April 4, 2016: Weigh In On The Ishida Cruiser Design!

Let’s get the ball rolling on this totally awesome blog entry with these totally awesome Ishida cruiser designs by the totally awesome Jon Hrubesch.  A LOT of wonderful variety to choose from here.  We’re leaning a certain way, but would love to hear your thoughts.

If I can refresh your memories, THIS was the Ishida shuttle design you chose not too long ago:

April 4, 2016: Weigh In On The Ishida Cruiser Design!

Dark Matter co-creator, Paul Mullie, bowed out on taco dinners Saturday so that he could devote his entire weekend to episode 213, the BIG season finale.  This morning, he delivered an impressive 35 pages – three acts and a bit.  I took over today and got us to the top of page 45 and the beginning of Act V.  I figure I’ll finish a draft by tomorrow, maybe Wednesday at the latest, and then pitch it back to Paul for the polish and finish.  By next week, our finale will go wide…and people’s minds are gonna melt!

April 4, 2016: Weigh In On The Ishida Cruiser Design!

While Paul was slaving away over a hot laptop this past weekend, I was out and about, making the most of my two days off in advance of next Saturday’s 11 hour shoot day in the wilds of Hamilton.  I met up with VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson for those aforementioned tacos, swung by my favorite comic shop, and even met up with blog regular ceresis64 who was visiting all the way from Wales.

April 4, 2016: Weigh In On The Ishida Cruiser Design!

We grabbed some soft serve and chocolate and, of course, some snaps for the blog…

April 4, 2016: Weigh In On The Ishida Cruiser Design!

No spoilers were revealed – even though she did gift me with some Penderyn, a Welsh whisky (and the latest addition to the Dark Matter Whisky-ey Club!

52 thoughts on “April 4, 2016: Weigh in on the Ishida Cruiser design!

  1. Oooh this is tough. I think we need some pointy bits in the front of the ship, to match the shuttle; so maybe 11 for that…but 11 is too round to match the shuttle. But it does have nice rectangular bays on each side…

    3 has a nice shape to match the shuttle, but the pointy things in the front are not shuttle-like enough. Maybe a combo of 3 & 11?

    So cool to meet up with a regular visitor!!

  2. Those are some incredible imaginative designs. Very impressed with each and every choice. I do like 5, 6, and 11. However, I’m gravitating towards 6 due to the simplicity of the design, but option 11 is my next choice.

  3. Even though it does not seem like a very “efficient” design, for some reason I really like 11 a lot. It has a great look & seems like it would be able to have a great ring of fire gun system.

  4. 12.

    Hey ceresis!!

    This is the longest travel day ever, I think. Flight leaving Toronto for Las Vegas an hour and a half late, putting us in at 11:30 there or the equivalent of 3:30 am for me. Ugh.

  5. I’m in agreement with some of the others in that #3 feels the most like it goes with the shuttle and it is very “cruiser-like”, but I’m also drawn to #11. The only thing about #11 is the overall shape almost makes it feel more like a highly maneuverable large space fighter. #5 is a nice fit, but something about it gives me a slightly Star Wars feel.

    I think I’d have to settle on #3 as my overall favorite, but you guys should use all these as ready designs whenever you need another ship. They’re all incredible designs.

  6. My vote goes to either 3 or 11 for the Ishida cruiser. I like the sharp front of 3, but 11 ties in with the look of the shuttle.

  7. 10 – and I cannot give strong argument why…
    food – tacos yay
    and chocolates and soft serve and whiskey – waves to ceresis

  8. #11 definitely. Shares similar characteristics as the shuttle. Especially the front.

  9. My first choice would be 10, as it has a unique design and it has the right size when it comes to being a cruiser. My second choice would be 3, just because of its cool forward section.

  10. Tough choice, #5 thereafter #11.

    Can’t wait for the new season! Everything sounds and looks fantastic!

  11. My pics in order 3, 11, & 6.

    #7 reminds me of Admiral Ackbar’s flag ship.

    Wonderful options as usual.

    Who doesn’t like soft serve and chocolate? Glad you had a nice visit! Go Ceresis!!

  12. I’m liking number 3 or 5 also. But if push came to shove I’d go with #3.

  13. I like #11. It’s sleek and the forward section reflects the design of the shuttle.

    I also like #12 because I’m a trekkie and believe that your engines should be in nacelles separate from the body of your ship.

