Last week, I asked you all to play producers by assisting me in selecting the design for the Ishida Imperial shuttle (to be introduced in season 2).

There were 11 options to choose from, all skillfully conceived and illustrated by artist Bartol Rendulic under the direction of Dark Matter Production Designer Ian Brock. Between this blog, Facebook, and twitter, we received tremendous feedback – and votes!

It came down to two candidates, #1 and #11 but, in the end, one just proved the slightly more popular choice.

Ladies and gentlemen, I submit your choice for the Ishida Imperial shuttle in glorious color!

November 23, 2015: Your Ishida Imperial Shuttle!

It will undoubtedly see a few more tweaks as it makes its way through visual effects modeling and texturing but, all in all, I think it looks pretty kick-ass.

P.S. I made sure to upload a hi-rez version of the photo so you can use it as your desktop wallpaper.

24 thoughts on “November 23, 2015: YOUR Ishida Imperial Shuttle!

  1. Although I voted for #11, now that I see it in color, I can totally get behind #1. The “fangs” on the front work for me.

  2. Crap forgot to go back and vote this…


    Small suggestion if I may for your art dept?

    Your “NO STEP” stencils would normally be on the control surfaces, wing pods or small access panels with no a lot support under them… Normally sensitive areas of an aircraft, NOT in the black area, normally the black areas are walkways for maintenance personnel… Maybe move those to the louver area? Or down on the pods… just and idea… Its your ship of course… that’s just my 20 years in Navy talking! =)

  3. Wow, although number 1 was my second preference I must agree it really looks great in full color! Can’t wait for season 2 to air, let alone filming to begin.

  4. Wooohoooo! Number 1 with love also to number 11 was exactly what I said. And look how awesome and beautiful it is! But Joe, really, you could not lose here as all the designs were fantastic. Can I have a ride?? 🙂 Come pick me up in it!

  5. Ponytail said: Can I have a ride?? 🙂 Come pick me up in it!

    oooooh! Shuttle ride! Giddyup cowfolk! Count me in! How many can she hold? Can I have a turn at pilot controls?! Promise I’ll take good care and wont crash land her! …………uh…. at least not too hard anyway. 😀

  6. I’m not entirely sure why, but something about that is popping Inspector Gadget into my head…
    I think it’s that red&black area on the front.
    Doesn’t look anything like I.G’s car, or Mad’s flying ship thing… But..
    … There’s something!!

    ..or its 4:45am and I need more sleep.

  7. yay! 1 & then 11 were my picks too! 😀

    hmm… Imagine the money that could be saved on “consultant”-fees by just asking *US* directly for “input”..?!

  8. Yay!!! This is super exciting! I love it in color!

    Re: going for a ride in the shittle, I’m honestly picturing it on a trailer towed by a truck going around picking people up. Like some kind of party limo trailer shuttle. I clearly need more sleep, but it’s amusing me. 🙂

  9. G’day

    Since we are going for a test spin (joyride) swing by Australia and pick me up please!!!!
    Definitely looking kick-arse.
    You are so thoughtful with the high-res upload. Much appreciated.

  10. Very nice!!! 😎

    So, OK, I didn’t go for #1 or #11 but they did all look rather good. Am I wrong?

    PS Thanks Drea for the reminder!!

  11. Yay! I also chose #1 or 11. Feeling appreciated – I really am. This hi-res image is certainly a great desktop image, thanks Joe! When can we see interiors?

    And I agree with Ganymede — just ask us to chose all manner of Dark Matter related things! We all love helping you know.

  12. Yup, there was just something about #1 that just jumped right out at ya. Way to nail it on the first try Bartol! I LOVE the rising sun detail on the nacelles, too! Great coloring, great contrasts, great iconography. A few more tweaks, nips, and tucks and it’ll be ready for flight!

    Awesome work.

    -Mike A.

  13. Yes also: sorry about my terrible typo. That should say SHUTTLE.

    What is wrong with my fingers. :: grumbles :: I don’t even think I can blame autocorrect because I’m pretty sure “shittle” is not in my dictionary. Although it probably is now. Gaaaaah.

  14. hey guys! while we were all at work today Our Dark Matter team went from being ahead at 66% to now being down to 41%. If we want to pull our lead back and win round 2 EVERYONE start clicking your little butts off on that vote button at radio rimes!!

    DM vs supernatural is #8 of 16

  15. Hey Joe, would you come and get me first in the shuttle before going to get Janet? That way I could see Australia! How long would that take you to go from Toronto to Texas to Australia back to Toronto (for a set tour) then back to Texas? An hour or two?

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