March 31, 2016: The Rpg-420!

I come downstairs for the Episode 211 props meeting and discover THIS prototype awaiting me.  The art department has been relentless in its efforts to get these space bongs on the show.  In the past, they’ve attempted to sneak them by as set dressing.  Recently though, their efforts have grown more inspired, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

March 31, 2016: The Rpg-420!

Dark Matter Production Designer Ian Brock demonstrates proper safety and handling of the RPG-420.

March 31, 2016: The Rpg-420!

Just want to make sure the safety’s on…

March 31, 2016: The Rpg-420!

Part of our SciFi Guys with Guns pictorial.

March 31, 2016: The Rpg-420!

Meanwhile, upstairs, Stunt Coordinator John Stead demonstrates a less expensive approach to subduing the enemy – in this case, Production Manager Robbie David.

Less than three hours to cast your vote for a new episode title.  If you only cast your ballot once this year, make sure it’s on this very important issue: What are we calling Dark Matter Episode 208?

30 thoughts on “March 31, 2016: The RPG-420!

  1. I DO like that gun. The design of the sight attachment is just inspirational!

  2. lol Fab sight for the gun, it’s also green, hence recyclable, environmentally friendly, so therefore designed to be used again #BringOnTheBong

  3. How many times does that thing let you vote anyway? I liked voting so much, I did it twice! (I forgot until after).

    Anyways, you do look dapper in that snazzy suit & tie wielding that BaHooka.

    I voted for “Stuff to Steal, People to Kill”, BTW. Just another day on the Raza!

  4. Er, I meant “BaHookah”. Just what I get for trying to be clever. That said, I wouldn’t want to take a hit off the Bahookah. HA!

  5. @gforce it lets you vote more than once, but says “Thank you, we have already counted your vote” if you’ve voted already, so I’m pretty sure it only counts it once.

  6. @KathyC: It never said that to me, but it was from a different device before (my phone) so maybe it goes by that.

    In other news, I finally got Brio (the budgie) to say “Jaffa! Kree!” 🙂

  7. That is freaking fantastic!!! I find myself rooting for them in their endeavor to get one on the show. Either one of your RPG-420 photo would make a fabulous profile picture.

  8. Also @ KathyC: I’m super tired, so maybe it did say that it had counted my vote already. I can’t even remember!

  9. Wow Joe, I don’t know if I would have caught that!! You are too sharp!! Ain’t nothing gett’in by you! Give up Art Department! That Joe is a sly one!

  10. I’m thinking that you could either fight Rasta space aliens or ectoplasmic ghosts with the RPG-420. Who you gonna call? The Raza crew! That’s who! No job too big. No job too small. And once the job is done, the gun becomes a recreational device.

    Gun with a bong vs “a rock”. Gee, which one would you choose?

  11. It looks like your creative arts department is preparing for the well known SongKran Festival otherwise know as the traditional Thai New Year where people of a mind pull out and dust off their super soaker power water guns and take to certain parts of Bangkok and engage in the worlds biggest water fight.

    @gforce, so does that make you like a super delegate type, with a special handshake, etc (remember seeing such example on a late 70’s PBS broadcast from England).

  12. Very funny, and also very suave, almost Bond-esque there.

    And gotta love the BaHookah 🙂

  13. I didn’t vote for an episode title. I have a hard time naming something when I don’t know anything about it. And since I want to avoid spoilers, I really don’t want to know anything about it.

    My computer is acting up, so I haven’t read any of the stories yet. But I will and will give you my reviews.

  14. I assume the RPG-420 Space Bong Gun is a non-lethal weapons solution designed to subdue the target into a state of euphoric not giving a shit. Mon!

    I voted “Stuff to Steal, People to Kill”. I dig it.

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

  15. @gforce – “In other news, I finally got Brio (the budgie) to say “Jaffa! Kree!”” That’s AWESOME! I laughed so hard I had to read your post to my husband. Next up, “KAPLA!” (from Klingon).

  16. hmmmmmm?

    Ya think maybe the art department’s trying to tell ya something?

    Will update everyone on the health stuff later.
    My dear old friend Cookie monster came to visit.
    -Much too busy defying the rule of meal chronology & mass gain at the moment via devouring this delicious ‘Hercules-Corona Borealis GW’ sized chocolate chip cookie for breakfast.

  17. We interrupt this blog to bring you an important official Dark Matter 4.01.16 update.

    Due to Joe’s clumsiness in handling the RPG-420 there will need to be a slight adjustment to the subject matter of episodes 211 thru 213.

    Apparently Mr Mallozzi was not paying much attention when Mr Ian demonstrated DM’s latest weapon safety feature.
    Thus -the whole building has filled with the overwhelmingly powerful, extremely long lasting, cloud of stuff the RPG420 fires.
    Which, in turn, means ….. Instead of season two ending in the usual shocking always keep em hungry cliff hanger…

    It will now be about the making and completion of this amazing phenomenae:

    Dark Matter Season 2 Coming your way this summer on @SyFy

    ~Dont Miss It!~ <3

  18. Has anyone heard how Drea is doing?

    That bong is too funny!

    Oh and I hate April Fool’s day….

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    Its kinda like the “OPA” dance where everyone holds hands, steps to -the left then -the right, then -bows forward, -claps and yells “OPA!!”

    In the Bahooka dance you also step to the left and right. Albeit, when you lean forward, you take a bite of your favorite chocolate, a hit off your favorite bong and yell BAHOOKA!!!!!

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  20. By the Way: As a special thank you to Mr Hyslop for letting us all in on his amazing discovery

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