  14. 3 or 4 are similar to the shuttle design so seem appropriate. 3 would be my choice

  15. If we’re playing “matching shoes & purses”, then #11 definitely goes with the Shuttle. As does #4, which I’m leaning more towards since it looks more BATTLE CRUISER-ish [or big Boots!] – And, like a lobster..? Actually, there seems to be a very submariner/fishy “style” to most of them…

    #7 reminds me of the “business” end of a Jaffe staff-weapon!
    #12 way too TIE-FIGHTER to get away with it.
    #8 like something from B5 [and SW]
    #9 some *DEEP* sea fish!


  16. All of them look great! So difficult to choose. Like being in a candy store. 🙂 I like #4 and #6 the most, though. #10 reminds me of the Aurora class battleship and both #11 and #12 look very Star Trekish.

  17. I picked #11, then scrolled down to the shuttle and thought how similar the front ends look. Those are the two that definitely belong together.

  18. Joe,
    I would take the Front pointy bits from 3, and stick them on the front of 5

  19. @Jon H Absolutely brilliant job on the designs once again!
    I doubt I could ever tire of gazing upon your seemingly endless imaginings. <3
    Lucky you must be having a blast do all this designing for season 2, eh!!

    I'd go with a combo of #11 -with the crablike head of #4
    Give the 'whole' Cruiser an abstract resemblance of a crab.
    Could lend a bit of an extra woven in theme for season.2.
    Just as the other ship resembled a stingray.
    Something that could perhaps? be expanded upon in season 3

    @Jeff W: I thought that fun centerpiece looked familiar.
    I reallized after I posted that note yesterday that I had actually seen it before.
    Probably when you first posted it a few years ago.
    With all that's been going on of late
    my memory isnt functioning at peak.
    Or maybe "Its just the banes of aging, eh".

    Hope you're having a good day in Dallas-FortWorth. 😀

    @Jeff T: Joe's not the only one who's sweet. You are both deserving of
    "The Worlds Most Super Awesome" award for
    helping make Ceresis64's Toronto trip truly fun & memorable!.<3

    @Chev Where'd ya go on holiday?

    ***A Very Happy Birthday @Luis811 and to @Kathy C's Hubby too!***

    Hey Everyone! Dont forget to Catch Jeff Teravainen in Season 2 of 12 Monkey's premiering April 18th @Syfy!

  20. Considering the Ishida Cruiser, I’d have to go with 3 or 11, keeping with the “fanged” look of the shuttle. And 11 kind of reminds me of the Romulan Cruiser from ST:TNG.

    Heya ceresis64!

    Tacos rock! Whisky-ey rockser!(?)

  21. I like 3 and 5 best, the shape – although I wonder about the aerodynamics flying through space with the wings at the front. I think the colouring and detail on 5 looks regal.

    Hey Ceresis, great to see you. What a thoughtful gift.

    Cheers, Chev

  22. Wow Jon! All of these are very creative ship designs. I can’t say why, but I get a Star Trek vibe from #11 and it is eye-catching with that ring shaped bow. My first/second choices are #4 and #6. Although #3 seems to be a favorite here so far. I think it looks like a weapon, all by itself. Formidable.
    Again, what a wealth of creativeness to choose from! Thanks Jon!

    How are Lulu and Bubba doing? The frog outfit and other cozy attire from a recent entry were just precious. If Akemi made all of those, she really should consider starting a dog apparel business. They were styl’in!

    Take care all,

  23. @Drea – Hey! I went to Phillip Island for 6 days over Easter. It’s a beach 2 hours drive from home. There’s a Koala Conservation Centre, boat rides to visit the seals and of course the Penguin Parade – little penguins who have been out fishing come back to the beach each night. People watch from an observation area. It’s really cute…. Mostly we relaxed, the weather was overcast.

    Cheers, Chev

  24. So cool, thanks guys *waves to everyone*
    Back home safely with some awesome memories!

    …..@Jeff T: Joe’s not the only one who’s sweet. You are both deserving of
    “The Worlds Most Super Awesome” award for
    helping make Ceresis64’s Toronto trip truly fun & memorable!.<3…..
    @Drea You can say that again…..and then some!
    A huge cwtch each for Joe, Jeff T and Akemi 😄

    @Joe I hope the whisky is a worthy addition to the Whisky Club.

