November 9, 2015: Official Prep Begins On Dark Matter Season 2!

Uh oh.  Actual real bonafide official prep on Dark Matter’s second season kicks off tomorrow with not one, not two, but THREE big meetings!  First up is our pre-concept meeting during which all the department heads will gather to discuss what they did on hiatus.  And then talk about what’s needed for our first couple of episodes – sets, costumes, props, etc.  We’ll follow that with a general review meeting that will involve generally reviewing everything – which, quite honestly, sounds a lot like what the pre-concept meeting should be.  We’ll end our day with a season 2 budget overview which will give line producer Norman Denver the opportunity to beat us up over our high-flying, awesome set-building, special guest star booking, VFX-ladening ways.

Meanwhile, up to my eyeballs in script work – writing, re-writing, and re-re-writing. I’m hoping to have drafts of at least 9 of our 13 scripts by the time we go to camera December 9th (confirm the date for me, willya?).  We’ll shoot our first episode before the holiday break, then streak through the final 12 when we return, all rested and relaxed and full of eggnog.  My former Stargate associate, the awesome Amanda Tapping, will take the director’s chair for Episode #201. Exciting, no?

A couple of Dark Matter-related links.  Yep, people are still talking about our first season – no doubt because it’s available on U.S. Netflix.  Tell your friends!

Is Dark Matter worth watching?  Dani Wood says…well, I don’t want to give it away.  Just read the article.–1447079438/

This reviewer compares the show to an awesome Aussie bacon sandwich! Yeaaaah!  Next season, we’re adding awesomely figurative melted cheese and caramelized onions!

November 9, 2015: Official Prep Begins On Dark Matter Season 2!

16 thoughts on “November 9, 2015: Official prep begins on Dark Matter season 2!

  1. I look forward to more news on Dark Matter!!! would put more here in terms of *what* I hope that news is, but won’t get into that right now! 😉 My only final this semester is December 18th, with classes ending around December 4th, I think….

  2. Whew! I’m tired just reading that.

    Well, this is my week to move to the new house – it’s finally done! So much work to do here as well, though I really only unpacked what I needed for these few months, so it shouldn’t be *too* bad. I will definitely be glad to get it all over with, though!

  3. Looking forward to S2! What made the first season so good wasn’t the wow moments, but rather all the secrets and unknowns and then seeing all the pieces fall into place. That’s what made it great to me. And the fact that all the main characters survived. 😉


  4. Hi Joseph! Break A Leg for Season_2! And yes, Netflix rules 🙂 Is there a way to send in my CV? 3 years of stage management in musical theatre and 10+ years of production work in TV as a background… Hmmm? Chance for a placement?!

  5. @gforce! YAY!They finally finished it eh! Am so happy for you 🙂 xo When I asked last week, it kinda sounded like the whole project had slowed down to a snail crawl and it might be a while.

    @Jorie74 What are you studying/majoring in school?

    O! Joe! now see what ya did! Why’d ya have to go n post that cookie monster hat pic. Now I’ve got that song “C is for cookie… Thats good enough for me” stuck on my wascawy wabbit bwain, again!!

    By the way ya’ll, I unfortunately posted late, but if any one wants to know some of my stranger human “quirks” ( though its really just the tip of this extremely quirky iceberg) theyre posted at the bottom of the Nov 8 blog. :-D.

  6. We can’t wait for S2 here and it’s been like that since the S1 finale.

    @Gforce: Yay on the move!

    @Mr M: Busy schedule! How do you manage everything? Akemi? Autocorrect tried to change her name to Anemic 😊

  7. Congrats Joe!! Have fun in all the meetings. I wonder if you’ve finished 9 scripts before shooting the first episode, what do you do the rest of the time. Producer stuff? Also, any reason you’re starting filming in December? All the best to the crew and cast.

    Please say hi to Ivon. He’s super busy, hope he’s settled in and having fun on set.

    Cheers, Chev

  8. Sooo enjoying these web blogs Joe! Thank you for sharing 😊 Got so many theories as to where Season 2 storyline could be taking the crew of the Raza and us! (-most probably all wrong but its fun trying to guess innit!)
    Good luck to you and all the crew! We’re with you every step of the way…..

  9. @DALLAS MARSHALL – I like your husband! 😀 A friend of mine is vacationing right now in Italy, and they harvested olives. They were silly enough to taste them before curing…lol…NOT something one wants to do! Right now I’m working my way through a jar of giant ‘queen’ olives – only about two or three a day because I gotta watch my salt. But I do so love salt…even more than sugary treats.


  10. Lots of meetings! Hope they all went well?
    Roll on Season 2 – need the answers to the hints left unanswered in Season 1

    Scripts 💛

    Amanda Tapping directing the first episode #awesome

  11. ~Awww puppy tongue, how cute!!
    ~~Amanda bring it on, yeah!!
    gforce, good luck with the moving.

  12. That picture made my morning. I’m excited for season 2 to get rolling and getting all the inside information (which of course will not make me any better at guessing quizzes).

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