. The people hosting her are the best! They didn’t know her before this (friends of friends) and are giving up their bedroom, so she can have a free place to stay. Wow! Another bright note, the cancer isn’t in her bones and Houston is covered under her insurance.

    When do you get your results Drea?

    Chev: I love hearing stories of Oz! It sounds so beautiful there. 🙂

  8. Cor. Almost done …. soooo can’t wait for Season 2 to start. Its unbearable!

    Joe, sometime in the future, when you’re not too busy, could you take us thru your writing process …(apologies if you’ve done this already…) I’m just interested in how you start from an idea and end up with a five series tv show with characters that slowly develop over that time. How do you not lose the plot, so to speak? 😊

    Thanks again for sharing yours and all your team’s work here. It’s bril’!

  9. Finale – first draft – fab! That light at the end of the tunnel is a whole lot brighter 😎

    More great graphics but what’s the target its locked on to? #BecauseWe’reDangerous

  10. @Tam Dixon That is not good. (Good it isn’t in her bones but bad the incision is growing under her incision and she’ll have to be here for 6-1/2 weeks. That is wonderful she found a great place to be and those people are just marvelous giving up their bedroom for her. And yay that Houston is covered under her insurance.

    @Drea Yes, I am awaiting your results, too. Waiting sucks. The 7D holography is amazing. I’d like that in my livingroom. I’d never leave it.

    @Gforce That sounds like an incredibly long day. Hope you got to rest before the hiking part.

    I’m in a funk today. The kind you just want to lay in bed and cry funk. I had a conversation with Patrick’s case worker (who is a superb advocate and who I found out dropped someone else to keep Patrick in her group) and I can’t share the details of the conversation but let’s just say I left it very depressed about Patrick’s future post end-of-school.

  11. @drea: thanks for asking! Birthday dinner was fun. We went to Joe’s Crab Shack since my hubby loves seafood. Tuesday dinners have to be close by, so heading down the shore for a real seafood dinner is not an option.

  12. Cool drawing, Noreen, that would be cool framed on the wall of Four’s quarters.

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