I’m like that classic character of greek tragedy, the one who’s forever doomed to choose the wrong airplane meal.

Fortunately, lunch softened the blow. For our last meal in L.A., Akemi and I hit up Spago where we enjoyed…

September 24, 2015: The L.a. Wrap-up!

The crunchy complimentary bread basket!

September 24, 2015: The L.a. Wrap-up!

Their trademark tuna tartare cones!

September 24, 2015: The L.a. Wrap-up!

And one of the best schnitzels I’ve ever eaten.

Akemi had the lobster salad, but that was a mere antipasto to the entree: a table side visit by Chef Wolfgang Puck. Akemi, a longtime Top Chef enthusiast, was thrilled.

September 24, 2015: The L.a. Wrap-up!

By far the high point of Akemi’s L.A. trip was our afternoon visit to Trader Joe’s where she picked up cookies for the dogs, Kona cookies for her dad, caramel-cheddar popcorn for me, and some quinoa pasta – definitely for her.

I capped things off with two more meetings today.

I have to say – it’s going to be a very tough call…

17 thoughts on “September 24, 2015: The L.A. Wrap-up!

  1. Hi Joe. Franco from your hometown Montreal here. I went in old Montreal and was yeld by a man asking where was “Le Serpent restaurant”…
    It was Luis Ferreira! 😀

  2. I guess this agent is for you only? Paul was not with you?

    No picture of the bread basket? Come on!

    I’m forever doomed to choose the wrong line at the bank or grocery store.

  3. aarrghh….Have seen the popcorn bags before, but never interested enough to try it. It is also sold in Jewel – which is affiliated with Albertsons.
    No more….terribly addictive – can’t stop munching.

  4. The best popcorn you will ever eat is Garrett’s popcorn available only in Chicago. Best cheese/carmel popcorn mix ever. Hubby went to Chicago on business and bought me some popcorn in the airport. He was waiting on a bench at the airport for me to pick him up when he was approached by a cop. He told my hubby that the popcorn was contraband and he had to take it. Hubby said, “you just want to eat it. If I don’t bring this to my wife, she won’t let me in the car. Please let me go home!” Just then I drove up and the cop said to me that he had to confiscate my popcorn. “You’ll have to arrest me first”! Cop smiled and said, “don’t tempt me!” Best popcorn ever.

  5. First DVD release is announced in the UK: October 12, 2015 will the first season be available on DVD, released by “Acron”. I really hope somewhere on the world a Blu-ray set will follow!

  6. That lunch sounded awesome. Never had lobster salad. Lobster bisque yes. Have a recipe too. Trader Joe’s is an interesting store. More an experience than a run of the mill grocery store.
    How are your dogs doing by the way?

  7. Embarrassment, Sincere Apologies & Gratitude. Had waay Too much Dalmore at a metal concert. (1st time trying Dalmore didnt realize it could hit me so hard. Yep! definitely turned inta a greek tragedy 4 me.LOL) Thanks so much for catching b4 anyone else saw! Wont let it happen again. Happy to see you & Akemi had a good time in LA and hope you and the babies had a safe flight home. xo

  8. @JoJo,
    That’s a great story about the pop corn and cop. He seemed he had a sense of humor. And yes,chedder caramel pop corn IS indeed, addictive.

  9. Uh-oh… there is tense anticipation in my universe…

    “I capped things off with two more meetings today.

    I have to say – it’s going to be a very tough call…”

    Does this mean your show-running status and writer/producer/lots of things jobs at Dark Matter are in jeopardy? Are you considering a career move?
    Inquiring (nosy) minds want to know!


  10. Do you think you and Akemi could make the move to live in LA for a bit if the right opportunity comes up? Or NYC? Oh, and since you guys did LA are you stopping in Vegas to dine and mingle with a certain rogue Wraith? Vegas, baby!

    My afternoon snacks are uber healthy cantaloupe chunks and Boom Chica caramel popcorn, the one with the vicious sharp bits that wedge in the teeth.

  11. The food looks wonderful! I’m glad everyone looks to having a good time. Did your business meetings go well?

  12. Mmmm, schnitzel. I was addicted to it when we lived in Shiraz; I’d beg my parents to take me to the restaurant in town which made it. Topped off with Persian limeade, it was heavenly. May be one of those childhood memories which would not hold up to reality, I know. Seriously, Iran would be one of my top foodie destinations.

    Ah, Trader Joe’s. We have one down in Salt Lake, but nothing entices me enough to go there. I had an Aussie friend bring me some maple water at Burning Man from TJs, but mostly it tasted like twigs.

  13. How cool was that!? Akemi must have loved that. We have a Trader Joe’s and a Whole Foods here. I like some of the stuff at Trader Joe’s to be sure. I got my clients some of their chocolate items for Christmas gifts last year. I like their frozen French Onion Soup. Best soup I’ve had outside a restaurant setting. So many other things. I find Whole Foods tremendously overpriced but they have great bagels. Best ones I’ve had in this city. Maybe the closest I’ve come to a NY bagel.

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