Today, on set, I came across this –

March 9, 2016: New Dark Matter Episode Title!

And I was like: “Damn.”  And moments later, I happened by this –

March 9, 2016: New Dark Matter Episode Title!

And I was like: “DAMN!”.  And then, later in the day, I saw this –

March 9, 2016: New Dark Matter Episode Title!

And I was like: “OH, COME ON!!!”

P.S. My fruit and greek yogurt were delicious.

Congratulations!  We have a winner!  The fans have spoken and we have a new episode title…

March 9, 2016: New Dark Matter Episode Title!

“Episode 19: We Should Have Seen This Coming”

Well, I am now 3-3 on my picks.  Anyone out there 6-0?

Today, I leave you with this pic of our lovable Android getting a tune-up:

March 9, 2016: New Dark Matter Episode Title!

33 thoughts on “March 9, 2016: New Dark Matter Episode Title!

  1. I think I am 4-2…I’d have to go back and look. I know one for sure that mine didn’t get the most votes; there MAY have been another?

    Those cookies would torture me. But looking at them reminds me I need to start my diet real soon. Like real soon. As soon as I finish off this container of chocolate covered macademia & caramel clusters…

    Happy wine Wednesday everyone!

  2. I got this one, which makes me either 2-4 or 3-3. Pretty sure I’m only 2-4, but I’m on a winning streak! 🙂

  3. Cookies, bread sticks & pizza, OH MY! Well I’ve still only got 1 title I voted for that won, oh well, it’s the fun that counts. So good to see pics of Android finally. Those drop down screens remind me of an airplane…. hmmmmm

  4. Those look tasty! Surely just one wouldn’t hurt. Just…. one….

    If Android gets any upgrade, she should have added some kind of grounding or electric shunt which will prevent her from being shocked into “unconsciousness”. That seems to be a weak spot. 🙂

  5. No! I’m 1-5!!!!! *sigh* I guess I’m happy it’s not “We Are The World” …but still it would be nice to pick some more episodes… I hope 209 has a fantastic title… Perhaps it’s working title could be Bartokalypse?

    You’re welcome…

    Cheers, Chev

  6. Finally photo proof that Zoie Palmer is on set. Are you guys sharing the food? No, not your fruit and yogurt…the other yummy looking stuff?

  7. G’day

    Not my pick for episode title. I think I might be 1-5. Oh well gotta go with the majority.

    Anyhoo just gunna slip this in

    We had to move to help my Mum out and other personal reasons.
    I am not one to usually ask for help but I am trying to help my very precious daughter.

  8. I have only missed the first title. I am darn good at picking them now!

    You can’t hurt me with your cookie and pizza pictures! I had a HUGE coconut pecan cookie today and I think I will have pizza tomorrow. I’m going to have a big glass of delicious chocolate milk right now. So there!

  9. I’m 3-3 too. I’ve missed the last three in a row. I think it’s because the title choices on the last three have been tougher to choose from. They’re all really good.

  10. Well I haven’t gotten to hit every poll but I am 3-0 so far!! Still hoping for shot in the directors chair again someday… hell I will just come sweep the floors at this point! LOL

    On a off topic note… Did anyone see this? =)

    Joe, looks like you guys got it right! Time Stamp 0:04, 0:44 Wow!

  11. Well, if it was greek I’m sure it was just as delicious as anything else you could have treated yourself to today.

    Ya know I love ya Joe Mallozzi. Albeit and ever just the same, I’m also sure you realize I’m just gonna keep teasing and instigating untill you finally break down and come on over to the dark side.
    (said the innocent looking greek gal as she took a bite of her freshly baked giant dark chocolate chip cookie and batted her big brown eyes at the quiet show runner fella sitting in a lonely corner debating whether or not to strike up a conversation with his salad.)

  12. Unfortunately when I see cookies now I think “Carol”. Watch out!! Pizza is a staple of any wholesome diet, it got me into my Physical Therapy program. Believe me.

    I am 5-1 in the title picking. Not like it’s a competition or anything. Seriously looking forward to the new season. So many questions. One thought I have is that Six pretends to be a prisoner as well as no one knows he’s the traitor except potentially Two. As she might have seen her attacker when he shocked her unless he was masked and in disguise. But to what purpose as he already knows that no one really remembers their past. What could he hope to gain by the rouse?

    Glad to see the Zobot. Tune-up or upgrades? After seeing her kick-ass abilities in Ep. 11 she needs to seriously have an anti-shock stick warning system!

  13. Yea the Android (aka Zoie) is Back, Yea! I understand your pain Joe, like putting a treat on the floor in front of your (well maybe not your dog) and having it stay until you give it the go to eat it.

    Breakfast cookies and Coffee. Yummy!! Today, I had dimsum and coffee, tomorrow steamed buns w/bbq pork. No cow dome maht (sticky rice with banana and occasionally a few black beans and a little sweetened coconut milk rapped in banana leaf then steamed).

    Not sure what my score might be; I have not kept track. Yet I have at least 50%. Speaking of Zoie, have you ever stopped by said restaurant? It is not far from Soma.

  14. By the way: Waah. I’ve so far only won 2 of the episode titles I truly wanted.
    It’s a darn good thing I have this rather large bowl of chocolate with dark fudge brownie icecream sitting on my lap to console me and an ever larger container of pistachio with dark chocolate chunks icecream awaiting me in the freezer if need be.
    Mmmmmmm! Oh yeah! come to mamma you beautiful bowl of heavenly decadence.

  15. those first three pictures are like that commercial for some drug to help with diabetes where the guy is driving past all of these fast food places & then pulls into a park where there’s a food truck that serves only salads.

