March 2, 2016: Jay Leads The Dark Matter Charge!

Well, look who it is.  Dark Matter Executive Producer and Prodigy Pictures President Jay Firestone has been jetting across the globe, wheeling and dealing – but still finds time to for the production, weighing in on scripts through edits to final mixes.  Recently, I sat down with him to go over Episode 208 and our notes session lasted all of twenty minutes.  Like the cast, he REALLY liked this one. As do many who have read it – despite it’s somewhat…complicated narrative elements.  This one’s gonna be wild!

Speaking of wild – UK fans take note!

March 2, 2016: Jay Leads The Dark Matter Charge!

March 2, 2016: Jay Leads The Dark Matter Charge!

SyfyUK has joined forces with SFX to offer one lucky fan the chance to win a visit to the set of Dark Matter.

“You’ll be given the chance to have a tour of the Dark Matter studio, meet and greet cast and crew, and leave with a bag full of Syfy goodies. That’s not all – while on set, you may even get the opportunity to be filmed in an exclusive extra role.

And what, pray tell, could that role be?  Drunken Miner #2?  Defenestrated Security Guard?  Or, perhaps, even the part of THREE for a scene (provided you sign off on the Bubba liability waiver).  The possibilities are endless!

To enter, answer a skill-testing question here:

And, if you’re looking for a good read, might I suggest the contest’s terms & conditions:

Speaking of fans of the show – we’ve got one right here in the Production Offices. Check out Assistant Coordinator Travis Lowry’s fine cross-stitch salute to The Most Dangerous Crew In Outerspace:

March 2, 2016: Jay Leads The Dark Matter Charge!

Let’s go in for a closer look…

March 2, 2016: Jay Leads The Dark Matter Charge!

Hey, speaking of closer looks, check out a couple of key props from some upcoming episodes…

March 2, 2016: Jay Leads The Dark Matter Charge!

Now where have we seen this before?  Oh, yeah, on this blog a little while back. So who does this little rocket ship belong to?  After all, our youngest crew member, FIVE, seems to have outgrown toys and moved on to gak and gadgetry.

March 2, 2016: Jay Leads The Dark Matter Charge!

It’s the little things.  Pick a set of pills.  Any set of pills.  ‘Cause someone’s gonna need ’em!

March 2, 2016: Jay Leads The Dark Matter Charge!

Whoa!  What weird cosmic elixir has the props department concocted for this episode?  No, wait.  That’s not a faux drink from the Dark Matter props department.  That’s actually my morning bulletproof matcha courtesy of my girlfriend, Akemi.  Vibrant, no?

On deck tomorrow: One more day on our standing sets with director Jason Priestly (Secrets!  A terrifying test!  More Tabor!) before production shifts to the high tech environs of Hamilton (Disguises!  Discord! Daring escapes!)

24 thoughts on “March 2, 2016: Jay leads the Dark Matter charge!

  1. I’d enter the contest, but no way is a flight to anywhere in my cards this spring. Dagnabbit.

    That matcha surely looks lively! Is it magical?

  2. I’d really love to do a set tour, but I’m not eligible for that contest! 🙁

    That needlepoint is awesome!

    Seriously, that matcha drink looks totally sci-fi. Talk about life imitating art! I suppose it all becomes a blur after a while.

    Hamilton sounds like it will be an amazing alliterative awesome time!

  3. The magical yellow elixir looks like it could be the pick me up I have been looking for, along with a handful of those red pills! That little rocket toy is so cute, but it could also be very deadly.

  4. Lucky UK fans! Maybe you can post a picture with the winner when they come to visit.

    That little rocket toy looks like something that we would buy in Tomorrowland in Disney.

    So what’s in the yellow drink? Maybe some whisky/ey?

  5. Very cool happenings on the set.

    The needlework is very nice too.

    I’m terrible at contests but my hubby wins occasionally. He won an X-box last year and donated it to St. Jude. I’ll ask him to enter. He could play a computer nerd (no acting necessary). Just don’t ask him to eat anything odd looking onscreen. He’s super picky. 🙂

    Akemi is a keeper! I’m not sure how you’d function without her but I suspect the dogs wouldn’t make it. 😉

  6. At first I was able to enter, and now I can’t. Will there be anything for US residents? Does catching a flight from Vancouver to Toronto count?

  7. Ya know what would make for a truly heavenly odd ball pairing with that questionable looking matcha?

    Raspberry n chocolate macarons.

    Such as the ones I’m thoroughly enjoying right now.

    mmmmm! Delicious! xo

  8. Even though I’m not eligible for the “visit the set of DM” competition being the nerd that I am, I’d still love to answer the skill-testing question.

