January 29, 2016: Space Spaghetti And Sweaters!

Check it out!  The pasta of the future!  Chef Mallozzi Spaghetti & Meatballs!  Perfect for those nights you don’t feel like taking the transport shuttle to the moon base market for a supply run.  Thanks to 1st Assistant Art Director and Graphics Maestro Roxanne Borris for immortalizing me in  Dark Matter art department lore (since this particular label will never actually make it into an episode).

Speaking of food – I’m pleased to report I’ve made significant progress on my new get fit program for 2016.  A combination of early morning workouts, protein shake breakfasts, sensible lunches and dinners (punctuated by the occasional cheat meal) have yielded impressive results.  Four weeks ago, when I tried on that suit I had made in Hong Kong back in 2004, I couldn’t close the outside clasp, much less the button on the pants.  Three weeks ago, I was able to close the clasp – but the button was still a no go.  Two weeks ago, I was able to close both button and clasp in highly uncomfortable fashion.  One week ago, the pants were a snug fit. Monday is the final “pants-in”.  I feel like one of those contestants on that reality show where people lose all that weight, take part in challenges, and avoid getting voted out in a bid to win the big cash prize.  It think it’s called Survivor.

January 29, 2016: Space Spaghetti And Sweaters!

Check out our snazzy-looking 1st Assistant Director, Brandon Tataryn (named after the disease from Episode 1o7.  Or maybe the disease was named after him.  I don’t recall.).  Today, during our Playback meeting, VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson accused him of wearing a Christmas sweater in January.  Brandon claimed it was, in fact, a space-themed sweater and the design is a totally apropos depiction of dark matter.  Then, about an hour later, he claimed it was a star field.  I mean, what’s next?  Asteroid belt?

What do you think?  Please cast your vote below…

16 thoughts on “January 29, 2016: Space spaghetti and sweaters!

  1. I voted “other”, and I’m going to go with “really bad dandruff” sweater.

    Glad to hear the workouts are going well – I’ve started this week doing my after-work workout like I used to do for years, in hopes that it will get me feeling a little better and sleeping better. I’m happy to report that I DO feel better already and feel an improvement in fitness as well.

    I’ll admit I’m a bit disappointed that Chef Mallozzi’s spaghetti and meatballs is not an actual thing. 🙁

  2. Wow, Joe! Congratulations! I’m well impressed with the results of your get fit program!! Keep up the good work 😎 …. just don’t get carried away and tuck into your own brand spag balls. They’ll be the ruin of you!

    And as for Brandon’s jumper? Surely it’s more of a white noise design?

  3. I would eat your meat balls, Joe. Wait! That came out wrong!

    I reckon Brandon’s sweater looks like a Joy Division album cover.

    I just got back from watching a recording of an episode of the new Red Dwarf season 12 at Pinewood Studios! Apparently I was about 300 metres away from the Millennium Falcon! The audience warm up guy kept talking about us mounting a raid on the sound stage next door and stealing bits of it. The Red Dwarf episode was great. It’s going to be a long wait until 2017 to see it! They filmed season 11 last month and season 12 this month but they’re only showing season 11 this year and 12 next year.

  4. “Pigeons got me while I was wearing a wide brimmed hat Sweater?” Seriously, when you retire from this show biz biz you really should open a restaurant!

  5. I think Brandon looked quite fetching in his sweater! Although, Gforce’s description was the very funny. “Really bad Dandruff”. No offense Brandon, the sweater is very nice.

    I have a friend that uses his snug pants as motivation. He wears them during meals and it reminds him to cut back on his food portions. Yay on reaching your goal! My weight fluctuates frequently. Give me some stress and I lose my appetite. I’ve lost 3 pounds through the holidays with the loss of my fur babies. 🙁

    Stay a happy soul Drea Crysel.

    Lucy ate some dinner tonight, yay!

  6. Congrats on your get fit success.

    Brandon’s jumper……shattered symbols from Stargate’s Ancient language! #SpaceThemed 🤔

  7. oh goodness. That’s an easy one! Everyone who’s hip on modern fashion knows its one of those spray painted on, off the shoulder, bikini tops men don over sweaters to hide the problem of enlarged hardened nipples.
    They use it as a fashion statement the way we women wear girdles underneath to smooth a tummy bulge and make our clothes appear as attractive as they did when they were hanging on the mannequin in the store where we bought them.

    Personally, I think it shows Brandon has really great taste and the excellent sense to think ahead given how incredibly cold it must have been there in Toronto when he left the house this morning. 😀

    @Gary: Glad to hear your insomnia is finally easing up a bit more. Don’t think mine will until after my Feb 12th meeting with the new editor. Though, on the up side, my jitters about it are saving me a ton! of money on weekly professional manicure appointments because I don’t have any finger nails left in need of tending and grooming!
    Soooooo … Am thinking, now that I have all this extra spending cash
    -Screw all our New Year resolutions to eat fewer sweets and stick to our strict work out routines! Lets all get together for Gelato this weekend, My Treat!!!

    And Yes, @Tam. Many extra loving gelato scoops for you.with all you been through of late!!.xo Regardless of being a generally happy soul, I get pretty much the same way when I’m overly stressed out. Sometimes I dont eat for two days then only manage a bowl of cereal or a snickers chocolate bar. Definitely a BIG YAY! and relief that Lucy is finally eating. Have you been able to catch Jo’s elusive Persian yet??

  8. I voted “None of the Above”.

    Looks like the Matrix code in white instead of green

  9. hmm… Either his Lint-Roller is removing the colour-dye, or the “Pill”-Remover blades needs sharpening… Or, Someone took a Paint-Roller to him!

  10. I think Lawren is extremely jealous of Brandon’s sweater. Brandon looks so handsome in it! 😛 I voted “other”. It looks like a country’s sleek sweater design for the Winter Olympics. Winner!!

    Roxanne Borris is awesome with her artistic creations!

  11. Definitely an asteroid field. Could even be a snow storm. Either way totally appropriate for January! One reason I love snow so much is that when I drive in it at night, I become Han Solo and my 4Runner becomes the Millenium Falcon!

  12. Great minds think alike gforce… Hehe… I said maybe he needs Head & Shoulders lol.

    You have to make the spaghetti & meatballs Joe. We all want some.

    Cheers, Chev

  13. Brandon is a handsome man and would look good wearing anything. I like this sweater on him. But it does look like a star field, side disk view. Nothing wrong with that.
    The spaghetti label is good graphic design, but I’d rather not eat canned meat. It is a neat keepsake!

  14. Congrats on the weight loss goal. I’m sure that is really hard to do with your crazy schedule.

    @TamDixon Glad to hear Lucy is eating.

    @Gforce That’s great news about your improved sleeping.

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