  16. @maggiemayday How’d it go at the surgeons office the other day?

    @Tam. About those brownies:
    That I didnt return home from Saturday nights Scotch and Rock party gig till 4 am Sunday morning, my usual sunday morning routine of ice dance work out , then home to tackle laundry and household chores got pushed to the late afternoon. So by the time I got around to making brownies I only had the energy to make one very simple batch of fudge brownies with marachino cherries. It turned out pretty good but i definitely want to exoeriment with more variations of it over this next weekend. I also want to try making dark fudge brownies with orange marmalade.

    @Gary Ya excited about this weekend? Be sure to take lots n lots of pics to share. (extra bonus points if you post a selfie wearing a pink bow tie while hiking along the trails.) ❤

  17. Hi Joe
    I’m 2-4 in the titles, but I’ve got a 2 show winning streak on the go!


  18. Have there been an official announcement yet on the guest stars? Or, who have been announced? I guessed Mike Dopud earlier, but, more?

  19. Think I am 4 and 2 at the moment, really thought Everyone has Secrets would do it 🙂

  20. @Drea: Thanks for the kind remarks re: the photos! I love photography, but it’s always that thing where my shots are never quite good enough for my liking. Pushes me to improve, I suppose.

    I’m off to NH for the weekend, leaving tomorrow morning. Of course, we haven’t had a winter storm for about a month, but there IS one forecast for tonight/tomorrow. Great timing. I’ll just take my time on the drive down.

  21. It’s hard turning down food! I had gestational diabetes 21 years ago. I still remember seeing the dietician and learning what a portion size really was. :Shock: I hope I never have to diet again!

    Only two winners here.

    Did your Sis ever get the “what breed” test back on her new dog?

    It took a few weeks but Lucy is finally trusting us enough to play. 🙂 Each cat/dog we get are all so unique. Sammy was the heat seeker, Harry the sweetie and Ruby the player (she would play with anything and to the death). I’m still learning about Lucy’s personality.

    It’s a rainy, flash flood kind of day here. I hope everyone has a G-day!

  22. Those cookies look delicious!

    I think I’m 5-1 on the voting, the title previous to this one I voted for a different title than the majority. But I really like being part of the process! Thanks for involving the fans like this – it’s great!

  23. Oh, cookies, how I love thee. You must love me back, you stick around long enough on my thighs and bum.

    @Drea, thanks for asking. Everyone else: TMI alert, avert your eyes. A hernia indeed. The technical term the doc used was “monster”, as in “that is a monster of a hernia, this will be difficult”. There will be a surgery in May to re-connect my wayward bowels, but he can’t do hernia repair at the same time. He can try to stuff things back in and do some stitching, but no mesh because of the infection risk. So I get to have a hernia until the other stuff heals up. He didn’t say when that surgery would be, but I know in my heart it will be in September at the earliest, after Burning Man. I do not miss Burning Man. I just bought my tickets, my theme camp WILL go on!

    In the meantime, the ostomy nurse fitted me for a special hernia belt with a hole in it. Sigh. A whole other circus ordering that item.

  24. Maggiemayday: Holy Crap! I’ve heard those Burning Man tickets were expensive but can you wait that long? Hope the other heals up soon!

  25. @Tam Funny coincidence. I was just thinking about Andria too. After Joe showed us the pic of the Mexican street dog his work colleague had just adopted i started wondering how she was doing with her new family edition.
    @Joe have ya heard from her lately?

    @Gary Enjoy! But please, please! drive safe. NB to NH is a somewhat long drive to make on ones own during a storm. 6-7 hours if my brain is calculating the distance properly??

    PS: I definitely tripple dare ya! to post a selfie pic of you hiking the trails wearing ‘a pink bow tie’ like the one Bubba sported for his Sunday best wear photo op. 😀

    Speaking of storms, Very much hope our newly returned blog sib @TimHendrix is ok there in Oklahoma? and doesn’t live anywhere in the path of those awful floods in progress that are now wreaking havok across three states.

    @Gary Have ya heard from him in the last 48 hours on twitter or FB?

    @MaggieMayDay: ooooh! Ouchiessss. 🙁 So it’s back to a more or less liquid diet until the next surgery, then??

    Were they able to at least give you some good drugs for the hernia pain in the meantime? or are ya ordering survivors rum and absinthe by the case load these days to get by and dull out any pains? And YAY! GOOD FOR YOU!
    YOU GO GIRL! -> Hang tough! and don’t let anything stop ya from enjoying life!! Am very glad to hear you’re sticking to your plan to attend the fest! I wonder if that fella William Close will be there this year with his Earth Harp invention? The music he’s able to convey with it is so beautiful and enchanting it’s sometimes hard to believe he only recently invented the instrument and has not been practicing on it his whole life. <3

  26. @Drea: Yeah, I’m looking forward to this weekend and I’ll try to take as many pics as I can – weather is supposed to be good so it should be the right conditions. I don’t have a pink bowtie, but someone there may have a pink tutu. So, we’ll see. 🙂

  27. About time on the expresso machine, I bet that’s what everyone is saying. Yum on the cookies and pizza, and amazing on Zoie,, thank for sharing!

  28. Ugh @maggiemayday What a mess. I do hope they are covering your pain well. With all the new regulations on hydrocodone because of all the abuse of it, doctors are just now sending people to the pain medicine doctors and the pain medicine doctors are all stressed out because now they have patients who are being dumped on them because the doctors don’t want to deal with all the governmental regulation.

    I would have had not been able to pass on the cookies. As far as my averages on the titles of the episodes? I’m disqualified for not attending to the blog in a timely manner.

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