Oh sure, making a t.v. show is very impressive but, every so often, something comes along that makes you stop and really put things in perspective – an article, a news story, or, in this case, a video that forces you to re-evaluate and re-think your place in the grand scheme of things.  I mean, yes, what we do on Dark Matter is very cool and I appreciate the contributions we make through our modest production but this…THIS is truly amazing work:


Anyway, this morning we kicked things off – quite literally – with a 6+ hour stunt and action sequence.  And breakfast burritos.

March 8, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Production Report!

Bad to the bone: Marc Bendavid and Melissa O’Neil.  Or, to be more specific, the characters they play.

March 8, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Production Report!

A little something from Roxanne Borris in the Art Department.  The Ferrous Corp logo in advance of that press conference scene.

March 8, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Production Report!

Director Peter DeLuise becomes the latest member of the Dark Matter Whisky/ey Club.

A little something via playback artist Seth Molson.

26 thoughts on “March 8, 2016: Dark Matter season 2 production report!

  1. Um, are those milkshakes legal in all 50 states????!! Love me some kick ass action & stunts, can’t wait to see them! Whiskey is always good, hmmm, maybe a Whiskey milkshake….. Now I’m thinking. Missiles away! Maybe pointed at Ferrous Corp?

  2. G’day

    The artwork for the show is simply amazing. Boggles my mind how they come up with the designs. Brilliant minds.

    Gimme a simple vanilla milkshake thanks. Yeah I know I am boring.

    Peter is looking fantastic still and HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Peter Deluise? Yes, please! And, oh man was I wrong about that “mystery device” when I said it looked like a sonic screwdriver. I mean, it still looks like one, but it’s obviously some kind of missile. And probably not very sonic. I bet it’s ‘splodey! Is that a bit of green screen behind Marc and Melissa? I thought you guys filmed in space. Some of those location shots look cold enough to be in space.

  4. Wonder how long it takes to make each milkshake & do they charge by the ounce like yogurt places do? That’s one awesome looking milkshake. I’d like the one with cotton candy.

    Great to see Peter D again! Marc & Melissa look great but is that Jace Corso or Derrick Moss? What has the Ferrous Corp been up too? Nice logo – your art dept never disappoints! Interesting missle launch sequence, hope the Raza is firing on someone and not the other way around.

  5. Please, please, please tell me the burritos were not part of the action sequence. (And if they were, still tell me they weren’t so that it’ll be a wicked fun surprise when the sequence airs …)

  6. I’ll have a couple of those milkshakes with a side of whiskey. 😉 I’m glad Peter D is back on deck. IIRC, he likes…..explosions.

  7. I’m surprised they didn’t make a shreddies sundae milkshake with strawberries, yum! 😉 Decided to add a bit of alternative footage to my little film, hope to render it tomorrow, and also will start editing the sequel to it which we *have* to have submitted by next Tuesday! We have roughly 1/3rd of it filmed, and shall film the remainder of it with my class production partner on Sunday evening. We’re working with mostly a child cast, and we shot the dialogue heavy part of it this past Saturday with the kids, so other than having to reshoot a little bit (due to a lack of light on one of our young actors’ faces), we’ll be shooting the remainder of it this weekend. Not as high budget as what’s hapening in Toronto right now, but still pretty interesting, at least my books, haha…

    But what I work towards is to be doing things like you’ve been doing — producting my own work on a larger scale with a much bigger audience!

    Hope the puppies are doing well! Hmmm, wonder if making a fancy doggie drink-shake would be something some hipster “bring your dog to the restaraunt” kind of establishment…?

  8. So when Peter DeLuise liked the Twitter post you made of the concept thumbnails I did for the battleship I showed my wife and said, “Look Mr. 21 Jump Street himself.” Her response was, “Oh Peter DeLuise. Dom DeLuise’s son. He worked with my sister Ruth at a Domino’s in California years ago.” So just more evidence of just how small this world is we live in. She later said it may have been Kentucky Fried Chicken. She wasn’t sure anymore.

  9. Milkshakes as art, lovely. But my tummy aches at the sheer volume of sugar. An experience to share, surely. I like a plain chocolate malt, no foofoo stuff, not even whipped cream.

    Still sticking to rum. If whiskey has a club, would pirate-y rum have a crew?