    Jay is looking revved up for Season 2! Love the cross-stitch. The “little rocket” could be an emergency beacon, a time-delay bomb, a broach or a pterodactyl….

    All the little baggies of pills, so colorful, so pretty, so mind-numbing & addicting or deadly I’d imagine. On a side note, looks like lemon drops, cinnamon dots, good-n-plenty, skittles & aspirin. Liking your morning matcha especially the glassware. Go Akemi!!

  9. @Thogar:

    If you ever need a Jabba-like extra I’m over here eating cheesecake!

    Wait a minute…I thought I had that role! I gotta call my agent…

    @Joe on the bulletproof matcha:

    I’m betting there was some saffron in that.

  10. Set visit competition – wowser! 😎

    Lovely cross-stitching.

    Secrets! A terrifying test! More Tabor! – All of that sounds fab, especially more Tabor……David Hewlett, the trendy fashionista!

  11. As a Fan of Fiber and all Thing STITCHY, that’s a FABULOUS bit of NEEDLEWORK!! – Just the Design of it alone was likely half the work. — BTW, it’d make for a great stitching “kit”!

  12. Jeez, I’m going to have to move to the UK for a bit to be eligible! It’s been my life’s ambition to portray “Drunken Miner #2”. Who can put me up for a few days?

    That’s cool needlework!

    That’s some bright-ass matcha.

  13. That Ham and eggs breakfast Akemi made for Bubba & Lulu the other day look so appealing I decided to hit the local Denny’s for breakfast this morning.

    I went in there with guns blazing and DEMANDED 4 sausage links! 4 bacon strips!, 4 slices of baked ham with pineapple! + eggs over easy. And just for good measure, to ensure my craving would be fully satisfied, I made them throw in a BLT on toast to go for my lunch later!!

    The secret of my successful food heist?
    Mine was no ordinary gun. It was a replica of the retrofit paintball-like gun made by Victoria Joe shared a picture with us of here on the blog. Only ‘mine’ doesn’t shoot paint balls. It blows life size impenetrable clear soap bubbles that traps its victims inside it.

    Thus, -> Naturally the Denny’s restaurant staff met every one of my demands quickly and without hesitation for fear of becoming trapped inside of these awful mega bubbles and having to sit for hours helplessly listening to my tales of every chocolate bar, chocolate ice cream and chocolate brownie I’ve ever attempted to make!

    Now, don’t get me wrong here, eh. Just because I had a strong craving for sausage & bacon and am officially confessing my love of as much here, doesn’t mean I’m going to stop teasing the heck out of @JeffW every time he tries something new made with ‘bacon’ or that I’m going to stop torturing Joe with ‘chocolate’ temptations while he’s on ‘The Program’ and likely less than a couple weeks away from his final ‘pants in’. Especially since it is the single most fun highlight of my day of late and all that keeps my mind off that current pesky visitor in my chest while I sit around waiting for what feels like an eternity for March 21st to roll around for its eviction and finally, once and for all, the prognosis. And you really wouldn’t want me stressing & freaking out while am in the middle of this little health scare – Would ya? 😀

    By the way: Love that Travis designed Roger’s character as “two faced” in that cross stitch! More awesomely creative work from more awesomely talented entities. Gosh! I love pretending to be human and living on this planet! You guys are so much FUN!! xo <3

  14. Three’s cross stich spiky hair! Completely adorable, when can I buy this on a tee shirt?

    That matcha is illuminated. How does it get that glow? It makes my morning Celestial Seasonings peach tea hide it’s bland head in shame.

  15. That cross-stitch IS extremely well done! Love that it’s pixelated, and love the attention to detail so that every character is immediately recognizable. I especially love the detail of how FIVE’s pants and shirt are actually different colors. That’s a very small detail that could’ve been easily passed over, but makes the character so much more rich in it’s 8-bit detail.

    Love it!

    And yes, this should be made into t-shirt. Black, same colors and “resolution” as that, but white text. Go!

    -Mike A.

  16. Hey, Jimfromjersery, you’re welcome to stay at mine. 😊
    On one condition …. If you win, can I carry your luggage?

  17. I wish Aussie SyFy would run a competition like this… I’d love to see the Dark Matter set and meet everyone.

    Cheers, Chev

  18. Where is Jay’s superhero t-shirt? Nice needlework! Even Bubba made the cut.

  19. I admire people who can do that (cross stitch, knit, crochet, sew, etc.) That is so amazing. That rocket ship looks like some of decoration choices in the game Fallout 4 when I’m creating settlements. But more modern and colorful. After all, Fallout 4 happens after nuclear war.

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