Hurrah!  The results are in and the fans have spoken.  We have a brand new Dark Matter episode title:

April 1, 2016: New Dark Matter Episode Title!  And Graphics!

“Episode 21: Stuff To Steal; People To Kill”.

I was just in editing on this one and I have a feeling it’s going to be a fan favorite.

I can’t believe we have a little over a month to go before we wrap production on Dark Matter’s second season.  It’s gone by way too quickly – especially considering Paul and I still have to deliver the script for the season finale.  The consensus response on the happenings in our penultimate episode, #212, was – if I may paraphrase – “Holy S#%t!!”.  Well, if they thought that was big, they better be sitting down to read #213.

Goodies from 1st Assistant Art Director Kelly Diamond and the gang in playback:



24 thoughts on “April 1, 2016: New Dark Matter episode title! And graphics!

  1. All looks and sounds really rather awesome! I’m finding it hard to be a calm, patient person, waiting to view the results of your labours, Joe.

  2. Woohoo, another title in the plus column for me!

    Some more great graphics.
    Cast announcements due soon and hopefully air dates too!

    Roll on summer……although the weather here in Toronto is about to get a tad chilly this weekend – yikes! ❄️🌨

    Has SyFyUK announced the winner of the set visit yet?

  3. @Baterista9 See today’s comments under yesterday’s blog post for AFD jokes.

    @Tam @Hilda: health update: Creepy alien is out of me. Was a bit more difficult to evict than previously thought but they got it all.

    Ast-a-La-Vista Baby!!

    Dont think it’ll pull an Arnee Schwarzenegger on me and come back but will get final verdict next week when I meet with doctor.

    @Tam. Why do you hate April Fools Day?? Gosh, Its one of my absolute favs after Christmas and Halloween.

    While there are sometimes mean pranksters, most are quite hilarious and adorable. 🙂

    Sending Hercules-Corona Borealis GW sized Hugs your way. <3
    Thanks so much for looking out for me thru this. <3

  4. Waaaaiiitttt a minute. If ep 13 is really as kick-ass as you say, that means it’s going to be an even WORSE wait for a year until season 3! That’s the price to be paid for awesome TV, I guess.

  5. @NS101 Drea Crysel: I don’t know nothin’ about no Bahookah dance! That reminds me, I should find a video that my nephew did of one of the dances from the musical “Back to the 80’s!” that I was in back in November and post it. If I want to embarrass myself. Everybody Cut Footloose!

    Anyway, I’ll try to catch Brio saying “Jaffa! Kree!” but he’s just learning so he doesn’t say it often.

  6. Well, actually tonight Brio is apparently using “Kree!” for everything. “I’m a Kree! Bird!” “What are you doing? Kree!” “My name is Mr. Kree!” Gah!

  7. @gforce whatt’ya mean The dance is cancelled????! O’ Damn!
    Somehow, deep down, I knew I shouldnt’ve bought those non refundable dancing shoes online that were custom made solely for learning the Bahookah dance.

    It took me a whole year of sacrificing my favorite hazelnut coffees and lotto scratch n sniff tickets to be able to afford those dang shoes! Now all I can do with em is gift em out as custom crafted champagne flutes (the 6 inch stilt highheel is the stem) or try to rebrand them as unique banana split serving boats and auction them on ebay.

    (Hope nobody minds I was so eagar to have received them last night after my long day that I fell asleep with them on and have been wearing them ever since) LOL 😀

    I wuvs ya Gary <3 xo

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  8. So did you let the poor folks use their bong? I think it could be fantastic! 🙂

    Time is blowing by fast. Can’t wait for the new season.

    Are you going to Japan this year?

  9. @ceresis64 having fun on your Toronto trip? So cool you got to hang out with Jeff T while you are there. Have ya visited Joe’s favorite cup cake shop yet? 🙂

    @PBmom How’d it go at follow up appointment yesterday?

  10. Hey speakin of health issues::@MaggieMayDay: How are you doing this week?

    @gforce: I cant believe you’ve been holding out on us all this time. Gig’s up mista! Cough up da footloosing!

    uh. wait. uh. did I just say that out loud? 😀

  11. Ahhh, I first choice one out.
    Also today, I just happened to see a interview with Jerry Doyle from the B5 days. I guess someone from CNN was cleaning out a closet and came upon some forgotten tape. In the interview Jerry was describing his acting day and said his job was not so hard. He would come in say his lines and stand were he was told to…. He said the people who worked hard were the people who came in before him and stayed after he left: the make up people, the equipment people, the costume people and writers, etc. He didn’t say anything about producers. All in all you and Paul are the writers so we can appreciate your hard yet unsung work.

  12. All smiles for the new title pick. I’m 6 for 8. Great visual designs. Happy Friday!!

    On a personal note, Chattanooga is hosting it’s annual film festival. Had the pleasure of meeting Clint Howard last night. He introduced The Wraith, a little film he was in with Charlie Sheen back in 1986. Campy fun. Tonight I met Zoe Bell at the screening of her movie Camino. It was awesome. A must see. Ended the night with The Greasy Strangler. I’m never eating another hotdog again. Salads for me for awhile!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  13. Drea: Glad your procedure went well. Sending prayers for test results! As for April Fool’s day, let’s just say it started at 5 a.m. with joke texts. Although, I’m glad Dr Jo is feeling well enough to try and prank me. 🙄

    My son came home this weekend from college and is pumping me for information about DM season 2. Mr.M. Do you know when the premiere is?

  14. Winner winner chicken dinner!
    (Sorry I said that. Someone slap me.)

    @ Drea – Glad everything worked out for you.

  15. Makin’ me dizzy with all the updates, really sailing on quickly. I will surely enjoy each and every episode! thanks. Glad you all are the ones that put all the magic together.

  16. Um, yeah – I ‘ll have to look for that video.

    On a more serious note, being a native Montrealer I think Joe needs to weigh in on the next post on the whole “Cara Foods (Swiss Chalet) purchases the St. Hubert restaurant chain” controversy!

  17. Working over night last night. I think I meant to write “ah, my first choice won out.” After a few hours sleep I am feeling much better now. But I did read Jerry Doyle’s article at Epic times.

  18. @Drea I’m having an awesome time in Toronto!
    I loved meeting Jeff T, he’s a great actor, lovely and an absolute gentleman 😄
    I’ve been meeting some other fantastic people too, I’ve got so many great memories to take home.
    Haven’t managed to visit Joe’s favourite cup cake shop but I’ve visited some other cool shops! 😎

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