This year, we’re doing something special for the fans.  Well, let’s say “extra special” because, in truth, we’re always doing something “special”.  This season, YOU get to pick Dark Matter’s episode titles.  No, really.  To date, you’ve named seven episodes:

“Episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”
“Episode 15: Kill Them All”
“Episode 16: I’ve Seen The Other Side Of You”
“Episode 17: We Were Family”
“Episode 18: We Voted Not To Space You”
“Episode 19: We Should Have Seen This Coming”
“Episode 20: She’s One Of Them Now”

And today, YOU get to pick another one – the title for Episode 208.  Choose wisely!

Polls close in 24 hours!

Speaking of which… The deadline for Hugo nominations is Friday, March 31st.  If you read something you loved, take the time nominate it (and its author).  I offered up a list of my favorite considerations in the running for the Best Short Story:

Did you get a chance to read any of them?  If so, which were YOUR favorites?

March 30, 2016: Name An Episode Of Dark Matter!

Well, talk about old times.  This latest episode has reunited me with fabulous director Peter DeLuise.  It’s been six years since we last worked together.  In the case of today’s guest star, Ross Hull, it’s been eight years since we last did THIS together –

And it’s been 18 years since we worked together on THIS –

We shot in an abandoned high school.  Paul and I worked out of a carpeted classroom where we occasionally played air hockey with the cast members during their down time.  We ended up writing about 25 of the show’s 65 episode run – and had an awesome time doing it.  Great cast, great crew, and a great trio of creator-producers (Michael Klinghoffer, Judy Spencer, and Alan Silberberg).

Who’s up for a Student Bodies marathon?!  Yeaaaaah!!!    March 30, 2016: Name An Episode Of Dark Matter!

Me on set yesterday.  Yeah, those are safety glasses.  No, I’m not wearing them for any particular reason.  I just think they look nice.

15 thoughts on “March 30, 2016: Name an episode of Dark Matter!

  1. Wow, how cool to be interviewed by the Weather Channel. Not your normal interview, huh?

    I don’t remember the show Student Bodies. Did it air in the US?

  2. Ok, I voted & I’m hoping to improve on my 2 I have gotten right up to now.

  3. I voted. All three of those choices are perfect for that episode. 😉

    Look at the younger good looking Paul in that video. And you Joe are dashingly handsome too. Still are.

  4. Oh wow, Student Bodies!! I remember watching that as a kid. You wrote for that, too? To think, I have grown up watching your work. Crazy. 🙂

    And excellent, “We voted not to space you” made the cut. A beautiful title.

  5. You guys have not aged a day and k sincerely mean that. What a cool interview. You have a whole Dexter vibe to your head gear.

    I finally got to vote on one more episode. I was going to pick the first choice because it is the shortest, but I think the second one will lure people in.

    @Drea not sure if your procedure is back on for tomorrow (Thursday) but I will think good thoughts.

    I have to get up early myself. I have to go for a routine follow up with one of my ‘ists’ in the medical center in Houston. I will have to leave my house at 7:30 to get to my 9:40 appointment on time. I only live 32 miles and right now could get there in 38 minutes according to Mapquest (not including the time to find a parking space. And I will remind myself at how lucky I am not to have to deal with that every day.

  6. shinyhula: Thanks for the reply. I agree Callum Keith Rennie can do creepy as well. Never trust a character that smiles too much. Loved him in BSG. And yes, Whispers was a classic scary episode, very unnerving. One of my favorite Carson episodes. How did you know I watch GoT? Can’t wait!

    Joe, once again thanks for letting your fans participate in the process. Hope my choice makes it this time. Tell Peter “Hi”. Enjoyed the trip down memory lane. Looking good! Maybe the safety glasses will start a new fashion trend. Now you’ve done it, “Safety Dance” is playing in my head!

    Well…gotta go…stuff to steal & people to kill. Have a great Thursday.

  7. I voted for Stuff To Steal; People To Kill because it resembles my daily to do list. Except for the stealing and killing bit.

  8. I don’t know about those safety glasses, but I see the main cast arent the only ones to experience a fashion make over this season! Is that ‘the’ suit? The one from Japan you were hoping to fit into? Well, Hot! Dang! Boy! I dont normally much care for you in suits on set but ya definitely got the whole Smart, Sexy n Sophisticated “thang” going on in that look!

  9. If you’re lucky, you work with good people that stay friends for life.

    I voted for “Our Own Mess”. Short and sweet!

    Drea: Sending positive thoughts your way today!

    Rain, rain and more rain here. I hope someone gets to enjoy a sunny day out there.

  10. Me on set yesterday. Yeah, those are safety glasses. No, I’m not wearing them for any particular reason. I just think they look nice.
    …because YOU’re wearing them

  11. @Tam @Hilda xo Thanks! xo and…. Thank goodness. Only a Dime A Dance’s handful worth of minutes left to go for me until I can finally get this creepy alien visitor out of me!!

    ADIOS! Sayonara! Hasta La Vista Baby!!

    Really just in in the nick time too. I’ve been starting to feel like Sigourney Weaver’s character in the movie. 😀

    Oh by the way: Just in case anyone thought I was just waxing on the ‘philosophical’ or harping on ‘semantics’ yesterday.

    I wasn’t.

    It just so happens that Joe’s posting his “Fear of the Unknown” blog coincided with the publication of research in and a few other journals from some of the scientists who are part of our online STEM ed community.

    If you should find yourself with any interest at all – please feel free to gander a frolic and dance thru our time line’s postings on the topic.

    In the meantime, This one’s a quick easy read article and is precisely what I was referring to:

    The studies completed, succeeded in providing solid, physical /neurological evidence that “it is not the experience of pain or fear of the unknown” , Rather – specifically and solely “fear of not knowing “if” pain awaits us and how horrible it will be “that is the greater fear in our species”.

    I do not fear the dark But only the unknown pain that may await me there.

    Albeit, If that “darkness” happens to be made of chocolate
    I’m fairly sure I’d gladly become its submissive willing prisoner. To dwell in its wicked embrace and serve it forever!!

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