Whew!  I spent a good chunk of the day reviewing and writing up notes on Amanda Tapping’s excellent director’s cut of Episode 201.  An incredibly dynamic opener. I look forward to getting in the room with our incredible editor, Wendy Hallam Martin, Monday and Tuesday.

But it wasn’t all work today.  This morning, Akemi and I took a trip to the farmer’s market with Jodelle (FIVE) Ferland and her sister.  Highlight purchases included quail eggs, fresh fava bean leaves, and a delicious sweet potato and peanut butter soup.   Jodelle, meanwhile, pretty much cleared out one local baker of his entire inventory of lemon loaf and carrot cake.  Then, we met up with Ivon for lunch…

January 16, 2016: Edits, Dogs, And Tasty Coffee Drinks!

The highlight of this little foray was this…

January 16, 2016: Edits, Dogs, And Tasty Coffee Drinks!

It’s called a bicerin and apparently originates from Turin, Italy.  It’s comprised of espresso, dark chocolate, and cream.  I ended up getting one for Jodelle out of fear she’d finish mine.

January 16, 2016: Edits, Dogs, And Tasty Coffee Drinks!

Akemi was, as usual, thrilled to hang out with Ivon (who, according to Jodelle’s sis Marisha, bears an uncanny resemblance to one of the strippers from Magic Mike).

January 16, 2016: Edits, Dogs, And Tasty Coffee Drinks!

Later, Jodelle and Gena came by for a play date.

January 16, 2016: Edits, Dogs, And Tasty Coffee Drinks!

January 16, 2016: Edits, Dogs, And Tasty Coffee Drinks!

18 thoughts on “January 16, 2016: Edits, dogs, and tasty coffee drinks!

  1. Sounds like a great day out for everyone! That bicerin sounds amazing. *wants*

    Looks like even the pups had a good day! Mine was filled with doing stuff around the house, putting up pictures and (still) unpacking stuff.

  2. So, how much of a directors cut generally ends up in a finished episode? Sounds like fun was had by all with Jodelle etc, which is cool. That Bicerin looks like something we have here, which I can’t remember the name of for the life of me, but it’s chocolate with cream on top. The dogs look kinda confused, lol, “you want us to play outside in this weather?” Anyhoo, do you think Jodelle would do one of those Q&A’s?

  3. Cor, sounds like a reeeeally, really, good Saturday! Farmers markets are always fun to explore…. Sweet potato and peanut butter soup ….. mmmm, sounds really rather wonderful – and I can’t stand peanut butter!
    Yep, everyone looks like they really (wot again?!) enjoyed themselves, including the dogs!

    Good luck with the commencement of editing the ‘incredibly dynamic opener’ ..
    I’ll just have to be incredibly calm … and patient… and wait …. to see … the results….. later …. much, much later….

    Thanks Joe!

  4. @arcticgoddess: Your question sent me to google, and after browsing pix of king charles spaniels for aroung 15 mins, I didn’t see a single one with it’s tongue lolling out like that, so I really know.

  5. Loving Jodelle’s Deathly Hallows cap, the bicerin and the fact that you got to hang with friends. So saddened to hear of Alan Rickman’s passing. One of my favorites…

  6. That bicerin looked so tasty I decided to look up the recipe. Found lots of recipes but also found this:

    Its the history of this delicious looking desert drink. Made for a fun intewesting read if anyone’s curious.

    -> http://www.davidlebovitz.com/2006/02/il-bicerin-1/

    Awww! Bubba Lulu & Gena look so adorable together. Sounds like everyone had a really fun day And I’ve never seen Magic Mike but Ivon in that beard certainly makes this middle aged egghead-ballerina wish she were 20 years younger eh! LOL 😀

    @Tam, Yes, We know you are ‘ok’ and are strong enough to get through this. We’re just letting you know we genuinely care and will be here if you need us. xoxo.

    Hope everyone has a relaxing enjoyable Sunday! 🙂

    xo Mucho Hugs n Love to all! xo

  7. The bicerin looks amazing and the pb soup sounds amazing! What fun! Today I played The Resistance: Avalon with my family. You should try it with Akemi and friends. So addicting and fun!

  8. Fear not articgoddess and robesmith. Dogs lacking in certain dentures often appear as Jodelle’s Gena does. Tongue hangs out as there’s no teeth to hold it in the mouth …… No probs! 😶

  9. Hi Joe
    Looks like you had a great outing. Seems like Jodelle likes Harry Potter too. What isn’t she a fan of?


  10. Hahahahaha… Hahahahahahaha ….I can’t stop laughing… Magic Mike… I wonder if this is the guy she was thinking of…. I don’t see the resemblance but…


    Good revenge Joe…

    Jodelle’s dog is adorable…. I love the tongue thing she does.

    Cheers, Chev

  11. We hopped a train to NYC yesterday to get some dinner & see a show. Dinner was at Clyde Frazier’s Wine & Dine…I was going to do a full review for you, like you so kindly do for us, but alas it was so busy we were stuck at a bar table, four of us, for dinner. Barely any room for our food & drinks, so taking pictures of each dish was difficult. My butternut squash ravioli was delicious, though could have used a couple more for my $18. Hubby enjoyed delicious skirt steak fajitas, but was a bit too tomatoey – never seen a tomato-based fajita.

    Show was two guys with pianos…taking us through the history of boogie woogie and it’s influences on blues, swing, jazz and rock n roll. Both amazing pianists…boy those fingers could fly! One musician, Bob Baldori, has played with many greats, including Chuck Berry, in addition to having a hit of his own in 1966. Interesting evening of acoustic music…especially if you are a fan of the boogie woogie & blues genres.

    Missed the train by a few minutes coming home, so had to wait TWO hours for the next one. Home around 2:30am, boy am I pooped!

  12. It’s about time to have Jodelle Ferland adorableness on the blog again! I’ve been going through withdrawals. The cuteness, Just can’t fight the cuteness.

  13. Looks like you had a fun day where you could, well, actually go ou the door! here in Wintereg, Manisnowba, it’s been BITTERLY cold, and as result, it;s pit a hUGE hinderance on getting my filmmakiing assignment done….

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