Following a fitful night’s sleep, I woke up at 5 a.m. this morning.  Well, I suppose it’s to be expected since I’m still on Vancouver time.  That’s what I thought anyway – until I realized that Pacific Standard Time is actually three hours BEHIND Toronto time, not three hours AHEAD.  So it was actually more like 2 a.m.

The early wake-up afforded me the opportunity to get some work done.  On my fantasy football team.  Cut a few players.  Picked up  few more.  At 2-2, my Snow Monkeys are poised for a run!

October 7, 2015: Early Prep On Dark Matter Season 2 Begins!
Playoffs, baby!

At 10:30, Kyle picked Paul and I up and drove us to the Prodigy Pictures production offices where we were reunited with the gang: Vanessa, Norman, Ian, Caitlin, Thea, Natalie, Elliot, and Alice.  And, once we’d dispensed with the formalities, it was on to pressing matters – aka selecting our lunch orders.  THEN – we got to work.

First meeting – a discussion of the directors’ schedule with Vanessa and Norman. Some familiar faces returning from season 1.  Some new faces.  Some new yet familiar faces as well!

Second meeting – a discussion of the season 2 sets, locations, VFX, and casting with Vanessa and Norman.  New sets, a few familiar locations, MORE visual effects, and the return of some friends (ish) and enemies along with a slew of interesting first-timers.

Third meeting – conference call with our casting director Lisa Parasyn in which we discussed: Nyx, Arax Nero, Devon, Kierken, Shaddick, Treihan, Reynaud, and Misaki…to name a few.

Fourth meeting – lunch with brisket sandwiches.

Fifth meeting – We interview for the Executive Producers’ Assistant position. Seeking someone with production experience and proficiency with bladed weapons, krav and/or maga.

Sixth meeting –  sit-down with Production Designer Ian Brock to discuss the super max and upcoming builds.  He has some TERRIFIC ideas.  Can’t wait to show you the design work and sketches when the time comes.

Okay.  Here’s a little something…

October 7, 2015: Early Prep On Dark Matter Season 2 Begins!

 Tomorrow, I fly back to Vancouver where I’ll, hopefully, complete a big chunk of episode 204, continue packing, get an x-ray on that pesky sore lung, say my goodbyes, and make sure everything’s set for this weekend’s Canadian Thanksgiving Fantasy Football Feast.  Turducken is, of course, on the menu.

24 thoughts on “October 7, 2015: Early prep on Dark Matter season 2 begins!

  1. Exciting times to have things winding up again! Still it sounds like it must’ve been a really long day getting up that early. Did you actually sleep at the new place? *shudders*

    What’s this about the lung?

  2. Why don’t you have the set designers design you all a little place to live in, maybe behind the bridge set, no one would know you are there…place for Akemi to bake yummies, and the pups would be no bother at all.. Just thinking out loud for you… and how the heck did you get a sore lung?!? good thoughts for you. .hope it all gets better for some smooth sailing.

  3. Wait. Hold the phone. What’s this about a Waste disposal design? You are not planning on getting rid of one of the leads are you? You know how we the fans, hate that, right?

    Yeah, I get confused about time change, when travelling, sometimes too. It’s old age creeping up. You need to eat more fish. It’s brain food. I think Sushi counts.

    I’m currently reading “The Martian”, before going to see the film. I’m hearing good things about the movie, but I’m sure my imagination is better. I’ll let you know. 🙂

  4. I like Airelle’s idea about getting the set designers to build you a place to live! And what’s this about a sore lung? I’ve been out of country, but thought I had caught up with your blog…did I miss something? Fingers crossed everything turns out okay.

  5. Good to see you back at work on Dark Matter Season 2. Why do you have a sore lung? You been hugging Roger Cross again?

  6. You really should consider “borrowing” a RV/trailer from the studio… Would save you tons on commuting. [Less gas, NO traffic headaches!] When the weather is bad, just park it inside a sound stage… Akemi would be closer by to bake cookies… AND, get to SEE you more often! Not to mention, the studio grounds are probably a safer place to walk the dogs at weird hours… oh. And, FREE Cable!

    Seriously. ANYTHING should be better than the “BLUE-LIGHT”-TOWER!