    Another BIG finale to come, bring on Season 2, can't wait!
    I like the rear body of 3 and the front of 4.

  25. Hi Ceresis64, I bet Toronto was awesome! It snowed weirdly today, where did Spring go?

    I choose No 3, it looks like Mazinger Zeta’s head. I’m trying to come down from the weekend’s family get together; cake, ribs, fries and Girl Scout cookies. Can’t wait to have a big salad at lunch. And sprinkle Girl Scout cookies on it.

  26. Ooo, nice designs again! I like 3 and I like 6 but I REALLY love 11!

    Hi ceresis64.
    Looks like you had a great time

  27. I really like #12, it is a bit like .. was it the O’Neill? If not that, #8.

  28. Hubby and I like 4, 5 and 6. Number 4 looks like the shuttle somewhat. Hubby thinks 7, 11 and 12 look like they’ve been done before.

    Waves to ceresis64!

  29. Again, not gonna read anybody else’s opinions or thoughts before I state my own….

    Definitely some “aquatic life” themes going on with 1 and 2, which is cool to see. A nice, new direction for interstellar ship design on sci-fi shows is always refreshing.

    Three kinda looks like a speedboat called Thresher from the game HydroThunder Hurricane.

    Five and 6 have a noticeable Star Wars-ian influence.

    Nine and 10 remind me of the Aurora class cruisers from SGA.

    Twelve looks like The Last Starfighter and the O’Neill from SG1 had a romantic encounter one night.

    I like how 4 and 11 borrow from the shuttle design. It seems obvious that an imperial family’s series of ships would all share a similar design scheme. But….4 kinda looks like the shuttle had a few extra pods placed on it, giving it the appearance that it’s still small in stature; and 11 looks a little bit like the new Batwing in BvS.

    There’s a lot to like in these drawings. I think if 4, 5, and 11, had a three-way, the result would be pretty awesome. A mix of the front ends of 4 and 11 on the fuselage of 5, but with 5’s main body, and the engines of 11.

    Or maybe 12 with the nose of 4?

    I can’t decide….they all have something I really like about them that’d go great something from one of the other ones!

    Good luck!

    -Mike A.

  30. I like numbers 2 and 12.

    Unrelated, but it’s a shame that Blindspot is doing badly in the ratings now. Premiered to a 3.1 in the 18-49 and now down to a 1.3 with a huge lead in like The Voice. Next season will almost certainly be it for it. Hoping for a miracle for this one, It’ll need it to survive beyond season 2.

    Not sure why Blindspot is rating so low now though, said before that Gero had all the makings of a hit show with this one. People shouldn’t be so quick to abandon ship..

  31. Thanks everyone! It was difficult to stop working up new shape designs for the Ishida Cruiser concept. I kept thinking, “Wait! Just one more.” I used up a lot of post-it notes creating as many designs as I could for this one. I wanted to give a bunch of choices. A bakers dozen actually. I slipped in an extra one at the last minute not shown here.

    I’m working on the final design now. Having fun with the details. 🙂

    I’m really looking forward to seeing all the different ships I’ve worked on appear on the show!

  32. Hi ceresis64!!! Good to see you! You look like family, and in a way, I guess you are. I bet you have a wonderful accent.

  33. I tried to post my comments last night, but lately every time I hit submit, my crap-a-holic modem goes out. Att-Uverse is a complete pile of donkey leavings behind. When my computer looses internet connection, my land line phone goes out too because it is all connected together. I have to go unplug the modem and plug it back in. What a piece of …… It is time for a change.

  34. And last night I again could not decide on a ship design. They are all so awesome. Jon is fantastic! Too many choices, I don’t know how you ever choose one. Flip a coin or go ennie, meanie, minie, moe…

  35. It seems like an Ishida ship would have a high level of functionality creating the aesthetic… A people who still teach/use swordplay as it gives an advantage in close quarter combat, I don’t feel like they would have a bunch of goo gaws on their ships presenting a larger target with things like fly bridges and rings.. I think it would be clean lined with good armor, teeth, and plenty of engine. And, the Raza already demonstrates that Dark Matter FTL drives do not need to be seated away from the body of the ship. So, front for tactical, probably even designed to do max damage if they had to sacrafice the ship by using it for ramming (or to survive), back for speed. Armor coated middle. So, I’m really kind of thinking #4… Ha ha, which is also kind of appropriate, all things considered.

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