“Hey, Joe!”said Ivon.  “Pretend you’re sleeping.”

“Oh, no,”I said.  “I couldn’t.”

“Come on!”he said.

So I shut my eyes and pretended I was sleeping.

“No,”he said.  “Rock your head back and open your mouth like you’re in mid-snore.”

“Okay,”I said, rocking my head back and opening my mouth like I was in mid-snore.

“Goofier-looking,”he said.

I complied.

All this to say, this explains that photo (ex) Consulting Producer Ivon Bartok is circulating of me seemingly asleep on the van ride back from today’s tech survey.

On a totally unrelated note, there’s something about riding in the back of a car, bus, train, or van driving back from a tech survey that puts me right out.  I can only imagine my mom did a lot of traveling while pregnant with me.

On a related note, I went on a tech survey today for Episode 204.  For those not in the know, tech surveys – not to be confused with location scouts – are field trips on which we scout locations for upcoming episodes.  With my writing partner Paul on set on Episode 202 with director Steve DiMarco, I was fully expecting to spend the day writing…until I was reminded about our little outing.

All in all, I was glad I went.  It’s always a treat to tour parts of Ontario I’d probably miss out on if I wasn’t seeking out suitable seedy bars and dilapidated warehouses for my t.v. show.  And there was the added bonus-presence of stunt coordinator John Stead (who’ll be taking the director’s reins for 204).  But the highlight of the day had to be lunch…

January 15, 2015: Sleep ‘n Schnitzel!

The initial plan was to eat at a place that essentially turned out to be a drugstore cafeteria.  We elected to double back and check out THIS place we passed on the way.

January 15, 2015: Sleep ‘n Schnitzel!

Over a dozen varieties of schnitzels to choose from.  Ivon was quick to snap a pic of the menu and send it to our old Stargate (and schnitzel) buddy Carl Binder.

January 15, 2015: Sleep ‘n Schnitzel!

To quote an Austrian: “Schnitzel as big as a toilet seat!”

And for dessert…

January 15, 2015: Sleep ‘n Schnitzel!

22 thoughts on “January 15, 2015: Sleep ‘n schnitzel!

  1. Yeah, it was all a set up for the picture, I’m sure… 🙂 Is that the pic in question at the end of the post? I haven’t seen anything on Ivon’s Twitter, so perhaps he’s having second thoughts! Myself, given my lack of sleep most nights I feel like I could fall asleep at any given time. Except in the middle of the night, of course.

    All in all, it sounds like a productive and tasty outing!

  2. … ah, bless ….. shhh …. *whisper* have a peaceful weekend, Joe… 😊

  3. That schnitzel looks wunderbar! I lived in Germany for 4 years. I really, really, REALLY, miss the food. Gasthouses in Germany (somewhat like a Bed and Breakfast) would offer you seconds of everything, except the meat, for free. It was amazing!

  4. That schnitzel looks like a Texas chicken fried steak! Your pic wasn’t so bad. I was expecting to see you with your head back and you mouth wide open.

  5. I was half expecting the story to end with Ivon putting a spoon in your mouth, taking a picture, and threatening to post it on twitter/instagram unless he got a pay rise… Anyway, it really doesn’t matter where I sit in a car, I always fall asleep, lol. Pic 3: First time I’ve seen food be too big for its plate, lol.

  6. Looks yummy!! Sometimes it’s just nice to get out of the office.

    As for me, riding in any passenger seat of a car puts me right to sleep. I’m a great traveling bubbly except for the snoring.

  7. Hahahahahahahahaha…..hahahahaha… That’s haahahahhhaHaaha…. Awesome… Can I have Ivon’s job? 😉 ……Schnitzel looks incredible… 😊

    I’m currently making a craft project from a kit that says it’s for 8+ years… Should be just at my level.

    Why don’t they just call it a location scout?

    *hugs Tam*


  8. This year is not starting well. I found a growth in my cat’s mouth. Called the vet and they’ll see him Monday. This isn’t going to be good. I bet he has cancer and I hope I caught it early enough. The vet gave me even worse news, she has cancer! I need to start planning on how to help her with her cats and errands while she gets treatment. The one piece of good news is my vet’s cancer is treatable. Not sure about my last cat though. 😔

  9. As a kid I always fell asleep in the car (or any moving thing, like in a baby carriage, or on a sled). I still fall asleep all the time in the car…only problem is, I’m usually driving. 😛


  10. Tam … Sometimes it really just feels like the universe is playing one big mean nasty trick on us doesn’t it. I’m sure you are a whole lot stronger than you realize and will get through this .

    In the mean time please know you are not alone. Sending warmest hugs love and thoughts your way today and always. Am working this weekend but if you need a listening ear to vent to please don’t hesitate to zip me a text or voicemail on the office mobile . 863-514-6977. If i dont respond right away it just means i’m in a meeting and will call ya back the second I break from the appointment. xo

    Joe: CUT! Go again on scene 4 Take: 999,999,0001

    Geesh! You’re still getting it wrong!!

    O! Man! Its a darn good thing someone there secretly won the power ball and we’ve got a really big budget to keep doing this eh!

    Ivon meant more like this:


    By the way: You do realize if you fire Ivon – you’ll have to write episode 209 yourself , – dont ya?!!

  11. My parents used to take me for rides as a baby, so I’d sleep. Pre-carseat days.

    Wow, that schnitzel looks amazing. I can hardly wait until I can eat again. I’m tiring of plain rice and chicken.

    Sending good thoughts for kitty and vets, and you, Tam. Many healing wishes.

  12. Thanks Drea Crysel, Gforce, bambamfans, and maggiemayday! I had my moment(s) of panic and am better now. I talked to my vet friend, Jo and she’s getting more positive too. We’re going over there tonight to help prepare her house. She wants to move the TV or something. I can help Jo with her cats/errands when she starts treatments. She has a lot of family and friends that will give her a hand. Her prognosis is very good but Jo was warned that the treatment will be brutal. Jo says at least she’ll finally lose those unwanted pounds.

    As for Sammy, I’ve been expecting something like this for a while. The timing could be better but it is what it is. Sammy has an auto-immune disease and two other recurring conditions. The Auto-immune treatment triggers the other two conditions. It’s been a balancing act of medications. I switched him to grain free food and that seemed to help. If it’s cancer, I might let him go without treatment. Sammy hates to be handled and he’d probably need surgery w/chemo (hellish for him). I have to put my big boy pants on and do what’s in his best interest. Of course, I only got a glimpse of what’s under his tongue, and it might just be an auto immune lesion. Whatever it is, it’s infected. So I put him on anti-biotics (he has his own supply- for one of the other conditions) and a prescription mouth wash. He’s eating a lot, so that’s good. Wish us luck! On the positive side, I’m no longer agonizing over Ruby…

    Maggiemayday: When can you eat normally?

  13. For cryin’ out loud! Whoever is picking on Tam and her cats and friends, knock it off already!

    Sending tons of good vibes to you for Sammy and for your vet.

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