  7. so I checked for myself on a google map. That place that just got posted yesterday afternoon is a straight drive up Bloor road to East mall and shouldn’t take you more than 5-7 minutes drive to get to get to work.
    Ultimately ‘you’ have to decide, but I would just go with a yearly lease so you can have it each season for the full DM run.

    If you are headed back home today – you ‘could’ pack one extra box with some pots, pans & a blender to save you from having to purchase these items. and maybe pack bed sheets and blankets to take with you – but as I said before, if you are even so much as entertaining the thought of looking at the place that just hot posted , likely best you contact the owner straight away so you do not miss out on it all together.

    Seems like it is that time of year for contagious respiratory illness to go around. If your lung is sore on one side but you have no cough or feeling of fluid in it – you probably just need a 10 day oral antibiotic.

    Anyhoo. Hang in there, eh! Life can definitely be messy at times but am sure those little bumps and potholes can be smoothed out as you journey along its road 🙂

  8. Sore lung? What sore lung? I just got back a few days ago from a lovely vacation and find that you are falling apart and are in a dreadful apartment. See your doctor. Don’t put it off.

    Can you get out of your apartment lease and find something else before Akemi and the pups move to Toronto?

    Feel better soon, Joe!

  9. dang! its only 9:30 edt but the ad has already been removed for that bungalow near east mall. just the same, …. if you click next on the top of that page there are other pet friendly apartments listed for around 6-700 mthly.

  10. Sorry to hear that you are ill, along with everything else. Please see a doctor right away. Better to start on meds now and get it over with, then put it off until it becomes pneumonia. If you wait, you won’t be able to fly. I flew with a cold once. Thought I was going to die. {{{Gentle hug}}}

  11. I hope you get a fabulous new Toronto place sorted. You gotta do a Keanu and live in a hotel, I love leaving the hotel excited for the day but also coming back and knowing the big fluffy bed is waiting for me.

  12. Eek, get that lung checked!

    I love the hassock, very Bohemian. I can’t say a lot about the blanket on the wall; I have hanging Zuni and Baluchi rugs. But the toothsome red king picture at the end of the hall? Nope nope nope.

    The little balcony would be a great home for the cactus and the topply tree. They could hibernate, yes?

  13. Wait…sore lung? As in – sore to touch the skin in the area of your lung, or sore to breathe? whichever – I truly hope it’s nothing. Take care of yerself, ol’ man! *hugs*


  14. Oooo so sorry to hear you’re tom and dick. 😞 Good luck with the Xrays and wish you a speedy recovery.
    Take care and be good to yourself! 😉

  15. Sore lung… any trouble breathing? Those cross-country flights and not walking around can lead to a blood clot. Clots can travel to lungs, etc…. DON’T WORRY, JUST GET YOUR KEiSTER TO A DR. ASAP. They’ll run a blood test. Drink lots of fluids on the way in so they get a good vein with the first stick. (This happened to my dad once.) Akemi, the dogs, your family, the crew, and we all need you healthy. 😀

    So sorry about the horror of that apartment. Agree with everyone else. Get a lawyer, contest breach of contract, and RUN to a hotel until you find a comfortable place. Hugs,


  16. Ok, so I see this and I think Galactic Authority Waste Disposal as in Death Star Detention Center & trash compactor. Then I think “boring conversation anyway” and 3PO cursing his wretched metal body “Listen R2, they’re dying…”. I’m seeing Three & Zoebot to the rescue! And yes, Star Wars in its original format is my favorite movie ever. And yes, Han shot first!

    Please get that “sore lung” checked out. With all the traveling & sitting a pulmonary embolism could occur. If you’re short of breath, having any difficulty taking a deep breath or breathing in general …. Go to the ER. I agree with the compression hose for traveling as well. Anti-embolism exercises: ankle pumps, deep breaths, raise arms over head. It’s all about circulation. Take care!!

  17. How exciting to read the updates. Found it while researching for my audition. I’m trying out for MISAKI, hope you like my tape! 🙂 Hope that sore lung is feeling better 🙂

  18. Love the character name Reynaud (as in Raynaud’s phenomenon). Will he/she be a cold-hearted killer? I’ll catch up. I’m hoping to get caught up before the night is over because if I don’t, I’m screwed even more.

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