  10. Oh YEAH! Now you’re speaking my language handsome!

    Or as @JeffW miight say: Now your’e cooking with Bacon, sweety!
    (ok, ok, … so maybe he wouldn’t say the sweety part, eh!) 😀

    This song clip sums up quite beautifully how I feel about those Milkshakes:

  11. @TimHendrix

    Sending a rather large warm puddle of sweetest smiles n hugs your way today because your so very unexpected wonderful note yesterday so darn completely melted my already soft chocolate center! <3 xoxoxoxoxox

  12. Hey! @Eliminster 🙂 If you are lurking quietly in the background reading this;

    If Joe does actually does decide to do an on set chocolate pot luck party via persiscope, Now that I’ve made PonyTails attendance mandatory, Take note that YOUR ATTENDANCE sir, is “Doubly Mandatory” because it was our little two day scenic road trip down the blogs memory lane and the reminder that ‘you’ initially joined the family for The Chocolate , that started me on this chocolate party instigating kick am on! <3

    🙂 xo -Drea

  13. @Gary! Oh WOW!!!! Had a feeling the photos would be beautiful but Definitely didn’t expect to see anything quite so spectacular!
    Those photos are, without a doubt, ABSOLUTELY! BREATHTAKINGLY! DROP DEAD! GORGEOUS!! And yes, concur with Tam on this one,
    -> Most definitively magazine quality! <3

    You should very seriously consider submitting them to National Geographic's Your Shot project, if you have not already done so.

    I bet they'd be proud to feature one or more at the Nat Geo site and in their magazine.

    This link is the main Your shot site:

    This is the rules/guidelines and how to submit page:


    If I had to pick a favorite it'd be the Garibaldi lake cloud pic, for sure!
    Though, must confess, it does make me long for the beauty and peace of my Colorado forest home, while I'm stuck working here for a bit longer in Florida.

  14. How would you even start eating that milkshake? Where would you start? Would everything fall apart? I still think making TV Shows sounds more secure.

    One&Two. ♥

    Awesome logo. The Art Department is on fire!

  15. Welcome Back Peter. Long time no see (your directing work). He was unable to bring Gary “Walter” Jones with him?
    @ Jon Hrubesch love your story. lol
    Melissa is definitely why I watch the show. Ok, one of MANY.

    One or two of those milkshakes and I would be busting out of my stints, Worth it.

    Really enjoy what your art department is doing Joe.

    I am scheduling myself to watch Season 1 on the last week of April to Bring me into the new season. Just wondering when it will be in the Apple Store so I can watch it.

  16. “Director Peter DeLuise becomes the latest member of the Dark Matter Whisky/ey Club.”

    I am a fan of DeLuise, specially Peter…and of whishy too

  17. I like a nice treat every now and then, but if I were to have one of those “milkshakes”, I’d probably swear off sugar for about a month or so just because of the way those things would obliterate my sweet tooth.

    I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: Damn that Melissa O’Neil is pretty! Gorgeous hair, too.

    Oh great, DeLuise is working on this show now? I thought you wanted there to be some humor in DM? 😉 😉

    That whole exchange with him and his brother in the BTS for Wormhole Xtreme! is one of my favorite moments in sci-fi TV history.

    -Mike A.

  18. Hi Joe
    @Chocolate Party Instigator Yes, I read pretty much every comment 🙂 . Sure, I’m in!


  19. I just finished my hold-the-whip-cream-hold-the-cherry chocolate malt and it’s your fault Joe and maggiemayday! Yep maggiemayday, I’m with you. Plain and simple…

  20. That’s not ONE up there with Two. Is that bad boy Jace Corso? He’s hawt too!

    You have enough actor/directors to fill an episode. Starring Peter DeLuise, Jason Priestley, Amanda Tapping, who else….?

  21. Thank goodness that place is in New York. I’m not aware of any places around Houston who make shakes like that, but I am sure they are here. I don’t want to be aware either.

    @Jon Cool story.

    You know I LOVE action scenes. I have always loved action scenes, but then the Bourne series came on the scene and introduced a better way to do fight scenes, which so happens is similar to BamBam’s, and I think the fight scenes on Dark Matter are similar, too.

    The missile — looks like a ultrasonic planet killer if you ask me.

    @Jorie I love that idea with the milkshakes for dogs. I could see some sort of sweet potato one popping up with that. Thanks for sharing the details of your projects. It sounds so time consuming but I know how much you love it.

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